Fucking Up a Storm

By Beverly Smite

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I am leaving work, a little after three in the morning. Being a bartender sure makes for odd working hours but I love my job! As I am walking to my car, I glance out and see there is lightning from a storm in the distance. "Not another spring storm", I think. "These damn things scare me, especially when I am alone"

So to distract myself and think about a man that came into the bar earlier. Derrick .. Hmmm ... just the name makes my cunt wet. I haven't seen him in almost a decade but he is still a beautiful hunk. Imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw him leaning over the bar ... MY BAR! I got wet when I looked into his eyes ... seeing the recognition dawn on him.

I am so deep in thought that I didn't hear a car coming up behind me. All of the sudden I hear a voice call out. "Beverly ... Could we talk for a while? To catch up on old times." I am startled at first but then I realize the voice is from the object of my thoughts.

"Of course, Derrick, meet me at the all night diner on the corner."

We get there at the same time and he rushes over to me, giving me the biggest hug I have ever gotten. After going inside, we get a booth and settle in across from one another. The conversation flows easily and neither one of us notice the terrible storm blowing outside. That is, until we pay our check and walk to the door.

"Bev ... this is a bad one. Why don't you come stay with me?"

"Now, that sounds like a good idea. I'll take you up on the offer." I always keep a change of clothes with me since you never know what kind of accident might happen at work. I get into his car and we take off down the road and the wind is blowing so hard it is difficult to keep driving straight! Finally ... we arrive at his hotel and I grab my bag out of the backseat. Automatically, he grabs it from me as we make a mad dash through the rain to the door. Laughing, Derrick throws open the door and ushers me inside.

"Feels like a monsoon out there ... Bev ... you are soaked. Not that I am complaining. That shirt is a see through right now."

After staring at each other for a few minutes, I walk closer to him whispering, "If you keep looking at me like that, I will be as wet as it is outside." I feel his arms envelope me in a tight embrace as my tits press against him. I know he feels my nipples since they are so hard they could cut glass!

I have a feeling Derrick is a gentle lover and his lips are travel along my neck, as his hands are unbuttoning my shirt ... my bra ... soon my chest is bared to his view. His hands and lips begin to tease me ... making me moan with pleasure. I wanted this all several years ago! Best friends all through high school ... I fixed him up with my friends ... yet ... I was to shy to make a move on him myself. Well ... I am not going to be shy now!!

The storm raging outside is nothing compared to the one going on inside my cunt! So ... I follow my instinct and touch him, pulling his face up to mine I kiss him so long and deep. I know he is surprised at first, but now he knows there is no need to be gentle! We quickly undress and he pushes me to the bed. I am getting more excited with his forcefulness. I try to touch him but he grabs my hands and holds them above my head while he is touching my body ... teasing my nipples ... pinching them ... biting my tits ... I beg ... I beg him ... "Please ... Baby ... let me touch you ... Please" I have waited so long for him that instinctively I try to pull my hands out of his grasp.

"No ... Beverly ... you are mine to do with as I please ... if you don't do as I tell you I will tie your hands." I moan softly as he bites harder on my nipples. I feel his teeth as they sink into the soft surface of my breasts. Gasping ... I wiggle my ass on the bed trying to move away but he is so strong! "Are you trying to escape ... Bev? Now that isn't being a good girl ... is it?"

I start to talk as he reaches behind him and opens the nightstand drawer and ... before I can say anything ... I feel something soft on my wrists. "He is actually tying me up", I think ... "Oh ... Damn ... I love this!!"

Now that my hands are tied securely to the headboard I feel my cunt getting wet as he moves his hands to my pussy as he can now use both of them on my body. He grabs my hips ... moving his body lower ... he lifts me ... slides a pillow under my ass ... I feel his breath on my inner thighs ... blowing on my wet cunt. "Beverly ... I wanted to taste your pussy all those years. Now I have you where you have been in my dreams." His mustache tickles me as he talks ... breathing softly into my open cunt. He uses his fingers to tease me ... rubbing my clean wet lips slowly ... playing with my neatly trimmed cunt hair. I can't help it as my hips thrust forward. I beg him to stop teasing and put his mouth on me!

"I don't want to make you to cum ... yet ... I want your mouth ready to suck my cock ... that is ... when I tell you to."

"Oh ... Yes ... my dearest ... when you are ready", I whisper, spreading my legs as I think of giving this man a blow job that will invade his fantasies for the rest of his life! Thinking about giving him a blow job, I almost cum in his mouth which is now sucking softly on my stiff clit.

His tongue replaces his fingers inside my throbbing cunt as he circles my pussy before using his hands to spread my lips, exposing my pink hole. He flicks his tongue ... soft and fast against my sex as I gasp with pleasure. I put my feet on his shoulders as he starts to move his tongue up and down my cunt ... not sticking the rod inside of me ... which is making me crazy!! I can feel my body begging for an orgasm ... but ... damn ... he is making me wait!!

Don't get me wrong ... I am loving this ... my body is in overdrive right now ... I am bucking my now dripping pussy against his face ... begging him to fuck me ... suck me ... but ... he is in such control! I am loosing mine fast as he finally ... finally ... sticks his tongue deep into my gaping cunt.

"YESSSSSSSS", I hiss as he jabs his stiff tongue deep. "Please", I scream as he then pulls it out to do it again ... again ... and again! Just as he feels my body tensing with orgasmic pleasure he stops to tease my clit. "Derrick", I cry out as he slides fingers inside ... next to his tongue ... wetting his thumb as he finger fucks in and out in rhythm with his tongue. I cum like a river as he licks me ... slipping his tongue back ... moving his fingers to my ass ... pushing ... sucking my juices ... pushing at my hole ... my ass spreads ... his fingers enter ... I can hear him eating ... sucking ... slurping as his fingers glide in and out of my ass hole ... he is devouring everything I have.

I begin to come down from my orgasm and he steps up the pace ... brings me to another smaller climax ... his face is glistening with my cum ... he shows no sign of stopping ... I pull at my bonds ... he continues ... fine with me ... with him ... he fingers my ass ... slides two inside ... maybe three ... filling my ass ... my cunt. Moving in circles against him ... I meet the thrusts of his hand. I moan as I feel him push farther and farther inside my ass ... my cunt ... his fingers rub through the thin membrane ... his mouth sucks my cum ... "God", I cry " Please ... fuck me!"

"Beverly, I have to put my cock in you", he whispers. "You know that ... don't you! Do you love it in the ass? Where do you want my cock? TELL ME NOW", he commands. " ... YOU WANT ME TOO FUCK YOUR ASS?"

"Oh yes ... please ... Derrick! Fuck me everywhere ... my ass ... my cunt ... my mouth ... Slide your big cock in and ride me hard!"

"Good girl", he mutters as his lips encircle my clit ... his fingers work my ass ... my cunt ... in and out of my backdoor ... my front door.

After getting me off once more he kisses back up my body ... over my stomach ... licking ... nibbling ... biting ... kissing every inch of me ... biting every tender spot. When he mouth reaches my lips he looks into my eyes and says, "You are going to suck my cock ... now ... baby ... you better get it nice and wet before I slide it in your tight ass."

Smiling wickedly, he grabs another pillow and slides it under my head as he straddles my chest and puts his throbbing prick against my lips. I open wide as he slams his prick into my throat. Giving me a moment to take a breath he pushes deeper and deeper until his cock hair is in my mouth. I want to put my hands on his ass and hold him close but they are still tied ... so ... I resign to let him guide his prick in and out at his pace. Slowly at first, then faster as he fucks my face! He slams hard and deep and I moan around his cock-plug ... allowing him to feel the vibrations as my throat moves. He pulls it out ... gets off ... I whimper ... lifting my head to follow his wonderful cock.

Derrick grabs my waist and turns me over ... raising my ass in the air ... bringing me to my knees ... my head buried in the pillow ... hands straight in front ... tied ... I whimper ... "Please!"

"I am going to fuck you ... Bev ... are you ready ... Beg me to fuck you!"

"Oh ... Yes ... Please fuck me!" I beg him to make me his ... put his cock anywhere ... I need him inside of me right now! I thought he would slide it right into my ass ... but he doesn't. He enters my cunt from behind and slams his cock hard and fast! It feels like my pussy is made for his prick as my cunt devours him. The fit is tighter then a glove. I am meeting his every thrust. I hear him panting behind me as he reached around and pinches my clit ... making me cum again ... and ... just as my body stops trembling ... he pulls out ... grabs my leg ... twisting my ankle to the side as he guides his prick to my ass ... pushes ... I am euphoric after cumming ... so wet ... he is inside before I know it ... he is in my ass! Oh ... I am thankful ... I got this huge cock ... nice and wet ... before he did this! He inserts the large head of his cock ... being gentle ... for now ... I move back slightly taking more of prick inside my tight ass hole. I bite my bottom lip to keep from crying out as he pushes his manhood rest of the way in virgin ass. I breathe shallow as I get used to the feel of him inside me, then he moves ... slowly .. I move with him ... wanting to give him everything ... everything he wants.

His hands are on my hips as he fucks me harder ... faster ... deeper. His balls are slapping against my cunt as I rock back against him. I raise up off of my hands ... I am touching his chest ... his cock is deep ... he grabs my tits ... he begins to loose control ... he pumps hard into my hole ... I buck onto his stiff prick. I turn my head to the side as his tongue jabs between my lips! I suck it as I did his prick ... long ... deep ... pulling sucks as he pinches my nipples ... his cock throbs with anticipation of his orgasm.


I moan against his chin as I cum at the same time!!

Our bodies tremble together as we reach orgasm. I cry out his name once more as my body collapses forward on the bed. He begins to pull out and I whisper, "No, please ... Derrick ... don't leave me."

His response is a gentle kiss on the back of my neck. I don't know how long we lay there, just being together. I listen to the storm raging inside my soul and outside in the night. Derrick moves to lay beside me ... reaches up ... removes the cuffs ... pulls my eager hands to his soft cock ... we lay ... fall asleep.

Th next morning ... we shower together ... return to bed ... and then ... we ... well ... use your imagination.

Be safe my friends! ((( Hugs & Kisses )))... Beverly