Where I want to be !

By Passion

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It is a warm spring afternoon and I am lying in a field of sweet smelling green grass ... it is heated by the suns gentle rays. I lie on my back staring at the sky as a flock of geese go overhead. The wind softly blows the last of the dead fall leaves around me.

I am absorbed in thoughts of you. Like out of a dream you come through the field and lie beside me. You are propped up on one elbow, your hand touches my face, memorizing my features. I reach up and follow the curve of your lips with my finger. You bend down and your mouth meets mine with a kiss and your tongue slips past my lips. Our tongues meet and seem to want to possess one another.

Your hand touches my breasts through my thin cotton shirt. You can feel my immediate response as my nipples become erect at your prodding. I arch my back and seek your warmth. Your hand goes under my shirt, removes my bra and shirt which exposes me to your gaze. I shiver with excitement as my hands go around your neck and try to pull you close ... You resist...

you undo my jeans and slide your fingers down inside to touch the soft hairs of my now wet pussy. A smile crosses your lips as you find me wet and eager. My hands have unbuttoned your shirt and are caressing your chest. I slip one hand down to feel the rock hardness of your cock. A moan escapes your lips and you slip a finger into my tortured pussy to ease its frustration.

I undo your jeans and slid your cock out to caress it with my fingers. But that is not enough ... I want to taste you so I lower my head and feel you in my mouth ... I want to give you pleasure.

I squirm from your grasp and you reluctantly let me go. I slide down your length to again capture your hot cock in my mouth. My tongue swirls around the head, tasting you, teasing you. I slowly take you further into my mouth inching my way down the shaft until I reach the base. Ever so slowly I slid you back out. You can feel the cool breeze contrasting the heat of my mouth. Faster and faster I slid you in and out. You are lying back on the grass absorbed in the passion of the moment. You want to cum in my mouth and I want you to. I stop ... letting your cock slip from my wet lips.

"Cum in my mouth ... Please ... I want to taste you", I plead.

It seems that you are not sure you wish to surrender to me ... not just yet. You open your eyes and try to push me onto my back so you can slip into my pussy but I resist you. Again I capture your tortured cock in my mouth. Harder and faster I suck you. I can taste your cum starting to drip. I eagerly continue and you can stand it no more. You grasp my head in your hands and thrust deep into my mouth as the spasms of orgasm clutch your heart.

The exquisite pleasure overcomes you and you fill my mouth with your hot semen. I swallow you and lick the remaining droplets from the tip of your cock as I let you slid from my lips.

Your arms pull me close to your side and cradle me as you lie panting from the exhaustive pleasure of Cumming.

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