You and Your Girlfriend

By Mike Apthorp

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I walk into your house and I hear noises coming from the basement. I go down the stairs and I am shock to find you and your best friend lying on the guest bed kissing and playing with each other. You are kissing her and, as your tongues dance together, the sight of you doing this with another women is turning me on so much that I am getting hard and so ... so ... horny. You reach down and start to play with her nipples pinching each one as she starts to moan with pleasure. The next thing I know is the two of you are in a 69 licking and sucking each other's pussies. She is licking your clit while she has three fingers up your pussy. You are fucking her cunt with your tongue, driving her wild as she humps your face.

"Oh ... oh ... oh", she moans as she screams that she is going to cum. Then, as she cums all over your face, she fingers you and you have one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever seen.

You get off of her and go to the draw in the nightstand and grab a dildo that has two ends on it. You place the tip of the two ended cock near her pussy and tease her. She gets so wet ... she moans ... it is driving me crazy. She cums again and I don't know how long I can stand here and watch, holding my cock is in my hand. I am stroking my prick so hard as you are now fucking her with the dildo. You slide the other end to your pussy and the two of you start to hump the dildo. I see you are both so hot and you both are getting close to cumming. By now you have the dildo up inside both of your cunts and you are humping against each other. I watch you with your black, knee length, leather heels as you drive the rubber cock into your hot pussy and I cant stand it any more. I start shooting my load all over the place as I approach the bed, shooting three great big squirts of cum over the two of you.

"Oh ... that felt so ... so ... good.

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