By Casper from the Klan Conner

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Back in high school, the classes were much easier for Mike. He remembered his junior year, He made it through without even having to take any time to study at home. He spent most of his time just hanging out with his friends and every once in a while going off to a party. Of course the parties then were nothing more than a few people drinking a few beers which someone had managed to take from their parents or had gotten someone else to get them. Cause at that time, the parties weren't meant to meet people or get drunk, but to get away from parents and to do things that they normally wouldn't let their kids' do.

Mike had spent the summers working, mostly doing odd jobs. He didn't make a lot of money, but since he rarely ever went anywhere, it accumulated to quite a sum. For this very reason, he decided to open a bank account as that way he would have a little bit of money to spend if he ever went to college. Which, by the way, he wasn't even sure he was going to do. During his senior year at high school, and while under pressure from his father, Mike applied to a number of colleges. He received acceptance letters from most. Noting their lack of substantial income, his father had narrowed his choices down to a few local schools to which Mike was accepted. He chose a larger university for its vast recognition among possible employers. He was soon off to college.

Mike's first mid-term report card was less than admirable. His mother had suggested that he receive tutoring in the classes in which he was having trouble. Mike took this into consideration and checked into university tutors. He discovered that no free help was available in the areas that he most needed. It was then that he was reminded of the bank account that he had opened while in school.

He checked around and talked to people who were in his classes and found a number of people who were willing to tutor him. In one of his classes, Forestry, a class, which he thought, would be an easy A, there was a cute brunette which had offered her assistance. She said that she had never tutored anyone before, so she gave him a good deal on the price. She said that her name was Michelle and that her first two weeks of lessons would be for free, and, if he wanted to continue, they would discuss the price later. He reluctantly agreed.

During their first session, they were going to talk about the topics that had been discussed in class throughout the past couple of class periods. As she was going through her notes he noticed how her soft flowing hair hung down over her shoulders. It made her look pretty, and very sexy. He glanced down at her perky breasts as they stay well hidden under her tight sweater.

At this time, Michelle had started to read some of the topics that they were going to discuss. Mike had continued to stare at her petite body with quite excitement as she read aloud her notes when he looked at her face. She wore little makeup as she was just one of those girls who had nothing to hide, but was just naturally very attractive. For the first time, he had noticed her soft green eyes as she read. They seemed to draw him in when she looked at him. He never even heard what she was saying, but could only dream of what she could do.

That evening, Mike told his roommate about his hot new friend, and made a bet with him that soon they would be more than just friends. His roommate chuckled about this and murmured under his breath something that Mike couldn't quite hear, and didn't really care to.

The next study session went quite like the first. Mike didn't really listen to what she had to say, but just sat there daydreaming of his many fantasies with this great looking young girl. He sat there picturing how she would appear naked and what it would be like to make love to her. Mike was still a virgin since the small town, which he grew up in, had few girls who were beautiful and none were free. For this reason, he never knew what it was like to sleep with a girl, but he knew that he was missing out on something fascinating. He had always told his friends back in high school that he had sex with this one girl which he had gone out with for quite a few times, but that was only to not get ridiculed like the other kids always did. The truth was, he was just too afraid to do anything with this girl. Afraid of what he didn't know. Maybe it was rejection, or maybe it was shyness. For whatever reason, they never did fuck. Their relationship grew farther apart over the past summer, and it soon was nonexistent.

The next few study sessions proved to be the same, except now they were friends, and beginning to grow closer. It was what Mike was hoping for, a possible relationship. Little did he know that she liked him even more than what he liked her.

In class the following day, she told him that they would take a hike in the woods behind her secluded home. She was going to quiz him on what he was supposed to have learned. He smiled back at her almost involuntarily. Excitement in his eyes could be read as she gleamed back at him and seemingly blushed in embarrassment. That afternoon he was hoping would quickly come.

It was a long day of classes for Mike as he couldn't wait to leave. Back at his dorm, he finished getting ready when he noticed that the time was a quarter till four, time to meet Michelle. He pulled up to her house at the address she had given him and noticed no vehicles parked out front. Curious he went to the front door and rang the bell. Michelle opened the door and she was wearing cutoff blue jeans shorts that showed every curve in her hips. She had on a pair of hiking shoes with grey wool socks that were pushed down to her ankles. She revealed long legs, which really accented her slim body. She had her T-shirt tied in a knot right above her navel.

Michelle said that she would leave a message on the answering machine in case her parents would call. She said that they had gone on a vacation to go see her mom's parents who were in Texas. As she turned abound, he could see how tight the jeans really were. The shorts complimented her tight ass, as the seam pressed tightly into the crack of her ass.

They headed off into the woods behind her house and along the way, she asked him about many things, which were expected to come up on the test. While he answered back most of the answers he realized that, even though he didn't seem to listen to her lessons, he still retained most of what she said. They reached an area where the pine trees were very tall and very thick and there was a small stream and a noticeable waterfall coming off of the rocks. She said that it was time to take a break, and they sat down near the stream, where the pine needles created a nice bedding.

After he told her how glad he was that she chose to tutor him, he let her know that he thought she was very beautiful. She glared back at him. Feeling embarrassed, he tried to change the subject. Before he could, she stopped him and said that she thought he was really cute. She leaned towards him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He turned to face her, glared in her beautiful green eyes, and slowly leaned towards her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. She reached her arms over his shoulders and soon they were in a long passionate embrace.

He had never gone farther with his old girlfriend than this so he didn't know how to continue. She reached under his shirt and put her hand on his chest. She took his hand and placed it on her breast over her shirt. He could feel its firmness as they continued to kiss. He decided to slip his hand under her shirt to feel the real thing.

She wore no bra and her medium size breasts were very warm as he took his forefinger and his thumb to caress her now hard nipple. He gave it a little pinch, which made her twitch as she stopped the kissing as she let out a giggle. She moved to start sucking his ear. He never knew that getting his ear licked and sucked could be such a turn-on. He felt his prick begin to grow quite hard. She leaned back as she knelt on her knees and began to remove his shirt. Without hesitation he assisted her.

It was then that he realized where they were going so he gently tried to remove her shirt. The knot she had made in it had made it impossible to slip over her tits. She untied the knot and removed the shirt. She moved closer to him and he began to play with her tit with his tongue, giving it a soft kiss at first, and then began to suck on her nipple. She grabbed his head with her arms and pulled him tight. She reached down and slid one hand in his pants while the other started to grip his hair. She felt his warm membrane in her palm and it's already wet tip. She took her both her hands and slowly unzipped his pants. She pushed him away and forcefully pulled his pants down below his knees. His cock was pressing against his stomach as he leaned forward to unzip her shorts. She wore red bikini panties which she herself took off over her hiking shoes with her shorts.

She came in front of him and gave him a very teasing smile as she lay him back on the soft bed of drying pine needles. They kissed as she straddled his body before she took his dick in her hands, leaned forward and softly kissed the tip. She looked up at him with bright eyes and said, "Honey, I'll have you begging for more lessons." She slid her lips over his cock and began to suck. She moved down the shaft until she could feel his pubic hair against her upper lip.

He was staring at her bobbing head and her hands as they jerked at his stiff young cock. She tasted the saltiness on her tongue as his excitement grew even higher. After she was sure his dick couldn't get any more hard she stopped sucking and sat up to see the sweat start to run off his forehead in the warm weather of that spring day. She was very pleased with this and decided it was time to move on.

She moved back up to straddle his hips while she grabbed his cock to tease him as she rubbed in off on her pubic hair. She saw his reaction as he let out a few soft moans and felt his legs twitch. She slowly inserted his prick into her tight cunt as she lowered her self onto his manhood. Once she mounted him and realizing his inexperience, she slowly began to ride him. Soon the speed increased as her hands pinched his nipples and his hands rested on her thighs. He felt her tight hole slowly begin to loosen as her hips squirmed to feel his manhood through every inch of her small body.

His breathing began to increase and get louder. She noticed what was going to happen but she wasn't ready yet. It was too late however, and she felt his hot flow of juices fill her insides as he slowly began to relax. He thought it was over, but she grabbed his wrists with her hands forcing him to stay on the ground. It wasn't until now that he realized the tremendous strength of this woman. She looked in his eyes while now riding him ever harder and faster and before and said, "It's not over until I'm finished!"

He felt almost scared and also felt his energy quickly drain as she fucked him harder and harder. After a short while she started to moan and it grew louder until her gasps grew to almost a scream. She let go of his wrists and placed her hands back on his chest.

She started to twitch her hips again, only this time it was much more violent. He knew that it was her turn. Just as she let out her loudest scream he had heard, her fingernails dug into the skin on his chest. He quickly resisted but the damage had been done. He had white scratch marks from her nails and a few drops of blood. She started to relax and then got off of his limp prick. His pubes were wet with her cum as were his own. She put her shorts back on, and pulled her shirt over her head. This time not caring about the knot. He lay there admiring her beautiful body and he pondered what he had actually done. His body, now very exhausted, lay motionless. As she turned back towards him she said, "Hope to see you again, maybe next time you won't be so selfish."

He stumbled over what she had said while he watched her turn and leave.

He got dressed and followed behind her a short distance. Close enough that he could see her to find his way out, but far enough away that she wouldn't know he was there. But she did, and she enjoyed every minute of it knowing that he was hers. Hers to control, hers to train.

Once Mike got back, his roommate, who was just watching some television, asked him how it had gone. He told his roommate what had happened while his roommate chuckled and called him a fucking liar.

"Au Contraire," Mike said as he lifted up his shirt to reveal his battle scars. His roommate looked in awe as Mike said, "Honestly, she couldn't get enough of me."

Two days later, when class came to session, Mike walked up to Michelle's desk as she sat there reading. She rolled her head up to face him and then spoke with a quizzical grin, "When would you like to get together again, you know, to study."

Looking down on her he could see her cleavage as it shown out of her loose fitting shirt. "How about tonight," he said, "there are still some things I want to learn."

She replied, "And there are many things I want to teach you."

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