Young and Horney

By Jeff Johnson

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It all started in college, I was young and horny, so horny I didnít care how I got off, just that I did. My first day in class was perhaps just as ordinary as anyone elseís except; I used the "restroom". It was about two thirty in the after-noon when I went, the tacoís I had eaten at lunch were not settling right. As I entered the john I noticed a strange smell of cologne mixed with sweat. The bathroom was large; it had five or six stalls, and several urinals opposite of those. I picked an empty stall and began about doing my business.

Having not taken anything with me to read I began to notice the writing on the walls and something I had never seen before, a hole in the wall. It was almost large enough to stick your leg through. While I was looking at the damage that had been done to the wall I noticed the person in the next stall playing with his dick.

I grew up in a small town and had led a very sheltered life so this seemed odd. But I watched and my dick began to get hard then the guy came! When he left it wasnít long before there was another man to take his place; once again this man played with himself too. What was different now was he stood up and leaned his body through the hole in the wall toward me, teasing me to play with his dick. Scared, I got up and left the bathroom, as I left I noticed it was almost five. Had I been in there that long? It was fun to see all the traffic of men masturbating I just didnít realize I had missed two classes!

That night when I got home I jacked off for almost an hour. When I was finally drained and began to clean up, I began to think about skipping class again tomorrow. This time I thought that perhaps I could work up nerve to stick my dick in that hole.

I donít remember exactly what time it was, just that it was after lunch when he walked in. He was only about five foot six, but he was stocky and man was he hairy! Not hairy like a monkey or anything, but just enough to compli-ment his muscles and long uncut dick. His hair was dark; he had a full moustache and about three days worth of a beard going.

I couldnít wait. When he began to play with himself I shot up and stuck my dick through the hole. He began to suck, licking first then ever so slightly chewing, my meat. I was so nervous and excited that I came almost instantly in his mouth. That did not stop him from chewing and slurping on my now semi hard dick. I became so sensitive that I had to get out of the hole.

My first thought was to leave but for some strange reason I didnít. Choosing to relax instead leaning against the back wall of the stall. As I looked around the walls reading the writings that were everywhere, I peeked back in the hole to see my blow job giver and he was gone. Just then there was a tapping on my door. It was him, what did he want? I had already cum and too soon, I was sure of that. I thought for sure that he was pissed.

Ever so slightly I opened the door, not knowing what to expect. When the door finally opened, there he stood completely naked! His clothes and shoes under his arms, he closed the door behind him. I was petrified. Seemingly staring at my dick he leaned up to my ear and whispered to me, "letís fuck!"

I was now so nervous that my throat was as dry as sand. I agreed, insisting on leaving to find a bed. As we stood up I helped him dress; my dick became hard and ready again. His arms were so warm and firm, and his hairy chest was chiseled yet soft. As we left the john we started to talk about where we could go to get naked safely. His voice was low and sweet. Every word he said caught my ear and mesmerized me; I was being seduced just by the sound of this gorgeous man. After a short walk we happened upon some woods with a thicket of bushes and thorns. We were both so hot by now we couldnít wait for a bed. Besides it was quiet here and that seemed safe enough. It was winter and it was cold. We didnít think about that we just walked in off the path about twenty feet and found a spot. We crawled in underneath what looked like a blackberry bush, thorns and all. There was a nice bed of leaves there for us to lie on. I had been in spots like this with a girl before but never a man. This was going to be completely different.

As I began to lie down he began to rub my dick through my jeans. I was hot and ready. He gently began to undress me, first removing my shirt. His hands were firm yet smooth as silk. Suddenly he began to kiss my nipples and then scratch my chest with his facial hair. This aroused me to a height I had never been before. Both of his hands eventually landed on my dick. This caused me to start to pre-cum a great deal. Sensing I was near ejaculation he stopped and reassured me all was OK. We rested in a hug for a mo-ment or two.

Then, as we had rested, he reached for his jeans and pulled out a tube of K-Y jelly. He began to spread it all over his shaft and I wondered why. Gently he leaned to me and asked if I would like a massage. I thought this would be great, so I rolled over on my chest. He began to rub my back and neck but not before he began spreading the tube of jelly all over my back and ass. His hand up and down the crack of my ass felt like a baseball bat. After be-coming comfortable with the massage he climbed on my back and shoved his dick in my ass. It felt like a knife had gone through to my stomach. I was in pain and was now trying to wiggle away from his body. He would not let me go. After a few slow soft pumps he began to turn the pain in to ecstasy.

We were both so hot now we had not even paid attention that it had begun to snow. The soft flakes of cool snow actually felt welcome on my hot body. He fucked me like this for at least 20 minutes. Moaning, groaning, and fi-nally filling my ass with a warm sensation of cum. As he rolled off me he managed to slide over and begin sucking my dick again. Up and down he bobbed and licked my shaft somehow he even managed to get both of my balls in his mouth. That felt great! Just as I began to cum we heard a noise in the bushes. Almost instantly my dick shrank in fear. Were we caught?

I looked up to see my professor of all people standing over us with his pants pulled down around his ankles. He was jerking off, and was just as startled that he had been caught as we were. We asked him to join us and to our sur-prise he did. Professor Smith was a handsome man in his mid 60ís, but he had been an athlete when he was younger and his body still showed it. He was clean-shaven and gray headed; his tan body glistened in the snow. His chest was wet from the melting snow apparently he had been watching us quite a while.

The professor joined us and lay next to my new found friend and began to suck on his dick. Then they both began to suck on my shaft. Now I was ready to cum as soon as their lips hit me. But they wouldnít let me, while one sucked me the other began to bite my balls. I had never known the level of ecstasy that they took me to. Then I came, with such force that both guys took turns swallowing all of my hot juice. They were careful not to loose a single drop, they licked me dry. My gosh, I had never had an orgasm like that with a girl!!

We all laid in a heap of sweaty snowy leaves holding on to one another. There was about a foot of snow on the ground. Man oh man, had we fucked or what! As we got dressed we promised to meet in the restroom once a week to relieve the tension of school. Straight Aís was all I ever got in Pro-fessor Smithís class for the rest of the year.

I have been out of college for ten years now and once a year I still go back to the university to catch the professor and we swing by the gym and pick up Jeff. We fuck each other for hours, not quite as intense as the first time, but we do have that one afternoon as our goal.

Happy Fucking.

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