What's this? (Part 1)

By Fucking eXcitor

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It's late at night. I've just finished visiting an old friend. It's raining as I wait on the sidewalk, umbrella in hand, for a taxi. She is holding a newpaper over her head to protect herself as she runs to the corner of the street. The cab pulls up and she quiclky askes me if we can share. I nod my head in agreement.

We both quickly jump in to get out of the pouring rain. She asks me where I am going. "Home", I say, "to my appartment."

She giggles and asks, "where exactly is that?" I tell her and she says that she going in that general direction. "Oh, how rude of me", she exclaims with an outstretched hand. "I didn't mean to be forward." We exchange names and sat back for the ride. Her name was Dana, her middle name she said, telling me that she prefers it over Kelly, her given name. I notice the a southern accent as we talk and she tells me that she was born in Houston, Texas. She definately fits my idea of a beautiful Soutern Belle. She's about five foot eight and, I'd guess a hundred and ten pounds, with curves in all the right places. We continue chatting as I notice her face, lips, eyes, nose and her well set of tits. I tell her that I'll pay for the cab ride since I was not expecting such an attractive travelling companion. She smiles and thanks me.

We arrive at my appartment and I pay the driver and begin to get out. As I close the door and look up I notice that she has gotten out of the cab on the other side. The taxi quickly speeds off into the night and we are left in the rain. "Well, are we going to stand in the rain or are you going to invite me in?", she says casually.

My heart skips a couple of beats, and some time must have elasped, because I just stood there with the rain-water dripping down my face. I walked towards the lobby and fumbled for my keys. She trailed behind me like my shadow. We get inside and I push the button for the elavator. "I have to tell you something", I stutter. "I'm sort of involved already". She doesn't respond and I turn to look at the elevator numbers to see what floor it is on. She takes her hand and puts it on my back. Then slowly she lowers it until it is resting on my ass.

"DING", The elevator doors open and I quickly step inside, trying to excape from this situation. No luck, she follows me as the elevator doors close. She immediatly drops to her knees. and I place my hand on her shoulder to try to pull her up. She takes my hand and slowly begins to suck on my little finger. "Imagine what I can do with other parts of your body", she whispers.

It's a good thing that I don't live in the penthouse andthe elevator is fast because I'm not sure how much further I could wait.

"DING", the elevator doors open and it's my floor. I rush to the door of my apartment and unlock it taking Dana quickly inside. i close the door and ask her if she would like a drink. Without waiting for a response I go to the 'fridge and pour her a glass of wine. I pour myself a glass and walk with both glasses as we sit on the couch, me at one end and her at the other. "Why don't you come a little closer?", she asks.

I move closer and while we drink the wine I start forgetting the reasons that I'm resisting her advances. I touch her face and bring her closer to me. Without hesitation we start kissing passionately, our tongues dancing around each others mouths. I move to kiss her neck as my hands brush against her soft legs. She pulls away from me as she feels between the cushions and pulls out some ropes that I had put there many weeks ago.

"What's this?", she asks with a coy smile.

"Do you trust me?", I ask, trying to figure out if she likes that sort of thing.

"Should I", she responds, and without my saying anything she continues, "YES!"

The word rings in my ear and echos in my head. She must like this sort of thing, I reason, not expecting her to say "YES" so enfatically. I thought that she was going to get up and leave the appartment in a real big hurry after she found the ropes. However, I don't waste any time and I tied the rope around her hand to the side of the couch. She wiggles them a little, allowing me to make the bonds secure, then glances like she's not really too sure what I have planned. I return to kissing her mouth and neck and work my way down to her blouse. I unbutton the top button with my teeth. This takes a little too long so I take the blouse in my hands and rip it open revealing her breast and her lace bra and black fishnet stockings.

I look at her and ask if she is wearing any panties. She says, "yes", and I reach my hand under her skirt and pull them down to her knees. I undo the front clip on her bra releasing her breasts as I cup them in my hands. I take my hands and pull her skirt,panties and bra off completely. I run my fingers over the nipples, squeezing the pert red tips, and watch as they begin to stand erect. Her hands secure I take her legs and pull them up so her cunt is open and her legs raised so they almost touch her hands. Spread like a butterfly, I take my mouth and cover the nipple of her ample tit. I suck and pull gently with my mouth on the nipple as she lets out a few soft moans. I look at her naked pussy and run my fingers up and down her legs. I place my mouth directly over her hole and breath on it. Her hips move forward, pressing her cunt in the face. My hand slides under her and finds a small ass hole. I slide my tongue inside and explore roughly. My tongue moves in and out of her wet pussy, circles right and left, up and down.

I suck down with my entire mouth as I plunge my finger deep into her butt as she moves more quickly against my mouth. I push my other hand in her mouth and she covers it with her saliva, sucking the fingers as if they were a hard cock. I take the fingers from her suckling mouth and ram them into her quivering cunt, feeling the finger in her ass thriough the thin skin. She immediately begins to ride my hands as I work the fingers and I lick the tip of her clit. My fingers pump in and out in a rhythm that slowly pick up speed and I feel her squeeze my fingers as her clit begins to rise. I lick it harder with my mouth and continue to pump my fingers into her holes.

Sweat forms on her forhead as she whimpers and struggles to be released from the ropes. "OH ... YESSS!", she cries, arching her back, thrusting her cunt into my face. I drive my fingers as deep as they can go and then pull them out, all in one motion. I work fevourishly trying to bring her to orgasm. I spread her legs wide apart and with my hand I spread her pussy-lips with wide and ram my fingers deep inside. Picking up speed, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, in and out as she rotates her hips.

"MMMMMmmmm ... Oooooo ... HHhhhh!", she cries as her juices begin to flow. I put my face under her throbbing pussy just as she cums, allowing the sweet liquid to run into my mouth.

"I'm cummmmmming ... uuummmmmm, she yells.

Dana tastes so good that I don't stop sucking her until she is completely done. I move from her tired cunt and kiss her lips so that she can taste her own cum.

I untie her hands and she sits up smiling. "It's your turn", she grins.

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