What a Weekend (Part 2)

By Tehanu Drake

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I awoke the next morning from the feeling that someone was looking at me. I turned and looked straight into his eyes. I smiled at what I saw in them: complete trust and love. I leaned forward, kissed him, untied him and rubbed his arms and legs to get the circulation back to normal. I then told him to prepare breakfast while I showered.

I came into the kitchen dressed in a robe; my hair still wet, and found him kneeling beside my chair. I sat down and patted him on the head before I turned to my breakfast and morning paper. When I was almost through with the paper I noticed he was starting to stir beside me. I finished my meal, got up and told him to do the dishes and then he could eat. I told him that when he was finished he should to come to the bathroom.

When I had finished dressing and doing my hair, I went to the bathroom and found him there, kneeling by the door. I snapped the leash to his collar and had him get in the tub where I tied his hands and secured his leash. I got the enema bag and inserted the nozzle in his ass. He gasped and soon started squirming as his bowels filled with warm soapy water. When the bag was empty, I quickly replaced the nozzle with a large butt plug and left him like that for about fifteen minutes. When I came back I untied him and had him sit on the toilet before I pulled the plug out.

I couldn't help but laugh at his relieved expression. Afterwards I had him get back in the tub. I turned on the shower and scrubbed him good all over. When I was satisfied that he was clean, I dried him off and then led him to the bedroom where I had prepared some clothes for him. I told him to put them on quickly and we would go for a walk. He obeyed silently and we were just ready to go out the door, when he quietly asked me if I wasn't going to remove his collar. I slapped him across the face for speaking without permission and reminded him of what I had told him when I put it on, that he was to wear it all weekend, at all times. He blushed and I held his chin so I could look him straight in the eyes. I asked him if he trusted me to protect him. He hesitated for only a second, then nodded and he followed me when I stepped outside.

It was a fairly warm day for the middle of September and I wanted to go to a special place in a small forest about an hour's walk from where I live. We came out into the clearing and he looked around at the area I had made into a small temple. At the far end, from where we were, was a small stone altar with a statue of a Goddess. I had made holes in the stone altar for the candles and around the whole clearing I had planted a circle of white heather. The circle was open only where the path led into the clearing and as soon as we had entered the circle I closed it by putting down a reef of dried white heather on the path.

I led him across the small clearing to the altar where I told him to lay down the bag he had been carrying and kneel. I took out two black candles and set them in the holders on the altar, then lit the incense. I noticed that he was stealing glances at me, wondering what I was doing, but ignored him while I decorated the altar and prepared the toys he had carried from the house. When I was finished I snapped the leash to his collar and led him to the center of the clearing where there was a big log that I used as a seat when I came there alone. I told him to turn towards the altar and kneel with his head on the ground, hands behind his back. I tied his wrists together and fastened the leash to a hook that was stuck in the ground next to his head. I left him there.

I performed the small ceremony of invocation and when I felt the presence of the spirits I had called upon, I took the bundle of birch twigs and turned towards him. I untied the leash and ordered him to his feet, told him not to move and unbuttoned his shirt. Pulling it down over his arms I then pulled his trousers down, leaving him exposed. He stood still and naked as I removed my necklace and wrapped it around his cock. "You will wear this with your collar. Do you understand?"

He nodded in agreement as I started whipping him with the bundle of twigs, all over his chest and legs, until he let out a quiet moan.

I put the bundle away, untied him and let him sit down on the log, where I sat next to him. I held him in my arms and asked him how he felt. He leaned against me and whispered that he loved me. I untied the rope that held his wrists together and allowed him to put his arms around me and we just sat there for awhile, feeling the presence and joy of the spirits around us.

After a short while, I told him to kneel again as before and went and thanked the spirits and the Goddess for being there. When I felt that they had departed, I put out the candles and put them away in the bag. I left the berries and flowers I had used to decorate the altar for the forest birds and animals and went back to him. I sat down on the log, pulled his head up into my lap and sat like that for awhile, stroking his hair.

After about an hour, I told him to stand and put his clothes back on. I watched as he quickly dressed and then led him back through the forest to my apartment. I was hungry and suspected he was too, so I told him to prepare dinner while I took care of some writing. It wasn't long before I could smell the food cooking and then I heard him come in the study, quietly. I finished what I was writing before I turned to him. He was standing at the door, head bowed, waiting for me to acknowledge his presence. I smiled and asked him what he wanted. He told me that dinner was ready and added that it might even be cold. I stifled a giggle and went to the kitchen with him following closely behind.

I decided I wanted him to sit at the table and eat with me and told him so. He gave me a relieved smile. I looked sternly at him telling him to be careful. He got another plate for himself and then started by serving me of the meat and rice he had prepared. When he wanted to serve himself, I told him to wait until I was finished then told him to feed me the meat with his fingers. He held his head down to hide his smile as he brought the first piece of meat to my lips. I took it, sucking the sauce off his fingers. I had him do this until I saw his hand visibly trembling, then I told him to serve himself and eat as I continued my meal. He barely contained a sigh.

I sat thinking about the rest of the evening during the dinner and when I was finished I again told him to wash the dishes and then go to the bedroom and kneel by the bed until I was finished working on my story. Then I went back to the study to finish.

It took me about an hour to finish the story. When I got to the bedroom I found him kneeling as I had ordered. I changed into a black rubber cat suit that left my pussy exposed and told him to again stand at the footboard of the bed and bend over. I tied him like the previous evening. I felt just the slightest struggle as I bound his hands. I started stroking his ass and thighs and went on until I noticed his cock was hard. I continued stroking him, concentrating on his ass, running my fingers down his crack and inserting first one, then two fingers in his ass hole. He squirmed at the unexpected penetration, then seemed to get used to it. I started talking to him, telling him about my different fetishes and fixations. Eventually I got to telling him my biggest fascination was with men's asses and how I loved to use a strap on dildo to fuck men. I left briefly to get a strap-on from the dresser and returned. At this point I stroked the rubber cock against his ass, making him shiver.

He looked back as best he could and saw my favorite dildo, eight inches long and two inches thick. His eyes widened as I got the tube of K-Y and started lubricating his ass hole, all the while telling him how I would enjoy making him my slut.

He couldn't take it any longer and begged me not to do it. I slapped him on his still sore ass and said he was going to learn to enjoy being fucked. I strapped on the cock and started pushing the head of the rubber cock into his well-lubricated ass. It slid in easily enough, thanks to all the lubrication, and he let out little noise. I slid the cock slowly in and out a few times, pushing it further in with each stroke, running my hands over his back and ass all the while. When I had first started pushing the dildo into his rectum, his erection had disappeared. As I fucked him I noticed he was becoming hard again, although he still seemed not to have quite adjusted. I continued with slow steady strokes until he could take almost all eight inches, then I picked up pace a little as I felt myself becoming more and more aroused.

As always, it didn't take long for me to come, and as I did, I pushed the rubber cock all the way in and grabbed the gold necklace which was wrapped around his stiff cock and twisted the chain. I heard him give an unmistakable moan of pleasure as I pulled the dildo out of his ass and let go of the necklace.

I took the dildo off, climbed on the bed and shoved my pussy in his face, ordering him to clean me out. He eagerly lapped up all of my juices and made me come a second time.

I got off the bed, untied him and told him he had done very well today and, as a reward, I would let him cum. I took out a white lace garter belt, silk stockings. I put them on him, told him to kneel beside the bed and masturbate until he was about to cum. Blushing. he knelt and started stroking his cock as I got out my camera and took a few photos. When he was about to cum, I told him to catch the load in his hand and eat it. He blushed even more, but as he shot his load he caught all of it in his hand and, with me urging him on, ate it all and licked his hand clean. I gave him an encouraging smile and kissed him passionately, tasting his seed.

I could tell he was rather tired by now, but I was still invigorated by the ceremony earlier so I had him lie down in his back and tied his hands to the headboard. I sat on his face and ordered him to eat my ass and pussy and he eagerly put his talented tongue to work again. I came four times, before I got off him and lay down on my back, panting. After a few minutes I got up, untied him and told him to lie down on the floor by the foot of the bed. I snapped his leash back on and tied it to one of the legs of the bed, then told him he could sleep.

As I still wasn't sleepy, I got dressed and went out for my evening walk. When I got back he was still awake. I got into bed and turned off the lights.

I could feel him watching me as I fell asleep.

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