By Marcos

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Warning: This story contains scenes where incest occurs. If this offends you please leave.

They were a family of beautiful women. The youngest was fifteen, Amanda. She had the kind of innocence that you just have to admire. She was well developed for her age, perky little breasts, and an arse you could ram your cock up. She did gymnastics every week, so she was more than agile.

Her sister, Chelsea was seventeen, my age. She was hot, with nice big breasts and a smooth arse. We went out once, but it never worked out.

Then Suzy was the oldest at nineteen. She was so beautiful she could sigh and knock down a man at a hundred paces! Blonde hair, blue eyes, 36DD breasts, and the tightest arse you've ever seen. The good thing was that she was teaching me Biology! I'd like to get to know her biology!

It was a hot day and Amanda was playing outside. I was in my house, all alone, with nothing to do. I decided to look at some porn movies. So there I was sitting on my bed with my hands down my pants, when suddenly I heard the door creak. Amanda was standing there, looking ever so fascinated. She walked in and said, " ... what's that you're doing? Oh! Who are these girls, they're pretty."

I told her that they were models.

"Why are they're boobies much bigger than mine are?", she asked in that sweet innocent voice.

"Yours will be big too", I said. " ... they aren't small anyway!"

Amanda lifted her top to reveal her perky little tits. "Look!", she said "they are tiny. And ... she has a man feeling hers!"

I saw my chance and asked, " ... Would you like me to feel yours?" I hoped that she wouldn't run.

"Yes ... please ..."

A huge smile came across my face as I took her hand and pulled her towards me. I gave her a deep kiss and her eyes grew wide with excitement. "Wow!", she said.

I then took off her top and gently fondled her tits. I watched as her face moaned with pleasure. She asked me to lick them, so I did, gently licking around the nipple and then pert tip of her nipples. . She groaned with joy as I told her to lie down. "This may hurt a bit", I said as I took off my trousers and revealed my long hard cock. She looks with amazement as I opened her legs and gently placed my throbbing knob against her pussy lips.

Amanda groaned, "ooooooaaaaaaaahhh." I started to pump in and out, slowly at first, in and out. Holding her hips. I sucked on her nipples at the same time I fucked her virgin cunt. She was in heaven! She was loving it. I fucked her harder and harder, faster and faster, until she had her first orgasm. She screamed with pleasure as her nails dug into my back. Her virgin pussy was so nice and tight as she squeezed my prick between her lips. We came to a slow stop when she said, " ... I want to taste us. Can I suck your pee pee?"

I couldn't believe this, I just fucked a sixteen year old and now she's sucking my cock! I lay on the bed and her puny hands grabbed my stiff cock. She flicks the tip with her thumb and gently moved her hand across the soft head.

Then she placed in her mouth and started sucking my cock. It was great and she seemed so skilled. She sucked my cock for what seemed like ages when she said, " ... now it's your turn! She got me up and lay herself down. She opened her legs and I saw her tiny bush, and a wet gorgeous pussy. First, I kissed her inner thighs, slowly, caressing her body as I went along. When it came to her clit I lifted with my tongue and sucked on it, she screamed, "yeeaahh!"

I then kissed around her wet cunt tasting her cum mixed with mine. Then I placed my tongue inside her hole and started to lick and suck, tasting our rich cum. You have no idea how she orgasms. It was like a river as she kept on cumming. I slowly stopped, and kissed my way up to her little breast where I sucked on it. I then went to her mouth and gave her a deep wet kiss. She said it was the best time of her life.

She got up and walks to the bathroom where she bent over the basin showing of her arse. I couldn't help it, her arse was so soft and plump that I walked over and said, " ... we're not finished yet."

I grabbed her by the hips, pushed her up against the sink and rammed my cock up her arse, I fucked her rump for ten minutes before she left to go t home, after saying. " ... Tommorow?!"

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