The Tunnel of Love

By Rebecca Jane Sullivan

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Me and my boyfriend Damien Smith were walking out of my place. We had nothing to do, so we went to the local primary school, mainly 'cause there was nothing else to do! We walked through the main gates, holding hands as usual. I felt a sudden sensation to do something wild and daring, yet I had to control myself, as it was a public area.

We walked through the play equipment, stopping every couple of metres to swing across the monkey bars. Once or twice, Damiens hands rubbed up against my ass. It felt erotic.

We finally found our way to the Tunnels, known as the Tunnels of Love, due to how many people kissed in there during school hours when they were supposed to be in class. Some people even bonked in there, which really never appealed to me.

I was glad it was the weekend, no kids around. It was just the two of us. Everything was quiet, only the wind in the trees could be heard. Damien and I stepped into the tunnel and sat down. It was small and the people outside couldn't see in, which made it more private.

Damien started to rub his hand over my thighs. I was wet. He caresses my legs, moving his fingers up my legs towards my crotch. He layed down, and then started to lick my legs, moving his tongue up towards my pussy. I wanted him right there and then. He then put his hands towards my breasts, rubbing them in a circular motion. I didn't want that. I want us to be flesh to flesh. I literally ripped off his shirt, leaving his muscular chest bare, and heaving. He undid my skirt, then took off my bra after a good five minutes. It's a known fact that if a guy can take off your bra in less than a minute, he's obviously had far too much experience!

Anyway, he started to suck my nipples, making sucking noises and groaning sounds with his mouth. I was very wet by now. He then went down on me, licking my lips with such passion, I wanted to oragsm there and then. He parted my pubic hair and, slowly but surely, stuck his fingers into me, thrusting in and out.

"Hey there" I yelled. "I want you in me, not your fingers".

He took his fingers out, then unzipped his pants, showing off his pride and glory. I grabbed the tip of his cock, and sucked it, sucked it dry. Then I started rolling my tongue down his shaft, exploring his sac and his balls, putting one in my mouth, and then the other.

I stopped, then he entered me. I was horny and wet as ever. First he only put the head in, making me groan with excitement. Then he moved the whole thing in. I grabbed his buttocks, squeezing them with pleasure. He thrust into me, pumping in and out. It was absolute passion. He was soooo tubular. We finally collapsed in a heap on the concrete floor of the tunnel.

We engaged in a bit of "afterplay" which included me giving him a hand job before we got up and walked limply home.

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