Two is Company

By Mike Linton

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... And THREE is FUCKED!

Our parties are usually nothing to be laughed at and this one turned out to be no exception.

We didn't have as many people as we expected but we did get the 'core' group of people together so we had a quality party rather than a quantity party. On the whole, it was a WONDERFUL occasion. Steve, as usual, brought a gorgeous woman with him and introduced her to the crowd.

Shelly, her name, was incredibly cute. A little short, five foot four with a beautiful ass. She was a little heavy, but she has the nicest tits at the party. She was with a friend of mine but I was immediately attracted to her. I walked over to Steve and whispered in his ear

"Who's the babe?"

"Oh, don't know you Shelly", he said with mock surprise. "Shelly, this is Kurt. Kurt this is Shelly."

"Hi, nice to meet you."

"We usually call him 'Speedy'"

"Hey, buddy, I don't need any more of your shit tonight", I said at his out of place comment.

"Well its true", he said with a grin.

"Yeah, well..." It wasn't worth trying to salvage a good first Impression with him around. I decided I would try at a later date.

A couple of months later we had another party and this cute girl comes up to me. "HI, I'm Shelly ... We met before a some time ago at a party in Chicago", she said, offering me her hand.

A woman as physically pleasing as this I would have remembered ... and I know I wasn't THAT drunk.

"I was with Steve and you were with ... what was her name?" she asked Steve.

"Who ... his squeeze toy ... that was Karen", Steve answered.

"Steve, give me a break", I said, "... it's been a long day and I can't defend myself against this barrage"

"Ok, Ill give you a little breathing room."

"Nice to meet you, Shelly, I think I'm going to wander about the party and see if everyone is having a good time"

"Ok, nice meeting you again", she said smiling as I departed.

They turned back to their conversation and I slipped away through the crowd with my tail neatly tucked between my legs.

The night progressed quite nicely. The music was kept at a good level and people were dancing, which is always a good thing at a party. Everyone was having a good time. After an hour or so of "socializing" I decided that it was time for me to take another shot at enticing Shelly. I returned to the kitchen, which, by this time, had gotten intolerably warm ... with the punch and all other drinkable being there it was no wonder everyone chose to congregate in that room.

"Its much cooler on the front porch", I whispered in Shelly's ear as I walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist. "And a little quieter. Wanna go outside and maybe talk?"

She leaned her head back onto my shoulder and smiled. "Maybe talk? Sure, let me get a drink first"

Cute AND friendly, how can this be? I couldn't believe it, I thought.

I escorted her through the crowd of dancing people, out the front door and we took a seat on the railing, which surrounds the porch. "So, what have you been doing with yourself these days? I haven't seen you since ... wow, back in January. What's new in your life?" I said, trying to get the conversation off to a good start.

"Not much. I've been hanging around with Steve ... going to school ... working. You know ... the normal boring stuff."

"Yeah, I've been working myself. Haven't been in school but I'm trying to work my way up to it again." I paused to reposition myself and she stood up.

"Leaving me?? So soon??" I asked, with a mock pained expression on my face.

"No, wanted to turn around and stretch my legs." She turned to face away from me, straddled the railing and reseated herself.


"Yes. Go on, you were saying ... "

She leaned into me as I lightly lifted up her shoulder-length hair and began to gently massage her neck and shoulders.

"That feels wonderful. Thank you," She said.

"You are ALWAYS welcome to this."

She sighed and bent her head forward to allow for a better position for my hands.

"Well, as I was saying ... What's with you and Steve?"

She tensed as my question rolled from my tongue. "I don't know. We have been ..." She looked up, glanced quickly around and continued. " ... hanging out together for a while but nothing else going on ... we are just good friends."

Sigh, I thought to myself, Just good friends, doesn't cause a reaction like that. The eyes may be able to fool me, but the back muscles will NEVER lie.

I decided to let it go for now. Hell, I was making progress right here and I didn't have time to think about Steve.

"Sorry, didn't mean to bring up a bad topic", I said, and leaned forward to give her a long hung. Again she leaned against me and pulled my hands and arms closer to her body.

"That's ok. It's not that bad of a topic. Just a little touchy right now."


"Well, here I am, sitting in your arms talking about Steve ... Doesn't that make you a little nervous?"

"No, Steve's a good friend. We share everything .... EVERYTHING", I said giving her a little squeeze for emphasis.

"Yeah, right."

"No, really, didn't he tell you?"

"No, he didn't tell me", she said abruptly.

"Ok, well I'm just joking."

"I thought so", she replied, giggling. "I feel so comfortable being with you", she said, turning around to stare into my eyes"

DAMN, the words I certainly didn't wanna hear right now. Comfort isn't what I'm shooting for ... I'm looking for ... "Oh, Kurt, you make be feel so HOT and HORNY" ... or ... "Oh, Kurt, I wanna suck on your cock" ... but ... not ... comfortable. A brother makes you feel comfortable. I wanted more as I could feel the flames rising up to strike me down.

"Do you like Malibu", I whispered, more as an uncontrolled verbalization than for her ears.

"Hmmm," she quipped.

"Sorry, nothing. Just talking to myself ... wanna join in the conversation?"

"I thought I was already part of the conversation", she said, with a slightly confused look on her face.

"You are ... Hon ... Just thinking about ... things. I mean, I want you to feel comfortable around me, but that isn't really what I was looking for ... if you know what I mean."

"Yes ... I know what you mean, and I wish you hadn't said that."

"STRIKE TWO", I thought. I gotta learn to talk from the heart and not from the balls. This one is gonna hurt! "Why not", I questioned, trying to salvage what little bit of decency that was left in this conversation.

"Well, I was kinda thinking the same thing. You seem like a really nice guy. You actually seem interested in what I think ... and ... you give a good massage ... "

That's not all I give ... good!", I whispered holding Shelly tight. That last bit threw me. I hadn't realized that I had not stopped rubbing her neck and shoulders. " I feel a little uncomfortable about having Steve around", she said.

"How about this", I said,, as I stopped massaging her shoulders and lowered my hands to her waste. "I'm going back to the party. I really don't want to cause you any discomfort or create problems with you and Steve. I certainly do not wish to screw up any relationship. Maybe some other time we could do something about these urges of ours ... little girl", I said, as my hands slipped lower and rubbed the inside of her leg just above the knee.

"I'll see you later then," she said, sighing.

The party started to die down after a couple hours and people began to wander home.

"Ummm, can I get one of you to give me a ride home", asked one of the guests in a drunken slur.

"Jesus, man, what happened to you?"

"H had a contest to see who could fucking drink more ... and he lost!"

"Not by much", I commented. "Sure, I'll give you a ride home, big guy", I said.

"Mind if I ride along", Shelly asked.

"Nah, I would enjoy the company, I'm really tired. Maybe you can keep me awake", I added.

Shelly and I poured the guy into my car, drove him to his apartment, which was a short drive. We watched as he nimbly crept his way up the stairs and into his apartment.

"SAFE! Another satisfied customer of my taxi service", I quipped.

"Do this often?"

"No, not really, I'm usually the one in the back seat being sloshed around. Hey, thanks for coming along ... Shelly."

"No problem, there wasn't anything going on back at the house and I needed the fresh air. I wanted to come."

"Coming is fun ... I mean coming along", I said laughingly as I pulled out of the drive way and slowly heading down the street.

We laughed and talked for nearly an hour as we drove around town. I stopped a couple times and showed her some of the more interesting buildings in the down town area, we wandered through the pre-dawn lighted residential district and looked at all of the houses and then finally meandered back in the general direction of home.

"Thanks for the tour ... ", she said, giving me a long hug.

"Never a problem. I'm going to crash ... Want to come and join me?"

A grin crept across Shelly's face and I realized she understood my seemingly innocent statement. "Sure, I want to come too!", she whispered.

We entered the house and several persons were asleep on the chairs and sofas in the living room. It must have been a great party after we had left. We quietly climbed the stairs to my room, stepping over a body in the hall. We realized that it was Steve, snoring softly. Steve, who, in his infinite stupidity, decided to sleep on the floor instead of in my bed like I had told him.

"Want to wake Steve up and take him to bed", I asked softly.

"We would never wake him up, he sleeps like a rock."

"Ok, how about I sleep on the floor and you take the bed", I asked.

"We could just share the bed", Shelly whispered, but, I want to sleep in the side closest to Steve"

Great, I think, I get her into bed and she is thinking of Steve ... Oh well, it just wasn't meant to be.

I fumbled around my room trying to decide what I was going to wear to bed. I couldn't sleep in the nude, like I usually do, and I certainly didn't wanna wear what I had on so I settled for a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

Shelly had already snuggled down into the bed so I wished her a good night and moved to the far side and went to sleep.

I woke up a couple minutes later to find the air conditioner had frosted and was making a lot of noise. the crowd from the party added moisture to the room and the coils freeze up. I leaned up and turned it off and brushed Shelly's back and she woke up, grasping her blanket closer to her and huddling up into a ball.

"Quit yer fakin'", I whispered into her ear. "It isn't THAT cold." "I'm cold", she whispered. "Want me to warm you?" Shelly rolled over and moved toward the center of the bed. Figuring that was an invitation I slip over and met her half way.

"Thank you", she said, as she snuggled close. I lay quietly as I didn't want to fall asleep and I love to cuddle ... ALL the time. I have been known to, in the middle of night, while still sleeping, seek out my bed partner so I could cuddle with them. Knowing this, I tried VERY hard not to fall asleep but the party had taken its toll and I slowly, reluctantly, drifted into a slumber.

I awoke again with Shelly snuggled tightly against my body, my arm wrapped around her waist as she softly blew into my ear.

"Are you awake", I whispered.

"Barely", she answered/ "Sorry," I said weakly, drawing my arm away.

She squirmed and pressed herself closer to me. I felt her hand grab mine and pull it back to her breast.

I moaned, which sounded more like a grumble, embraced her and closed my eyes. Cuddling is certainly better than holding onto your pillow.

Her tits rose and fell in time with my own breathing and I found it very hard to concentrate on sleeping. As I lay there I could hear her breathing quickening and I moved my thumb, brushing her soft breast through the blouse that she was wearing.

"Good morning", I whispered while continuing the stroking of her breasts.

"Hi", she replied, rolling onto her back.

"Am I keeping you awake?"

"Oh ... no ... I'm not sleepy anymore."

"Well, do you mind if I grab a couple of minutes more sleep?"

"No, go ahead", she said, turning around so I could snuggle against he soft ass.

After several long minutes I decided to see if she had fallen asleep so I pressed her hard nipples in my hand.

"You're supposed to be sleeping", she said in a low voice.

"I tried, but it didn't work. It must be the company."

"If you'd stop rubbing my nipple like that ... I will stop squirming and keeping you awake", Shelly whispered, adding emphasis as she pressed her ass against my crotch and began to slowly move back and forth.

I quickly pinched her nipple as I lowered my other hand so that it was resting on the soft hair covering her wet pussy. I would feel the dampness between her thighs. I learned a long time ago ... If you are losing a battle of control ... CHEAT.

Shelly let out a little yelp and spun around to face me.

"That wasn't fair", she said as she grabbed at my hands, trying to stop my assault.

"So ... what's your point? All's fair in love, war, and pure lust", I laughingly whispered.

"If you say so", she responded, throwing her left leg over my body and pinning me to the bed.

"Wait a minute. NOW ... who's cheating?"

"I am ...", she whispered, as she began her slow gyrations again. I was sure she could feel my erection bulging through my shorts as she kept grinding away. I pulled her body down to me, hoping, praying that she wouldn't stop.

"Please ... stop," I queried, hoping for some direction.

"Why?", Shelly asked with a large smile as she ground her pussy against my stiff cock.

"Because I'm hornier than hell. And ... Steve ... who you came here with ... is sleeping on the floor next to the bed. And I want to fuck you! A nice, slow, wonderful, lust-filled morning fuck.

"Then do it", she answered, rolling onto her back in the middle of the bed.

I moved to a position between her widely spread legs and whispered in her ear.

"This is wrong", I said, accentuating my statement by kissing her softly and slipping my tongue into her mouth. "What if he wakes up", I asked as I slowly licked a path across her neck. "what will we do", I queried as my lips found her pert nipple and sucked the tip of her breast into my warm mouth.

Shelly moaned a weak response. My fingers unbuttoned the rest of the buttons of her blouse and it fell open as I trailed kisses across her breasts and down her stomach. Her back arched as I licked the soft skin above her pubic and blew warmly onto her wet cunt.

"Oh God, that feels good", she whispered. "It's been so long." I stopped licking her fur and whispered to her to be quiet. "I can't. You feel wonderful!"

"Shhh ... What if Steve wakes up ... "

"He won't", she says softly. "He sleeps like a rock. He never wakes up early. He doesn't like mornings and that's when I am at my horniest"

"Me too", I said, lowering my head so that my tongue licked her wet cunt-lips as my breath came in short gasps. I teased her blood engorged labia with my tongue as my fingers parted her pussy lips and I pressed my tongue deep into her cunt. I spread her lips apart slightly so I could see her clit ... the target of my passion ... and I began applying light pressure there with my thumb and gently licking with my tongue. I could feel her nearing her orgasm.

Shelly's legs clamped tightly around my ears as she reached her orgasm and the rich juice ran from her cunt into my mouth. She released my head and shuddered to a slow orgasmic halt as I sucked her cum from the hot hole. I took one last long lick of her very wet pussy and moved up her body.

"Kiss me", she asked. She leaned up and placed her lips on mine as he mouth opened, yielded slowly to my probing and she began to suck hungrily at my tongue as it entered he mouth. "Is that what I taste like", she asked, sucking around my mouth and lips.

"Yes ... that's you ... your cum ... Does it taste as good to you as it does to me?"

"Yes", she whispered. "It's sweet and rich at the same time ... a light tangy taste to it. I love it. Do you taste good, too?"

I smiled as she kissed her way across my hairy chest until she softly licked the head of my bulging cock. She was right, I thought, I had never tasted such an interesting woman before. Her cum was sweet and my cum was ready. Softly at first, Shelly sucked on the head of my prick as her fingers rubbed my swollen balls. The faster she sucked and the harder she rubbed ... the hotter I got until I could feel my orgasm deep in my gut. "You want to taste me", I moaned, holding her head with my hands. "You're going to ... now ... ", I said pulling on her head as my throbbing cock slipped deep into her throat as a fountain of cum gushed from the end and ran into her depths. Shelly mumbled something as her lips squeezed the cum from my cock and she swallowed every drop.

"Kiss me", I asked. Shelly leaned up and placed her lips on mine as my mouth opened, yielding slowly to her probing and she began to push hungrily as her tongue entered he mouth. "Is that what I taste like", I asked, sucking around my mouth and lips.

"Yes ... that's you ... your cum ... Does it taste as good to you as it does to me?"

"Yes", I whispered. "It's rich like whipping cream .. I love it. But ... not as much as your cum."

Shelly's hand was rubbing my softened cock and I could feel the blood causing it to swell. I rubbed my fingers over her wet cunt and brought them to her mouth as she hungrily licked her cum as if sending a promise of what was to come. I removed my finger from her mouth and trailed it down her wet tummy. Stopping just short of her pubic hair, I turned to see her lying with her head tilted backwards and a large smile on her face.

"Want more", I asked quietly, as I began gently massaging her clit.

"I want your cock inside of me", she moaned.

I eased over to the nightstand and got out a condom. Better safe than sorry, I always say.

"Are you sure about this ... I mean, with Steve and all ..." I asked, still holding the condom package tightly in the palm of my hand.

"I'm horny and he won't be awake until sometime after noon. You've tasted my cum ... and I yours ... Now ... I want the real thing. "

I tore the foil wrapper open and flung it to the floor. I slipped the condom over my prick and positioned cock just at the entrance to her yearning cunt.

My lips found hers and I kissed her softly as I slowly pushed the head of my cock into her lovely cunt as my tongue slid between her sucking lips. She arched her back sharply and spread her legs as I continued the slow descent of my pelvis. She gave a contented grunt when our hair met and my cock was deep inside. Slowly we moved from side to side.

"Feel Good", I questioned, knowing Shelly loved my cock by the was she squeezed her cunt muscles as if milking my prick?"

"Oh ... God ... that feels good. Slow ... Yes ... Stay there ... for a second", she whispered as I pushed in and out slowly matching the tempo with my tongue. Her cunt squeezed and her mouth sucked in rhythm as I slowly pumped.

Shelly increased the speed and began to buck against me while I held still, letting her set the pace. I felt her muscles contract around my cock and rhythmically stroke it's shaft like tiny bands, massaging my cock as she rode the stiff pole. She let out a sigh as she reached another orgasmic-plateau and stopped her rocking.

"If you had waited a couple minutes I would have joined you", I said, a little hurt that she had her orgasm without me.

"That just makes the next one so much better ...", she whispered, as she slowly continued.

I pulled my cock out of her cunt and let the head tease the opening before re-entering as she moaned her enjoyment into my ear as I picked up the pace.

"Shhh...", I said as her moans got louder.

"I ... I can't help it. Oh ... God , I'm ... faster .... fuck me hard!"

I pressed my mouth against her lips to stifle her screams and continued to piston myself in and out of her wet cunt. I could feel my orgasm building as she, in her orgasmic throes, wiggled and shook beneath me.

"May I cum now", I asked?

"Yes! Oh ... God, Yes"

I lifted myself on my hands and began to slowly tease her cunt with cock with deep circular strokes. Her ankles crossed at the small of my back and pressed me deeper into her. I felt her tense again and I knew she was ready for another orgasm. I pumped faster, in and out of her wet ... hot ... tight ... creamy ... cunt ... and my orgasm burst forth as my cum flowed into the rubber trap and her nails dug into my back.

We lay quietly on the wet sheets as I withdrew from her soft cunt and my condom covered cock flopped limply to my stomach. I lay next to her, stroking her wet matted hair and kissing her softly.

"That was wonderful", I whispered. "You are really something. Thank you!"

"You are the best", Shelly moaned. "I am the happy one. I love mornings. I am the one that should thank you!"

"And ... should I thank you both for keeping me awake", we heard from the side of the bed.

"Uh ... Oh", we said in unison, turning to see Steve kneeling on the floor resting his head on the edge of the bed.

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