What a Weekend (Part 1)

By Tehanu Drake

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The train was coming into the station and I smiled to myself thinking of what I had planned. "A quiet weekend of getting to know each other and talk", he had said. Oh boy was he in for a surprise.

I saw him before he saw me and I took a minute to study before I threw my cigarette away and walked towards him. He smiled as he recognized me from the picture I sent him. We talked casually about the trip and the weather as we rode the bus to my place. When we got there, I showed him where to put his bag and we had a cup of tea. He tried to hide his smile when I told him we were going to sleep together. I stifled a laugh. Since it was still early, I suggested I show him around so we went out and walked for about an hour, looking at the city. When we came back I excused myself and went to change clothes.

He had turned on the TV while I changed and when I came out, wearing my black leather corset which exposed my shaved pussy, high high leather boots, he turned to me, grinned appreciatively and whistled. I grinned and motioned for him to join me in the bedroom. He immediately turned off the TV and followed me.

I waited for him in the middle of the room, my hands behind my back holding a pair of leather wrist cuffs. When he entered I told him to close the door. As he turned back, I smiled and told him to come closer. He came up to me, pulled me to him and kissed me. I slid my hands down his arms, pulling them behind his back where I quickly fastened them together with the cuffs. Startled, he took a step back and struggled to get free. I slapped him on the ass and then pushed him back onto the bed. He started to speak and I slapped him across the face, grabbed a handful of his hair and told him to keep quiet and listen.

I told him that this weekend was going to be different from what he had planned. I told him the rules I expected him to obey.

He was not to speak without my permission.
He should keep his head down at all times, unless I told him otherwise.
He was going to do exactly as I said or he would be punished.

I told him that if he obeyed these rules, this weekend could turn out pleasant for both of us. If he chose not to obey ... it would turn out very painful for him. I asked him if he understood.

He opened his mouth to speak, then closed it again and nodded as well as he could with me holding onto his hair. I smiled, let go of his hair and then told him to stand. He struggled to his feet and stood before me with his head bowed. I got a blindfold and put it on him, then told him not to move or he could get hurt. I got the sharp knife and started to cut off his clothes. He flinched at the first touch of the cold steel blade to his skin, then stood tense and absolutely still until I had removed all of his clothing. I noticed his cock was already semi-erect and mused. I told him to kneel as I removed the blindfold and showed him the collar I had bought especially for him. . I told him he would wear it all weekend, at all times, then I snapped it on around his neck. I ran my fingers from his neck to his chin, lifting his head and looking into his eyes I kissed him lightly.

I snapped a leash to the small "D" ring in the front of the collar and pulled on it as he walked on his knees as best he could toward the bed. I told him to stand and bend over the footboard of the bed, spreading his legs. He did, as I told him, with a hint of hesitation in his eyes. When he was in position I tied his ankles to the legs of the bed with a length of rope. I then uncuffed him and tied his arms to the headboard, stretching him out with his ass exposed. I ran my hands over his soft skin, then slapped him once across the ass, very hard. He winced and I told him I was now going to test my new flogger on him. I wanted him to count the lashes out loud. I got the flogger I had bought the day before and ran it across his skin to let him feel the soft leather.

As the first lash landed across the ass, he winced and struggled against the restraints. "One" he hissed between clenched teeth. I struck again with more confidence. "Two", he yelped. I spread the lashes over his ass bringing large welts and bright red stripes.

"Twelve", he yelled as I continued attacking his ass to his shoulders. When I was finished his whole backside was a pretty pink. I ran my cool hands over his sore skin before I released him and helped him lie down on the bed. I tied him spread eagle, then sat on his face and told him to live up to what he had told me about how good he was at pleasuring women with his tongue. He eagerly licked and sucked on my shaved pussy and it didn't take him long to push me over the edge to orgasm.

When I had cum I left him tied as I went online to check my email and chat to some of my friends. After a couple of hours I shut off the computer and went back to check on him. He had fallen asleep and I snickered as I got the whip. The first blow struck his limp cock and he awoke with a yelp. I laughed at his surprised expression. I didn't want to wear him out the first night, so I put the whip away and climbed onto the bed. I straddled his face again, after telling him not to move or try to lick me. Then I leaned forward and started teasing his cock with my fingernails, running them along his shaft. When he was hard, I started playing with him, dragging my nails from the base of his cock to the bulging cock-head, playing with his balls, until he was ready to cum. Then, I squeezed his cock right under the rim of the head, making it limp again. Then I started over.

After about 15 minutes of torture, he started making muffled noises and moving his hips and I got off his face asking him if there was something he wanted to say.

"Please", he whimpered.

"Please, what", I asked with a stern look?

"Please, Mistress ... please let me cum", he groaned as I dragged one nail along his shaft. I kept teasing his cock as I stood thinking about his request. I shook my head "no", as I left him.

I changed my clothes again and went out for a walk. When I got back he had fallen asleep again. I slipped out of my clothes and got into bed next to him and pulled the covers over the both of us. I fell asleep with a satisfied smile, dreaming of the two wonderful days to come.

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