Photo's at the Waterfall

By: Anonymous

It was a beautiful summer day. I had decided to go to one of my favorite trails and go for a hike. I had taken my camera to get some pictures on the trail. I started out along the trail, getting some wonderful pictures of flowers and deer along the trail. Half way along is a beautiful creek with a wonderful waterfalls. I couldn't wait to get to that point as I always stop there to relax and splash water on my face.

As i approached the area, I heard a noise coming from the water. I assumed a deer was there or some other animal, as this spot is fairly secluded. I raised my camera to get some pictures. I started to crouch and approach the falls slowly. As I got closer the noises were not that of an animal, but rather soft moans of pleasure. To my amazment I saw a beautiful woman standing under the falls.

You stood enjoying the water cascading over your gorgeous body.

I sat in the brush near the falls and enjoyed the beautiful site. I watched as your hand explored your body, and could not beleive this was happening. I sat there not moving, but rather enjoying watching this gorgeous woman explore her sensuality and noticed how relaxed you were with your sexuality. I stared like a child who was seeing a naked woman for the first time. Your hands started at your neck and traced it's soft long skin with your finger tips. Your hair wet and cascading down to your soft shoulders. Your hands moving slowly down along your heaving breasts, stopping to tease each nipple as the water ran across them. They grew hard and erect the touch. As I watched I noticed I had become uncomfortable, my cock growing more and more, my breathing becoming labored.

You continued down your body, hands tracing the outline of your stomach, hips then thighs, legs, calves and then back up again. Long fingers finding the nipples again, you begin to pinch them and roll them in your fingers, moans escaping your lips. They get harder and more alert. You lift a breast to lick one of the nipples.

The moans become louder, suddenly your hand drops and finds your pussy. Leaning back you begin to explore your womanhood. Uncontiously I begin to rub my cock through my shorts. It grows harder and begins to leak. Realizing I have my camera, I begin to take pictures, enjoying the show. You look down and spread your lips with your fingers, the other hand now meeting the first. The finger that so loveingly pinched the nipple, now begins to rub your clit.

Leaning back on a rock, you begin to rub harder. Suddenly you slip a finger into your pussy, then a second. I keep rubbing my cock and am close to cumming but do not want to. I return to taking the pictures.

You start to maon louder. Almost a yelp. Your fingers feverously begin to pump into your pusssy, your fingers pushing harder on your clit. I can tell you are cumming. Suddenly you let out with a loud moan and scream. I see your body shudder as you cum in waves over and over. My camera is still clicking.

Suddenly you relax, and fall back against the rock. I continue to snap pictures and suddenly you look up. You see me in the bush and motion for me to join you. Well the rest we can only do together.