By Mistreess Luann

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You know what I like.

I want to prepare your favorite meal. You will bring the wine and after dinner we will settle down with a bottle of the best Bordeaux from your cellar. I will sit at your feet as we listen to Beethoven playing softly, the sound of the violin piercing our consciousness. The house is filled with the scent of love, a slight hint of garlic, a strong fragrance of vanilla from the candles.

I will sit in front of you, my white skin against my black silk dress. I lay my head on your knees. "Master ... please stroke my hair", I ask of you as I feel your hands gently move up the back of my neck. I look up at you and smile.

As you touch me I can feel the wetness between my thighs. I close my eyes, and breathing slowly, as I enjoy the gift of your attention. You soon stand and pull me to my feet. I turn to you and put my arms around your neck. You are taller than I and, as I press my soft body against you, your arms go around me and your lips find my mouth. I part my sweet lips and eagerly offer my tongue to you. I feel your lips suck me into your mouth ... only to stop and push me out. You continue as my lips close around your tongue, and as an obedient servant, I gently suck you deep. I feel your hands on my ass as I melt into your body. Your strong hands pull me against your hard cock, pressing my wet pussy against my desire.

"Master ... Please take me to the bedroom. I want to please you", I ask breathlessly.

Your hand slips between my legs as you finger my wet cunt through the soft material. "Master ... Please", I beg as you laugh softly, fingering me gently.

You guide me toward the room. I walk slightly behind you until I feel a light slap on my ass. I smile to myself as I move forward, opening the door as we enter the bedroom. You slid my dress up over my head and I stand before you in only my black lacy panties. a bra and your favorite fish-new stockings. You place your hands over my nipples, squeezing them through the soft fabric of the unwanted restraints. From the excitement of your touch my nipples become hard.

I slip off my bra and panties and take my position next to the bed. Slowly you undress, methodically hanging your clothes on the hanger and placing them in the closet. I kneel quietly as you finish the ritual. When you are naked you lie on the bed and ask me to rise. I join you and kneel between your legs. I lean over and our eyes meet in a long, passionate gaze. I smile as I start to kiss your head, your cheeks, and finally your lips. I work my way over your chest, stopping long enough to pay attention to each of your nipples. I lick the swells sucking gently on your breast.

I work my mouth over your stomach, kissing you, licking you, caressing you as you feel my hard nipples rubbing against your body. I work my way down to your thighs as my hands massage your ass.

I pull you close to me. My lips are rubbing your inner thighs as my left hand finds your cock. I stroke your stiff prick as my warm-wet mouth finds the tip. Slowly, I start to suck your manhood into my mouth. As I suck your cock deep into my mouth, you feel me moving up and down, sucking and moaning with each stroke. You are good and hard as I slid up on you. Slowly, I slip your stiff prick into my wet cunt. I ride you, tightening my muscles around your cock. I can feel your hands on my soft breast as I lean back and ride you ... moaning ... as you glide deep in my hole.

Just as you are about to cum, I slid off and lower my mouth over your cock again. I enjoy the mingling of my sweet nectar, with the gift you are about to give. I hear you moan and thrust your cock into my mouth. I know soon ... very soon .... then ... it is now ... you fill my mouth. I close my eyes and savor every drop of your cum as if it were fine wine. You than pull me close to you. We kiss. We share our tastes.

You know what I like.

I must submit to your complete domination.

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