The Vacation (Chapter 2)

By Gabriellet Xavior

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Paul settled down in his seat. The clouds drift under the plane as he holds the message from Kathie in his hands, reading it again and again. It tells him that he had just won a weekend vacation in Aspen. He is thankful that she put down the name of the resort or he probably would have been spending his weekend looking for her. Closing his eyes, he dozes off.

He slept for the rest of the flight and awoke as the "Fasten Seat Belt" sign blinked and the stewardess shook his shoulders. He crosses his legs trying the cover the giant hard-on he had from the dream about Kathie. When the plane stopped he ran through the airport to be the first in line for a rental car, which he gets and speeds out of the airport on his way to the resort, praying the whole time Kathie won't send him away.

Hr understands that he deserved it and wonders why she hadn't left him long before, with him never being around much. All he did was eat and work anymore. He can't remember how many times he had slipped into bed and pulled her close to him, wanting and needing her so much but to exhausted as he fell asleep. She probably thinks I've found someone else, but, in his eyes, no one could take her place. He feels his cock stiffening again as he thinks of everything they've done together. Smiling, as he thinks of his favorite, being her Nasty Boy.

At first he wasn't sure he would like it, but the more they did it, the more they liked it.

Arriving at the resort he sits in the car until the bulge in his pants shrinks. When his cock is normal, not hard, he walks to the desk and asks about the reservations for Grey. The clerk tells him which cabin and ask if he would like him to call to tell his wife he had arrived.

"No, I'll surprise her." Paul says.

"Well, she has the key and I can't give you one without calling", says the clerk.

"That's fine, it will still be a surprise when she opens the door", Paul answers as he turns, crossing the lobby to the gift shop, buying her a single rose with a long stem. When he reaches the cabin he waits for a second before knocking, straightening the bulging cock in his pants, when the door swings opens. DAMN!! What a sight before him. There Kathie stands, dressed to kill. Paul could feel his cock trying to escape the captive pants as his eyes devoured his Goddess. He wants nothing more than to grab her, pull her to him , but, just as he starts to her touch her, Kathie's hands go up, stopping him. He looks into her eyes and sees the desire and passion but he also sees the anger.

"You can stop right there", Kathie says sternly, but her mind and body are screaming for more. She dreams of the closeness they feel when they are together, Paul sucking her tit while his cock slowly pushes into her wet cunt. She wants his arms around her, she almost flings herself at him, but decides that he is going to pay for making her feel so bad. What better way than to make her Nasty Boy suffer?

"Well, Nasty Boy, I see you decided to show up. I'm going out for dinner. You can drive me, if you want, but I won't go if you look like that."

Paul looks into her eyes smiling. "Anything for you, my Goddess", he says walking past her and into bathroom.

"Well, hurry up then", she snaps, feeling her juices starting to flow as her mind is busy planning the rest of the night. Paul could feel her eyes upon him as he cleans his hands and changes his shirt, knowing that he is in for a hell of a night. "I'll bet she makes me pay dearly", he whispers, smiling in the mirror, as he turns to meet her at the door. But, he knew that in the end it would be worth it.

When he comes out, she walks over to him, wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him to her. Their lips meeting as Paul's arms wrap around her, crushing her into his hard body as they kissed. Both moan as her tongue slipped into his mouth. Kathie starts to move her hips, her pussy grinding into his stiff cock as her hands run through his hair. Feeling his cock against her, she ends the kiss. She hadn't planned on it, but tonight her Nasty Boy had to be punished. She hears his groan as she pulls away from him. With a devilish smile on her lips she looks at him saying, "Okay, lets go to dinner."

A smile forms on Paul's lips as he slipped into the driver's seat, thinking that she is really going to make him suffer. He knows she was just as hot as he is and wants him. She sat quietly in the car not saying a word. "Hmmmmmmmm", Paul thinks, she's giving me the silent treatment. He didn't like that since he loved to hear her voice, her usually sweet words. Dang he would be happy right now if she yelled at him. She had a right. "Babe, say something, PLEASE", he said breaking the silence. But, nothing, he only felt her stare.

They arrive at the restaurant and are sat at a table in a far corner. She asks him to order for them than excusing herself she heads for the restroom. His eyes never leave her body as she walks away from the table.

"Sir, Sir " the waiter says clearing his throat. "Are you ready to order or should I come back?"

Paul shakes his head as he hears the waiter. "I'm sorry", he says, " ... I'll order now." Paul gives the waiter their order watches for Kathie return. He sees her stop at a table with two gentleman and hears their laughter. He is ready to jump up and drag her back to their table. But just than she starts to make her way to their table just as she returns and he sees the gaze into her eyes and sees the mischief in them.

"So, Paul, you going to tell me how you missed the flight", she asked calmly. "I gave you enough time to get there. Didn't I???" As Paul starts to explain and apologize he feels her foot slowly running up and down his legs, going higher and higher. Shivers rush up his spine as she places her foot in his crotch, fumbling with his stiff prick. He loses all thoughts and can't say a word as she started to tease him. "Go on Babe, I'm listening", she cooed. She knew why he stopped as she felt his cock against her foot. He just managed to groan out the rest of his story as she teased him.

There was mostly silence through their meal as she teased him under the table. She could feel the wetness between her legs as she looked up at Paul, seeing he was a bit uncomfortable. She knew if she kept it up Paul would cum, so she dropped her foot. Her hand moves down between her legs and she is glad for the long tablecloth, dark corner and that she had slipped her panties off when she went into the restroom. Slowly she slips two fingers into her wet cunt as Paul hears her soft moan. His eyes never leave her face, watching her biting her lower lip as she closes her eyes. Her hand appears and she slowly brings them to Paul's mouth. Paul goes wild as he smells her scent, his tongue flicking out to taste her sweetness. They had to leave this place before he took her right there.

"God, Babe, you taste so good" Paul whispers softly than sucks her fingers into his mouth. Kathie knows it is time to go,. She can't take much more. She almost had an orgasm as she slipped her fingers into hot pussy.

Paul pays the checks and they leave the restaurant, heading back to the cabin as Kathie's hand caresses his stiff cock. She is driving him wild as his cock aches for release. When they get to the cabin she walks ahead of him, his eyes taking in her body, the gentle sway of her hips. He prays she doesn't make him suffer to much as his cock throbbed in his pants. He helps her off with her coat, then turning to her, places his hands gently on her arms, wanting to draw her to him. She pushes him away, telling him to undress as she sits in the chair. Crossing her legs, her dress rides up and Paul sees the top of her nylons and the fact that she has no panties. The damp lips of her sweet pussy glisten in the soft light. His eyes devour her as he slowly removes his clothes. He is down to his briefs before she speaks.

"Everything, Paul!!" she says firmly, "cause you're MY NASTY BOY!! I want to see all of you!!" Dropping his briefs his eyes meet hers, watching as she slowly scans his body with her eyes.

"MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm, do you know how fantastic your body is", she coos. "Pinch your nipples for me!" Kathie feels her juices flowing as his hands take his nipples between his finger and thumb, pinching them hard. He hears her tell him to squeeze his cock, and doing so, he feels the pre-cum seeping from the tip. He starts to pump, but stops as his Goddess tells him she didn't tell him to jack-off yet. Groaning, he wonders what she will do next. His cock wants to be inside her, feeling her warmth. "Go sit on the couch, now, Nasty Boy" she commands. " ... and do not touch yourself !"

Paul takes his place, sitting on the couch, and he watches her slowly slip from her dress, seeing it glide pass her breasts down her hips to lay in a heap on the floor. Her hands slide back up her sides, slowly unfastening her bra from the front. His hands are itching to reach out and take her silky white breasts into his hands and squeezes them gently. His cock is throbbing as he thinks of his mouth sucking on the tender nipples. He watches her she turns and leaves the room. Just as he takes his cock in his hand she appears again. "PAUL!!", she yells, " ... I told you NO ... Damn it."

Kathie stands before him as she slowly gets down on the floor and starts to play with herself. Teasing her clit, pinching her nipples till they stand hard and erect. Licking his lips, Paul wants to taste her sweetness and inhale the sweet smell of her lovely cunt. lowly she slides two fingers into her hungry pussy, in and out they slide until he sees the juices flowing from her down her thighs. He groans as she takes her favorite dildo and rubs the head through her pussy-lips and slips the rubber cock inside her hole. His cock throbs even more as he hears the slurping sound of the phony cock and sees how wet she is. Kathie closes her eyes, thinking of Paul's cock pumping in and out of her cunt, making her wetter and hotter.

Hearing him groan, she opens her eyes and calls to him softly. "Nasty Boy, now you can play with your cock." Their eyes meet and they both see the fire inside as they watch each other masturbate. Kathie watching Paul pumping his cock, telling him to squeeze the hard member, watching the pre-cum seeping from the tip and wanting to put her mouth around her favorite toy. She wanted to taste him since it had been to long since she last sucked his cock. He hears her soft voice telling him wipe the pre-cum from the tip and rub it on his lips. Her hand reaches down to get her juices and do the same, then slowly reaching out for Paul to lick them as she tells him that she wants to taste his cum also. His fingers brush across her lips as hers do the same to his. Then both sucking each other's fingers into their mouths, slurping the cum into their mouth as one would taste good wine.

Their moans fill the room as they savor the taste of each other's orgasm.

Kathie lies back on the rug, her dildo pumping faster and harder as she tells Paul to jack his cock faster while he squeezes his balls. She can feel the pressure building within her gut as her breathing becomes ragged, her heart beating wildly, as she watches Paul pump his cock. She matches his rhythm and with a scream she explodes, twisting and thrusting her toy deeper inside her dripping pussy as she lifts her hips. Reaching up to pinch her nipples, she cries out for Paul to cum for her. As she yells she cums again, feeling the warm juice fill her cunt. Paul pumps hard in front of her and, reaching his orgasm, he spews juice from the end of his cock and she watches the hot thick cum splash on her stomach.

"Oh, God, My Nasty Boy", she gasps as she watches his cum hit her body. "Come here, Boy, and rub your cum into my pussy."

While Paul rubs his cock, squeezing his juice onto her lovely cunt, Kathie spreads her legs invitingly. she slips her fingers, spreading the rich love juice over her slippery skin as he takes his hand and licks the love juice, savoring the taste of his cum. Then, slipping his cock into her cunt she wraps her arms around Paul, kissing him deeply.

"God, how I missed your kisses", she whispers. " ... and I love everything else."

Paul slowly withdraws, gets up and lifts his Goddess in his arms, carrying her to the bedroom.

Laying her on the bed, he spreads her thighs, kisses her wet pussy ... gently ... positions his cock and slips his stiff prick into her wonderful cunt.

They embrace in a slow and passionate fuck ......

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