By Mike West

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I woke Saturday morning and left early to go fishing down by the river. I arrived at five a. m., just daylight, and proceeded down the rocks to my special spot. The sun was warm so I took off my tee shirt and sat down in my cutoffs. After being there about an hour, and not getting a single bite, I decided to move to a pond on the hiking trail down the river. Well, my luck at the pond changed in more ways than one.

I was having really good luck catching lots of fish. I caught my limit and packed them in ice. I laid back for a short nap but I awoke hearing voices and footsteps through the woods coming toward me. In the clearing I saw two beautiful girls hiking. I saw that they were very fit and trim, their bodies firm and well defined. They stopped at the pond and sat down with me. We talked for a while and they said they had been hiking for an hour and were a little tired and sore. I casually looked them both over enjoying the view.

Their names were Beth and Jody. Beth had long blonde hair which fell midline around her firm shapely breasts, her nipples stood out through her light shirt. Jody had short strawberry blonde hair and smaller breasts. She was wearing a half shirt exposing her firm tummy. I offered them some beer, I had with me, and we sat back, relaxing and talking. We had gotten rather loose in our chat and I noticed Beth's nipples sticking further into the soft fabric. I felt a sudden growth between my legs and so did both of the girls. Jody had gotten a blanket from her back-pack and laid it down on the soft grass. They smiled and moved closer. Jody placed her hand on my leg and pull herself near me. She whispered something to Beth and they both smiled and started taking off their shirts. I sat back, watching the two girls who were now naked. Beth sat on jody's lap and Frenched her, sticking her tongue deep into her mouth as they embrased on the red blanket. I reached over and started massaging Beth's breasts, tweaking her nipples with my thumb and forefinger. She leaned toward me and French kissed my mouth, I felt her tongue seek out mine and I danced with it.

I felt Jody unzipping my pants and she took out my hard cock and started playing with it. She lowered her head and her lips surrounded my prick and she swallowed the head. She continued slowly all the way down. Her hands kneaded my balls and my cock was rock hard and ready.

I pulled off Beth's T-shirt and moved my lips to her nipples and slowly traced circles with my tongue. My hands unzipped her shorts and slid them down, her panties following. My hand slowly moved up her legs and spread her thighs as my finger traced up and down her shaved pussy lips. Jody was working so hard on my cock and I was trying to hold back from cumming, but she was determined. As I came, she took my cock all the way down and swallowed every drop. Her tongue licked the remains from around the head.

I continued fingering Beth, and she was her close a to climax. I played with her clit and she came hard, held me tight, kissing my lips and mouth.

Jody rolled a joint and sat back and fingerered herself as she watched us. Beth and I moved over to the blanket and helped her finish her joint. I moved on one side of Jody and Beth was on her other. I leaned over and kissed Jody on the lips, my hands massaging her small sensitive breasts. I reached, pulling Beth close, and kissed her and Jody together. Our lips were only inches apart we all started kissing and tonguing each other. Tongues meeting, dancing and intwined in a passionate exchange. Beth's hands joined mine on Jody's breasts. We looked at each other and slowly kissed our way down to her nipples. Beths hand and mine slowly massaged her flat firm tummy and waist. Our tongues and lips joining as we attended each breast together.

I started to get hard again and Beth, seeing this, took interest in a new object to lick and kiss. I continued kissing my way down to Jody's pussy, hearing her moan softly as I brushed my tongue against her cunt-lips. I licked her clitoris and hit her "G spot" until she almost came and then slowly just teased her lips.

Doing this a few times Jody pleaded for me to make her cum. I went to work on her love button, her clit was hard and she was so wet. All of the sudden she came so fast while I made sure I nurtured every drop of her honey. Since my my eight inch cock full and hard, Beth laid me on my back and mounted my lance and fucked me slow. At first it was slow, but then faster and faster till she came all over me. She rolled off and laid down. Jody moved over to Beth, seeing her dripping pussy, put her head between her legs and slowly started kissing and licking her pussy. Beth, aroused again, pulled Jody to her and they join into a 69. Jody was on top, her firm small torso swaying back and forth, as I moved past them and slid my cock between Beths lips and Jodys cunt. Beth licked my cock up and down and then places it in Jodys wet pussy, as the three of us bring each other to another satisfying orgasm. After we all came we laid down and held each other close and that is where I will end this story.

Jody and Beth are roommates and have invited me to their place for dinner and desert the next weekend.

You can find out more about that episode at a later date.

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