Am I Really an Asshole ... Comments !

By David Milner

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I don't know if it's any good, but I just had to put some thoughts
that you may wish to share with your readers.

It was late one night and I was surfing around. Not looking for anything in particular, just looking for something. Then I stumbled in on a site ... I was following links from pics I had seen in chat rooms. All the women were blonde, and 40 DD's, beautiful cunts, sumptuous lips and looking for cock. I had cybered ... but had found the whole experience to be unfulfilling.

Then one day I followed this one pic and it took me to a site called Blowout. Now ... to follow a link, or a , isn't that hard. You just back into the address when you view the pic and there you are! But, anyway, I found Blowout and bookmarked it. From that time I came back day after day to explore the archives of pics. One day, while cruising, I stumbled across a stories section. So I went in, and it was my first introduction to Dungeonmaster, and Monica.

That must have been at least a year ago. Since then I read the stories, began to think of these people as my friends, living through their tales in their escapades and gaining knowledge about the subject I really love ... Sex.

I had never emailed them, nor had I submitted stories. Not that I don't have any, just not of the writing sort. But then, I opened the page and saw DM's page about Monica ... about how she was devastated with cancer. So I sent a message that I understood, and in that email my heart went out to him. I too had someone close to me devastated by the terrible disease, but it was a father, not a lover. I read Dungeonmaster's stories more intently. I had noticed a slowdown in the number of new stories by Mistress Monica, but figured it was just that they had been busy with their restaurant and didn't have as much time to dedicated to the site. But the stories were good so I kept cumming back.

This marks my first entry into the archives of Blowout, but I just had to write. With the posting of DM's "Am I Really an Asshole", I just had to express something that needed saying.

My first thoughts were: "You 'Old Bastard' ... fucking an eighteen year old kid ... fourty-four years your junior ... young enough to be your grand daughter ... wetting your cock while Monica lies dying of cancer." It was easy to denounce Dungeonmaster as an "asshole". "Let's take the fucker into his dungeon", I said, " ... tie him over Monica's horse ... beat his ass until he can't sit ... then cut off his balls.

But ... when I considered that I wouldn't give a damn if he were fucking some sixty year old slut ... why should the age make a difference. Then I though: "That 'Lucky Son-of-a-Bitch' ... finding a nice young lady that really wants him ... when he is in great need of companionship."

I can't believe that I, and a lot of people, would critcise Dungeonmaster for his love of women. He has not, nor I believe, ever will stop caring for Monica. She is a major part of his live and I don't think he will ever replace her love.

Life goes on. The struggle of those left behind is to pick up and have a new beginning. Dungeonmaster has done that ... with Celeste ... or whomever he chooses. But that is his choice, not ours.

Please ... Respect him for what he has done, the choices he has made, the pain that he has suffered.

But you should never judge him.


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