The Reward

By Nancy Slave

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After a long night of chatting online with my Master and Mistress, I reached up and slowly turned off the computer, sighing as I heard the final closing and turning off the monitor. I stood up and became very much aware of the dampness between my thighs as I got ready to go to bed. I lifted my fingers to my neck and gently rubbed my collar ... feeling the cool metal ring. Reaching behind my neck and unclasping the chain I set the collar aside in the drawer. I returned to my bedroom happy with the assignment I had been asked to carry out. This was my reward for accepting the collar.

I crawled into bed and snuggled up close to my husband, warming my entire body with his naked heat. I rested my head on his chest and felt him wrap his arms around me, enjoying the feeling of his naked body against mine. I pressed my lips to his in a soft kiss, slowly parting my lips and darting my tongue through his lips. Slowly, I worked my tongue into his sweet mouth, finding his tongue and entwining mine with his. I wiggled my body against his, enjoying the friction between us and feeling his growing erection against my thighs. I thought of Master and Mistress sitting at the foot of the bed watching and waiting for me to carry out my instructions. My skin starts to tingle with excitement, my husbands every touch setting my skin on fire, starting my pussy juices flowing. My nipples hard and aching for his attention as I rub them slowly across his chest.

I pushed my husband over onto his back and straddled my body over his, feeling his prick pressing against my smooth shaven outer pussy lips. We continued to kiss with increasing passion, our tongues alternately driving into each other's mouths, probing and exploring. His hands run over my back and grabbing my ass, squeezing and kneading my cheeks with his strong hands. I began to slowly grind my hips against him, letting his prick part my lips and rub against those tender folds of my sensitive clit. Catching my breath each time his cock hits my clit I shiver as his feel sends a shudder through my body. Moving my body back and forth ... up and down ... side to side ... in small circles ... feeling my sweet juices flow as my cunt coats his shaft. My husband's passions awaken with the feel of my juices as he flipped me over onto my back. His tongue hungrily licked my sweet juices making me scream and moan with pleasure. He flicked his tongue over my clit and sucked it into his mouth.

At the same time his prick was at my mouth and I could smell my juices as I softly ran my tongue over his shaft, wetting it, tasting my juices, which left me hungry for more. I parted my lips and lifting my head to take the very tip of his cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue round and round the tip, scrubbing my juices from his skin as I tasted his cum as well. Slowly sucking his cock in and out of my mouth until my teeth close softly on the bulging head. I pause each time to swirl my tongue around the tip. I catch my breath as his licking was driving me crazy.


I rolled my head to the side from between his legs and thought of Master and Mistress watching me, hoping that they would approve. Then, returning to his cock, I sucking it deep into my throat, flicking my tongue back and forth across his shaft, repeating the sucking and swirling over and over again.

My husbands licking grew so intense I could not longer suck his cock. So I hold his cock in my hand, against my cheek, as my entire body tensed ... my fingers curling ... my hips bucking wildly. Taking in a deep breath and holding it as the most incredible sensations runs through my body. Letting out that breath in a long scream as I exploded. My body was rocking with my orgasm as my husband rode the bucking of my hips while lightly sucking on my clit. Finally regaining my breath, I beg him to fuck me now.

"MmMMmmmm ... Please baby fuck me now. MmMMmmm"

My husband says, "Get on the edge of the bed on your hands and knees."

I scramble into that position and lift my ass up, feeling the cool air of the night on my hot wet cunt lips. My husband stands in back of me and I imagine that I am now facing Master and Mistress, looking into their faces, letting them see the hunger and the lust in my eyes. I feel the head of his cock pressing against my entrance and then I feel his stiff prick sliding inside. The head pops inside sending a shudder through my body and a soft moan from my lips. My inner muscles stretch against his hard cock as it feels so big in this position. He pushes deeper and deeper until his hips hit against my ass. I feel his hands on my hips holding me steady as he begins to stroke his cock in and out of my pussy, teasing me with slow penetration. I feel his cock sliding, lightly pressing against that wonderful spot deep inside.


I press my hips back to meet his thrusts, pushing back and impaling myself on his cock, trying to get him to move faster. He asks me "What do you want baby??"

"Fuck me hard", I answer.

"You will have to be on your back for that baby", he says laughing. Again, I quickly scramble onto my back, letting my arms drape over the edge of the bed as I grip onto the covers, holding my legs up in the air and wide apart. He grabs my ankles and presses my legs wide while he leans forward and slides his cock into my yearning cunt. I brace myself as he begins to thrust hard, his hips slamming against mine, pressing against my clit as his prick hits deep inside, sending my body into shudders. I scream out with every deep thrust and start to orgasm again. His strong thrusts driving me wild quickly.

I think of Master and Mistress watching my husband fuck me hard and fast. I know they would be pleased as I feel strength of my orgasm milking his cock with every wave that spreads from deep inside. Soon my husband empties his cum, filling me with his rich juices, draining both of us of energy. With a sign he collapses down on top of me and kisses me softly on my lips.


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