By: Nick Danger

This really happened to me years ago.

I just missed my subway train out hear the very soft sound of someone approaching, out of the shadows and steam walked a very beauitful brunette. She got right next to the bench I was sitting on "hey gotta light"? Really I could do better then that for an opening line.

She sat down on the bench next to me I lit her cigarette.

"I'll bet you 5 dollars I can make you cum before your train cums!"

"Excuse me? ... Really fine it's a deal, but where are we going to go?"

"Right here !"

She got down on her knees right there in the subway station. She even had 2 knee pads in her bag. She undid my pants in about 3 seconds and she was gently caressing the crack between the crown of the head of my cock, twirling her tongue, deep throating me so deep I swear I could feel her tonsils with the crown of my cock. She starts protracting her throat in a massaging effect, and curling her tongue vertically along my cock.

I could hear the noisy train far in the distance.

"Here it cums", I said and I wasn't talking about the train.

It must of been a pint of love nectar and she swallowed every drop without missing a beat.

She stood up and said, "You see a train anywhere?"

A deal is a deal,I took out a 20 dollar bill and told her to keep the change, just as the train was pulling into the station.

"I owe you 3 more", she said.

For four weeks I would purposely missed my train, but I never saw her again. The bet 20 dollars I've ever spent.

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