What's this? (Part 3)

By Fucking eXcitor

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I almost had a heart attack as my mind suddenly started racing.

How did Dana know Chantal? How did Dana know Chantal's number? Was this a plan that the two had made up? Was this more surprises that Chantal had been saving? So many questions raced through my mind.

"So, what's up?" She tossed off casually. I was as confused as ever with that reply.

"Well not too much, how about you", I answered. Was she playing a game or did she not know anything at all?

"Well I've been working. I'm really tired and I sure miss you a lot", she said. I started to believe that she truly didn't have a clue to what had happened. This made me feel awful. The words "I miss you a lot" rang out in my head reminding me of how special she was. I looked around and realized that I was in one odd arrangement.

Here I was with the phone between by ear and shoulder, tied up, completely naked and Chantal had no clue what was going on ... or at least that's what I thought. As Chantal kept talking Dana suddenly slid on top of me and began to grind her pussy into my hips. I gave her the strangest look hopping that she would stop. It was impossible to concentrate on what was being said over the phone while Dana dry humped me. I told Chantal that she should get some rest because I had to go. Luckily she agreed and hung up the phone.

"Why did you hand up", Dana questioned? Now ... I had to weigh my options. Should I start to question Dana as to what on earth was going on or somehow play along. After all, I was still tied to the bed and not going anywhere. Well, I never said that I was the brightest person on earth.

"What the Fuck is going on", I yelled?

Dana gave me an evil grin. "Wouldn't you like to know", she said as she humped my body. I tried to stay calm. How bad could things get? I was in my own apartment after all.

"Dana, this is not funny ... ever heard of kidnapping or rape", I asked trying to be rational? She gave me a shocked look and I think that I had said the wrong thing. She quickly untied me and put her clothes back on.

"What an awful thing you say", she whimpered. So maybe I had gone a little over the edge by calling her a criminal but I didn't particularly like being tied up.

"I'm sorry. You have to understand that I'm a little confused by all this", I begged. Dana went to the phone and started dialing. "Who are you calling?"

"Chantal", she quipped as I rushed over to the phone. I grabbed her hand and forced it into the receiver.

"You feel like a big man", she questioned as she rammed her ass into my crotch. I couldn't believe how this woman could get horny over anything and everything.

"Look Dana, why don't you tell me everything and then will see ... okay", I said hopping that this would sort everything out.

"Well I got Chantal's number from your wallet and wanted to see what would happen", she remarked. Now I felt stupid or perhaps ... well ... really stupid. I had thought that this was some elaborate plan made up by Chantal and Dana. When all that happened was Dana finding Chantal's number and calling it for kicks. So much for Chantal being in on the whole thing.

"Do you mind if I call someone now?", Dana asked. I nodded OK and then I thought to myself about what had just happened.

"Who?", I said.

"My husband ..." Then she waited for my reaction. "Just joking", she added. That was the second heart attack for the day. I started thinking that Dana was out to kill me "for kicks".

"Well I've got no new messages", she commented and then she started to casually undress. Wearing only her underwear she went to my fridge and pulled out a bottle of beer. Well, I thought, I sure needed a beer after all the stress. I sat at the kitchen table waiting as she popped the top and handed me the cold bottle. "You a baseball fan", Dana asked, grabbing my new bat that was leaning up against the stove.

"Sure am", I answered as she slipped out of her panties and laid a blanket on the kitchen floor. She opened the cupboard and took out a bottle of Olive Oil.

"Then, I'll initiate your bat", Dana said smiling as she lay on the floor and spread oil over her body. She took the bright shinning bat and slowly pushed it into her pussy as I sucked on the cold beer. "Watch your bat ... baby", she whispered as I kneeled in front of her watching as she pumped hard at her oily cunt. "Watch me cum", she said closing her eyes and pushing the bat deep into her gut.

At this point I wasn't sure if she wanted me to help but I really wasn't in the mood. She masturbated with that bat as I knelt in front watching her. I knew there are certain things one can't control and just then my cock got real stiff.

"Just watch", she reassured me so I did as the bat went in and out of her cunt. I couldn't help so I unzipped my pants, took out my cock began and stoke my shaft in front of her. She began to whimper and moan and as she pumped the bat deeper into her cunt. I pumped my cock thinking about how my prick was just like that aluminum baseball bat. I'm not sure how long she fucked herself but it was quite a while before the both of us came. Her cum oozed all over my bat while mine shot all over Dana.

I went to bed in exhaustion, not thinking about anything, hoping that she would be gone by morning ...

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