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by Jorge Garcia

We left the hotel early in the morning. Carrot walked as she was daydreaming. We got into my car and she took a seat by my side. "Take off the mini-skirt, my slave", I ordered. She obeyed without hesitation and she gave me the garment, which I threw to the rear seat. She was wearing no panties or stockings, so she was completely bottomless with her shaven crotch, her tattooed ankle and her long legs. I started the car and when the motor began to purr I looked into Carrot's eyes. "Slave, masturbate! I want to hear your moans and gasps so don't be shy. I want to cum listening to your your concert. Don't stop until I order."

Carrot was real astonished but she started to play with herself. She caressed her labia and moaned artificially. In a few seconds her caresses accelerated and her pussy juices began to flow. I drove real slowly; paying attention on her masturbation and her moans and gasps. After a quarter of an hour she stops gliding a finger in her wet cunt, she knew how to get real self-excitation.

When the traffic lights turned red I took her hand and I drove it to her mouth. "Suck your finger. I will teach you how to masturbate right!" I glided two fingers into her real wet cunt. The car seat also was real wet and I would have to clean it.

"Don't try to pretend, slut slave. I want your moans to be truthful. I want you to cum, and you can't cum touching yourself this way. The lights turned green, I started the car again. I sucked her fingers moistened with her juices and glided a them into her cunt while with her other hand spread her labia." I never before had heard moans and gasps so real and my cock started to get hard. She came in a few seconds, and came once again a few minutes late. It was a series of orgasms so noisy and loud that some passing drivers looked at the ecstasy on her face. We almost caused a multiple car accident with her excitement and theirs.

The journey was longer than I remembered and I lost count on how many orgasms she had and how many times she came. It was the best experience since she became my slave possession. Carrot was exhausted and there was still a half hour before we reached my home.

I stopped in front of a house used by a farmer that is a working tenant on my lands, since my father's times. I sounded the horn and a shadow appeared immediately. It was Venus, the 23 years old farmer's daughter. She had her hair painted in yellow, green and blue. Daddy introduced her into S&M. She acted as a slave much of the time and also as a Mistress. She's an expert in bondage since my father taught her all most of his knowledge when I went away to the University. She helps me so often with my sessions.

Carrot didn't notice of Venus' presence and she kept on fingering herself in ecstasy and her cunt was dripping like a fountain.

"What do you think about my new slave?", I asked Venus.

"She's marvelous. Has she got any experience?"

"No, not much", I answered, "but, I will teach her, and I hope you will help."

"I'll do it with pleasure."

I grabbed Carrot's wrist, the one she was using to masturbate, and pushed the moistened hand toward Venus and pushed them into her mouth and she sucked eagerly on the cum soaked fingers.

"Who had told you to stop, fucking slave? You've got two hands.

Carrot used her free hand and kept on fingering herself. Venus began to squeeze Carrot's breasts through her blouse, pinching her nipples. Venus caressed Carrot's hair, lips and he flat stomach.

"Master, she is a jewel. What do you want to do with her?

"I don't know. We'll talk about it! Come on Venus."

I drove, and Venus walked to the side of the Victorian Mansion where I stopped the car. "Stop fingering yourself, slave", I ordered, "I'm pleased with your performance.

At the front door to the Mansion, four of my slaves were waiting, ready for an inspection. Alf, my male slave, his massive black cock completely stiff, is hands at his back, stood looking at the floor. Sheena asiatic, , Ivory blonde Russian, and Mare a black beauty, were wearing their special crotchless pants and breastless two pieced suits with their shaven cunts and urgent breasts on the air. The were dressed in different colors and looked wonderful.

Carrot couldn't take her eyes from Alf's cock. I know the first sight of his gigantic was really astonishing to her.

"Carrot, get on your knees!", I ordered.

She obeyed without looking away the black meat. I unfastened her white blouse and threw it to the floor showing her bare breasts to my other possessions.

"Slave, I want you to kiss Alf's black cock and kiss the cunts, one by one. Just a soft kiss to get aquatinted, and keep your hands behind your back. Carrot got on her knees and bowed rigidly as the pink pussies passed and she kissed each with tender care. When Alf approached Carrot opened her mouth in a prelude to sucking his massive cock. I didn't let her. I made her keep meeting my other slaves pussies, which were her, I believe, the first contact with women cunts that she had ever had. I told her to stand and ordered the other slaves to return the introductory kisses. They knew they couldn't give her any excitement, but, her swollen lips were so sensitive after her long masturbation that she came with the slightest touch.

"Carrot, I want you to take a bath; I want you bathed and purified for me. Sheena, Mare ... go with Carrot and show her what I want. They went upstairs, the two slaves helping Carrot who could hardly could stand up.

"Alf, go call the gynecologist. Ivory, come with me. We went barefoot into the main playroom, a table in the middle, a pulley wheel on the floor and a lot of shelves full of toys. Ivory, in her middle twenties, was the youngest of my slaves and when she was younger she was a gymnast under a real severe training program, so daddy had an easy job training her. I picked up an incredibly long dildo. I attached it to the floor, erect, in a special holder and then I said to Ivory. "You know what to do ... Fifteen flexion's ... and count loud. After each one of them you will beg me to fuck you in the ass.

I don't know how the gymnasts can do what they do. She had to lift all her weight in her arms while inch by inch, flexion after flexion, the dildo goes deep into her cunt. Her moans while she counted and begged to be ass fuck her really excited me. From the tenth flexion she hardly could keep her body up and the whole dildo entered her cunt.

"Fourteen. Oh ... ah... Please, Master, fuck this Russian whore in the ass. I am your true slave."

I supposed it was what she said because, with her Russian accent and her moans couldn't understand it at all. With her last bit of energy she lifted her body a few centimeters but when she relaxed her ass kissed the floor while her cunt hosted the whole dildo.

"Come here slave", I commanded, caressing her wet cunt. "Put your ass here. Move your slut Russian ass quickly, slave. What a lovely ass hole you have. Do you want me to fuck your ass?"

"Yes, please, Master, fuck this Russian whore." She spread her ass cheeks and I picked up a butt plug from the shelf and stuck it into her ass. "Get dressed once again", I said without emotion. With a plug in her ass she put her trousers on. "Now, bounce on the floor. I want you to shove the plug deep into your ass hole.", I said playfully. I also picked up Chinese balls that I inserted them, not too carefully, into her cunt. The bells rang and Alf opened the door. It was Jeff, an old friend of my daddy and our gynecologist.

"Hi, Francis, what's the matter? How is your harem?"

"I've got a new slave, I want you to explore her.

"Professionally?", the Doctor asked.

"Of course."

"She's your first slave. The first you are training, isn't she?"

"Yes, she is, and you'll get astonished when you meet her."

We go into the playroom where Ivory is still sitting on the floor with the plug up her ass.

"Bounce", you Russian whore!", I yelled.

"What is she doing?"

"She's got a large plug in her ass and Chinese balls in her cunt.

"What a lovely sight.

Ivory continued, her face was a mixture of pleasure and pain. Sheena, Mare and Carrot were also in the playroom, naked and with pink bathrobes.

"Carrot, this is Jeff, our gynecologist. He's gonna explore you. We will take good care of your health. Get up on the table and get examined by the doctor. She obeyed without hesitation and Jeff put on latex gloves and began with the exploration.

"Is everything all right?", I asked after a few minutes.

"Yes, Francis. By the looks of her pussy, she had enjoyed an incredible party.

"She's been masturbating herself for more than two hours.

"I would advise you not to fuck her too hard for awhile.

"You know perfectly well that I wouldn't do that."

While he removed his latex gloves he kept his eyes on Ivory, bouncing on her butt plug. "She's all yours, doc", I said, giving him the permission he needed and the command that Ivory would obey. "Let's go, Sheena, Alf, Mare and Carrot and let the two play."

I left Jeff with Ivory in the playroom as pay for his examination. I don't know what he did with her but his face showed how much he enjoyed the payment when he finished with the Russian slave." When they left the playroom, I let Ivory take a bath and ordered Carrot to come in. Alf brought a two piece leather suit, a leather collar, high-heeled shoes, diapers and talcum powder. I had Carrot lie on the table and I threw talcum powder into to her cunt and ass. I then put a diaper on her and she couldn't believe what was happening. "You can get up, little Carrot. But, you can't speak in front of your Master unless I order it. Put this suit on."

She began to dress her, putting the clothes over gorgeous body. We left the playroom and the way she walked in her high-heeled shoes was so strange that she almost fell to the floor. I also gave her a baby pacifier soaked with a special liquid mixture of laxative, diuretic, aphrodisiac and glucose which had been a special recipe of my daddies.

While the drugs took their affect, I watched beautiful Carrot slump in the seat, white talk covering her pussy, pacifier in her mouth and a sleeps grin on her face. After a few minutes she dozed into a trance and I knew she would be a perfect slave when she was trained. I looked at her sweet pussy and pictured my personal cunt-ring I would insert into her soft lips when she was drugged, but, right now, I wanted her to lose control of her body.

I wanted her to be ashamed of her body as a prelude of things to come.


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