The Vacation (Chapter 1)

By Gabriellet Xavior

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Kathie hoped she was doing the right thing, only time would tell and she was still worried he won't show up. For some reason they had started to grow apart, it seemed like their excitement was gone. She worried that he was going to leave her so she decided that, since he liked to ski, she would make plans for them to go to Colorado. She had only been skiing once before so she knew she wouldn't be on the slopes much, but she wanted to please him anyway she could. She didn't want to lose him!!!

Kathie felt some of his problem was his job, he had gotten his own business and so he had to work much later and harder. Many a night she had gone to sleep in an empty bed, to be awaken by him coming in at one or two in the morning, so tired that all he could do was crawl into bed and fall asleep. He had told her the first year would be hard and she knew he had to put the extra effort to make the business a success.

As she packed their bags she was still a little afraid he would tell her he wasn't going, that he had to much to do at work, but she knew he had to get away. Their sex life was down to almost nothing. This thought brought a smile to her lips as she thinks of what she has planned. She was going to make him her nasty boy if it killed her. With this in her mind she heads for the airport, hoping Paul gets her message, praying he'll show.

Checking the bags Kathie decides to go to the bar since she has an hour to wait. As she sits at the bar sipping her drink she starts to worry. What if he doesn't show? What if he gets mad at her for making plans without him? what if ... ?

With a shaky hand she finishes her drink and heads for the gate, stopping to buy to buy a magazine at the gift store. Sitting down, making sure she can see the people coming and going, she waits, as she repeatedly glances at her watch.

It seems like she's been here for hours. She worries about Paul as she watches the people scurrying to their planes. She is very nervous as the call for loading is broadcast through the airport and he hasn't arrived. They make the last call and she sighs deeply as she heads to broad the plane with a sinking heart. Wanting to cry, but she won't, she takes a deep breath as she gets on the plane. Deciding that, just because he didn't show, she would still have a good time. "Fat Chance", she says to herself as she thinks how much she will miss him. She gives Paul's ticket to the stewardess and tells her that he was running late so he might not make it, but wanting to make sure the ticket was there just in case he could catch another flight. Her eyes burned as she fought back the tears.

"DAMN", Paul swore out loud as he got to the gate after it had closed. He missed the plane by minutes and he knew Kathie would be thinking the worst. As he stood looking out the window, watching her plane soaring into the sky, he thought of how he could get to her. As he turned to leave the stewardess approached, asking if he was to meet a lady on the flight that just left. Paul was surprised when he was handed a ticket and told he could catch a flight in two hours.

Finally on his way to Aspen, he sat back in seat as he thought of Kathie. How he really had been ignoring her, he was surprised when he got the message from her. He knew that she cared deeply for him and had planned all this trip really just for him. He only hoped, that when he got there, she still wanted him. Taking the note from his suit pocket he read it again.

"Damn", he whispered, " ... why didn't I take the time before I went to the meeting to read the note." He knew why. It was because work had become his life. Thinking back, he couldn't remember the last time he and his goddess made love. He groaned, realizing what a fool he had been. He would make it up to her somehow, sometime soon.

The resort she had picked had cabins and when she opened the door she saw the fireplace. Her mind drifting off to how wonderful it would have been to make love in front of burning logs. The fire flicking, a soft glow on their bodies, nice wine as they lay together in each other's arms. "Oh, well", Kathie says, " ... I have to make the best of it." She puts her things in the bedroom and decides to take a shower and a nap before getting some dinner. "Better still, I think I'll take a bath", she says to herself. "Man ... I think I'm losing it ... talking to myself", she says out loud as she heads for the bathroom. She pours some bubble bath into the tub, turns on the water and brushes her hair into a pile on top of her head as she waits for the tub to fill.

The steaming water is so inviting and she feels her muscles relax as she slowly moves down her body, her mind drifts to Paul ... thinking of his touch ... his feel ... his body. The palm of her hand brushes lightly across her breasts and she feels her nipples getting hard. It has been so long since her Paul did it ... since anyone did it to her. She had wanted to take her favorite toy out and relief herself many times but she just couldn't. What if Paul had come home and wanted her? But, she didn't care anymore. By his not coming along, she felt it was his way of not wanting her. But her mind and heart belong to him. No matter how hard she tried to think of someone in her past, or just a stranger, making love to her, she just couldn't feel anything. But the minute her mind went to Paul she could feel the response in her body. He was the only one who could that. Her hands, drifting lower, gasping, as her fingers touch her clit, which is hard and pulsing from her thoughts of Paul.

"Oh, God, I can't take much more", she whispers as two fingers slip into her pussy> She starts pushing them in and out ... slow at first than faster and harder. Her breathing becomes rapid, her pussy pulsing around her fingers as she reaches up to pinch her nipple. She feels her body release the pent up orgasm and without realizing it, she screams out Paul's name, her fingers moving faster as her cum flows into the hot water. She gasps for air as wave after wave of pleasure rushes through her body. She takes her fingers and lifts them to her mouth sucking and licking them clean as Paul would do. Moaning as she tastes herself, thinking of Paul's cum and how she wishes it was his juice on her fingers.

Finally, her body stops shaking as she quickly washes herself and steps from the tub. She towels herself, thinking of Paul, and how he would love to have made love in the bath.

Then, donning her robe, she lays down on the bed, slowly drifting off to sleep.

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