By Marcos

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Warning: This story contains scenes where incest occurs. If this offends you please leave.

It was biology day, Mrs. Alexander came over to teach me. It was another scorching day so she wore just a loose top and shorts, which showed off all her curves. I sat there thinking about throttling her, how good her experience would be, as she sat there talking about the female anatomy. I paid particularly close attention to her lips as they were moving sensuously, talking sexually. Suddenly, she said, " ... do you understand?"

In a daze I said, " ... what?"

"Look, let me show you!" Removing her top she showed me her bare nipples. She said, " ... This is the nipple. It is hard when erect." I just stared in amazement! She took my hand and placed on her breast, I was shocked. "How does it feel Marcos?", she asked.

"Good .... ", was all I could answer.

"You know I find you very sexy", she said as she kissed me. The kiss was the deepest, most sensuous kiss I ever had. She said, " ... you want to learn about sexual intercourse?"

Naturally I said, " ... YES!"

She told me to take off my clothes and I slowly undid the buttons on the shorts. I pulled then down revealing she had no panties, just a shaved pussy. "WOW ... ", I said in amazement.

"My turn", she said as she took off my shirt and jeans. She stopped at my dick when I was bare. and she grabbed this huge erect knob and sucked it. I was in heaven as she sucked all the pre-cum out of my prick. Then she told me to lick her cunt until I could get my erection back. I tasted this woman's pussy ... sooo sweet. It tasted just like Amanda's young pussy.

I stood up, she lead me to the master bedroom where copies of playboy and playgirl where sprawled on the floor. She lay down and said, " ... take me!"

I lay on top of her and put my prick in her wet cunt. I started to fuck her, she moaned, I fucked hared, she groaned, I fucked faster. Suddenly ... Chelsea came into the room. We stopped as she cried, " ... Mother!"

Mrs. Alexander walked over to her and gave her a deep sensual kiss as Chelsea groped her for her tits. I watched in amazement as these two kissed before Chelsea walked up to me and took of her bra. Her full breasts popped out, revealed all their glory. She took off her panties and whispered in my ear, " ... I've look forward to this day for a long time."

Chelsea bit my lip and kissed me. She lowered herself to her knees , took my now stiff prick between her lips and sucked my cock, hard and fast.

Then Amanda came into the room, went to her mum and kissed her on the pussy. I watched in amazement as she stuck her tongue deep in her mother's wet cunt. I fucked Chelsea as Amanda had Mrs. Alexander for lunch. It was great. Chelsea was so agile. Soon they all came up to me. I fucked Mrs. Alexander, as I licked out Chelsea, as Amanda let her mum lick her cunt. It was fantastic.

When we stopped, we all went downstairs naked. I got dressed and gave each of them a sensual kiss.

Tomorrow we are covering anal probes in Biology.

I hope Mrs. Alexander can help me ...

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