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by Jorge Garcia

I stayed with Carrot her whole first day since I haven't had to work. She hardly could walk with the diapers and my ring underneath. She was wearing an orange nightgown and she couldn't control her sphincter muscles so there was shit in the soft material and she was really ashamed.

I know the first day is the most difficult. I still remember the first time that daddy let me get into the playroom. I was eleven and he ordered me to sit on a chair in the corner and not talk. I was shocked when I saw Nanny, my babysitter, being smacked by daddy. I was further dumbfounded when daddy fucked her in the ass. He was continuously talking to me while he rammed his cock into her hole but I didn't pay any attention.

I also assisted to first time for the three slaves. It was my first experience in pledgement and Daddy let me pop Sheena's cherry ass hole. But, that was before I met Carrot.

Sheena was the most veteran of my slaves and she acted as Carrot's babysitter while Carrot was getting accustomed to her new situation. At the beginning she felt sad about Carrot's pierced cunt and her diapers but a couple of hours later the only thing that really bothered her was her incontinence. Carrot was continuously begging permission to go to the rest room. Sometimes I let her go and other times not. She held as much as she was able to but finally she couldn't hold anymore and ... ploff ... she shit everywhere!

Then the shame made her blush and she would beg to be cleaned. Sheena took her diapers off, cleaned her ass and crotch, shook some talcum powder on her cheeks and put on some clean diapers. A couple of hours later the whole scene would be repeated.

I went to my desk in the other room to talk to Venus, one of the older Mistresses. She was wearing tight black leather and was very happy.

"What about the newest jewel?", I asked.

"She's suffering the laxative treatment", Venus responded.

"I don't understand why your father uses that treatment but, I must admit, it works"

"You saw Ivory and Mare in their first days, didn't you?"

"Yeah, your father thought you would be his successor, but you weren't interested in being a master ... then!"

"I thought so in my first two years in university but, something happened and I gave up that my destiny as being a master".

"And what are you gonna do with her?", Venus asked.

"What are we gonna do, Venus? I guess we must keep daddy's methods, do you know them?

"Sure, I was his assistant with Mare and with Ivory. I'm much better than you."

"I know. Technically you are better but, you haven't got my imagination.

When we got out Sheena was changing Carrot's diapers again. "Don't powder her with talcum, Sheena. Eat her cunt, slave", Venus commanded. I tied a red gag over Carrot's mouth as she moaned and ordered Venus to tie her arms and legs to the apparatus so that she couldn't reach her cunt. Carrot was stretched backwards as Sheena obeyed , sucking her pussy as Carrot had an orgasm with the first licks. Carrot had shown me she can hold her excitement for a long time but right now she couldn't control her own body and Sheena was an expert cunt-licker. All my slaves can do marvelous things with their tongues. Their bodies are perfectly trained to provide as much satisfaction as possible. Carrot was in the edge of her second orgasm and Sheena had her chin wet with her juices.

"Stop ... Sheena", I shouted as Carrot was moving her hips more than I wanted. I moved beside her and squeezed her labia. I was teasing because she wanted to cum desperately. The shock treatment was working perfectly; she had noticed how weak she was and she couldn't complain when suddenly I smacked her left thigh. I picked up a dildo and slid it roughly into her wet cunt. Carrot tried to moan as I rammed the cock into her and the cum oozed from the plug and ran down her thighs. I shoved the rubber prick into the hilt. I knew that the plug would keep her on the edge of a new orgasm so .

"Well my little slave; have you ever sucked a cock", I asked Carrot, removing the gag..

] "No."

"No, that's not an answer", I screamed, pinching one of her nipples through the nightgown.

"No ... Master", she answered in pain.

"That's better. You've got a lot to learn, Carrot."

"Sheena, give her something to suck.", shoving a banana a few centimeters into Carrot's mouth.

"You've got to lick it just like if it was a cock. You can't bit it; I want this whole banana to be wet with your saliva in a couple of minutes."

Venus knew perfectly well what she was doing when she had tied Carrot. My slave could barely lift her head a couple of centimeter, enough to lick the tip of the banana but impossible to lick it all. Carrot was making superhuman efforts and Sheena, little by little, was putting the banana nearer her mouth. Finally she succeeded and the banana was buried in her throat. Carrot pissed one more time, now with the dildo in her cunt. The effects of the liquid would disappear in a few hours.

"Carrot, thank Sheena eating her cunt"

Sheena straddled over Carrot with her shaven crotch hovering over Carrot's mouth. Carrot felt amused at the beginning so she didn't react. I gave her another pinch on her nipples and she reacted immediately. I almost had an orgasm myself thinking how her nipples would feel with my favorite golden clamps. Sheena was ordered not to cum unless Carrot did an excellent job, and her work was real unpleasant. She seemed so shy licking her babysitter's slit as Carrot was not an expert at eating pussy.

"Carrot I'm sure you can do a better job", I said. "Sheena could fall asleep the way that you're licking." Sheena was playing with Carrot's nipples and she was getting more excited as she was riding Carrot's tongue. I called Ivory and Mare and ordered them to caress Carrot's body. They bent over Carrot's stretched body and their hands and tongues caressed the defenseless Carrot. Ivory was licking around her belly button. Sheena began to moan as her movement showed that she was cumming. Carrot was having a splendid time, which I resented, so I rammed the dildo deep inside her cunt and I smacked her thighs to stop her excitement. She was so wet that her cunt ring shone with the reflection of the light. Venus began to eat her pussy. Carrot, eagle-spread, was in heaven as her body struggled against her bindings. "Daddy, you're great!", I thought as Venus, a fabulous pussy eater, was making her best as Carrot kept struggling.

I grabbed Mare by her hair and pulled her head from Carrots rock hard right nipple, which she had been sucking while Venus ate her cunt. I forced her on her fours and called Alf and he came immediately.

"Yes sir", he said in his steward's voice.

"We think that Carrot deserves your massive black cock deep in her cunt. Do you want Alf's cock inside you, Carrot?", I asked.

Carrot had no way to answer since her tongue was buried deeply in Sheena's cunt. Alf unzipped his steward's trousers; he was wearing no pants, and his cock was ready for fighting'. Venus, with her chin moistened with Carrot's womanly juices, French kissed me sharing Carrot's cum. Ivory was also kissing Carrot's moistened mouth giving her a body massage and Carrot was in the edge of a new climax. Alf had an incredible erection and Sheena and Mare guided it into Carrot's dripping cunt.

Carrot wasn't sure what was happening and when she felt the touch of Alf's shaft against her pierced labia she strained at her bonds. She began to swing trying to engulf the whole monster but Alf knew perfectly what to do. He was only there to tease her, not to make her content. I was stripping Venus, pulling her from her gorgeous black leather cat suit. I ordered her to lie on the floor and I fucked her in front of the steward. Alf kept on teasing Carrot, pushing his stiff black cock slowly inside her as she was burning to cum but she couldn't reach her pleasure. Venus was having a great time as she lifted her legs over my shoulders. Ivory grabbed a ball gag and buckled it into Carrot's mouth as I watched Sheena fuck herself with a double dicked dildo. Carrot was crying with excitement as Alf's monster cock was getting bigger and bigger and he hardly avoid penetrating Carrot's wet cunt. I ordered him to stop teasing Carrot and to step back. Juices dripped down form Carrot's love nest, so, as a matter of reward I let Alf fuck Venus since I had finished and she loves that massive black cock. Venus moaned as she was impaled by Alf's giant prick.

. I ordered Sheena to suck my cock while she fucked herself and I caressed Carrot's swollen cunt with my fingers. I pinched her swollen labia and her body reacted violently. She was so sensitive as I fingered her clit that she cried out through her gag.

Sheena had my whole cock in her mouth as I pumped in and out of her throat as she performed one of the nicest deep throats she had ever done. I pulled my cock from her mouth so as not to cum and turned my attention to the struggling Carrot. She was the star of the game and I was not paying her enough attention. The dildo had slipped a little from her cunt so I rammed it home as I slipped a vibrator into her ass hole. I turned on the slick pulsing tube and Carrot struggled against the bonds and tried to cry through the gag. I switched up the vibrator and Carrot became hysterical. Her body began to shake spasmodically and her teeth rattled against the gag. I played for a few minutes then I opened a drawer and picked up a XVth century chastity belt. I showed it to Carrot and she had her eyes closed in deep pleasure and I ordered her to open them. Fear appeared in her eyes as she saw the belt. Alf lifted Carrot's legs to let me put her into the chastity belt. Her body kept on shaking as Alf let her legs dangle over the apparatus and the rattle of metal against metal sounded so beautiful. When the belt was secure and locked I ordered Sheena to untie Carrot and leave her in the room.

We were tired and all of the slaves knew what was happening with Carrot. While we rested I knew that any possible resistance that Carrot might have was definitively broken. After several hours I went back to the playground and saw Carrot, her body shaking with the vibrator rhythm. I unlocked the chastity belt and switched off the vibrator as she collapsed in my arms. Carrot had cum more than any of the others and her ass was red and the rings in her cunt were shining in the light. Alf helped me pick her up and we carried her to her room. We laid her on the bed and tied her hands together with the rope from the headboard. Spread diagonally across the bed we secured her ankles together and strapped them to the opposite corner of the bed. I tied a blindfold over her eyes and covered her mouth with another gag so that she would not disturb us should she awaken.

I bent over her limp body and bit the nipple of her soft breast. She moaned in slight pain as I rubbed her cunt.

"Bye, Carrot, have sweet dreams ..."

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