Am I Really an Asshole ... Comments !

By Remorseful Matt

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Ok ...listen you people. I am disgfusted about all of you that are criticizing dungeonmaster. His love just died, and you sit here and barage And, Gringo Star, you said you didn't know why you were saying that? Well I know why, once in your life you had some kind of figure that dominated you, maybe sexually, therefore you hate all sexual dominators. You probably were having a stressful day and took out on this column .... correct?

Well, guess what, all of you that criticize and hate, go away. We need your negativity as much as we need to slide down a fifty foot razor into a pool of iodine. Someone died ... someone who enjoyed sex ... being dominated ... and her husband/mate. Is it so wrong for him to mourn?

Everyone has their fetishes, and everyone has their own sexual partner. Gringo, you called him a sexual Stalin ... well I guess you are a Wanabe Hitler, because you are the one dictating to someone on how to live their lives, then you DID condemn and judge them for the way they live now.

All i can say is that I'm truly sorry, I hope you live a prosperous life, and good luck and wishes to you, DM.

As for all of you that want to put down him ... go fuck yourself ... because no one appreciates it.

Geez ... the man's wife just died. You think he has enough grief?

Remorseful Matt

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