The Other End

By Thomas Denny Jr.

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My name is Thomas Denny Jr. I am enclosing "The Other End" in hopes that blowout might publish the true story. I hope that you might find it interesting. I am 48 years old and I am also legally blind. But, this has not slowed me down. I have had several stories published including Humor, Mysteries, Fantasies, and Science Fiction. Thank you for your time. Tom

My neighbor, Cathy, called me early one morning and told me to come over. Her friend, Sally had brought her video camera to record them doing some dance routines for the classes they taught. They said they didn't know how to set up and there was no way I was going to miss a chance to see both of them dressed in their leotards and tights. So, I took a quick shower and headed across the street. When I walked in Cathy's house they were sitting on the living room floor doing their stretching exercises. I could see, when they bent over, that both of them were wearing thong leotards. Seeing them both dressed like that started my juices flowing.

They told me that wanted to set the camera up in the bedroom because the closet doors had mirrors and it would add to the effect of the tape. Not knowing anything about what they were doing, I agreed to help. When I finished, I figured they wouldn't want me to hang around and watch so I headed out of the bedroom to go back home and dream, anyway. To my surprise, and pleasure, they both told me to stick around.

I have known Cathy for about twelve years now, had seen her dance before, had gone water skiing and I was used to seeing her in sexy clothing. However, it never ceased to amaze me how good she looked and I never missed a chance to pop in when she was wearing something tight.

Gerald, her husband, never seemed to mind when I came over. In fact, he had been a dancer when he and Cathy were in college and still danced with her when she needed a male companion. Of course he didn't look as good as she did in tights. Sally had gone to college with them. She lived down the street from us and was divorced. I wondered why she had not gotten remarried since she looked just as good looking as Cathy.

They told me to make myself comfortable on the bed and watch them. Sally went to the kitchen and came back with a pitcher full of Bloody Mary's. They always had a few before and during their practice sessions or so they said. So, being a good person, I had one too. Then they started the dancing. I sat there and watched them with my mouth open until I suddenly got real tired. I couldn't keep my eyes open. The last thing I remember was thinking that I was going to miss seeing them dance.

When I woke up, looking at the clock, I realized that I had only been asleep for a few minutes. I tried to sit up and couldn't. Then I realized my wrist and ankles were tied. I stretched and saw that my wrists were shackled with black leather cuffs and they were attached to a similar pair holding my ankles. I was lying nude, face down on the floor next to the bed. It took a second for my mind to start working right. When I was fully awake, I looked on the bed beside me and saw Cathy and Sally smiling. Sally had my shorts and shirt in her hand. Cathy explained that they had put a little medicine in my drink that knocked me out for a couple of minutes, just long enough for them to do what they wanted.

Cathy told me that she and Sally were going to have some fun and wanted to see how a man could handle the show. Her husband didn't know she was a lesbian so it was not possible to have him watch.

This had always been a fantasy. To have two women make love in front of me. I tried to relax and get ready to enjoy it. The only thing I didn't like was looking at the TV and seeing myself. The video camera was turned on, the picture was showing and probably recording?

"Enough play", Cathy said. Roll over so that you are facing up." it was difficult but I turned on my back, my knees raised and my hands behind my back. She moved so that her knees were on either side of my head, looked down, and smiled. She lowered herself to where her pussy was right in my lips. I opened my mouth and she started rubbing her cunt against my tongue. I could tell she was wet as I could taste her moisture through the tights. She smelled so good I didn't want her to stop. I felt Sally move to my crotch and she gently rubbed my cock until I thought I was going to explode. Then she started licking the shaft and biting the head of my stiff prick. Here teeth were sharp and the tingling pain made me want to cum in her mouth.

That's all I could handle. I shot my load off in her mouth and watched as she swallowed what she could, letting the remainder drip from her lips onto my stomach. I stopped bucking and she left me with a wet mess. They both got off me and said they didn't mean to make me cum, but they couldn't resist. Seeing me tied up and helpless seemed to make them feel powerful.

Before I knew what was happening, the two were going at each other like neither of them could wait another minute. Sally was on top of Cathy with her head towards Cathy's cunt. They were licking each other's crotch, gently rubbing and biting. Just hearing their soft moans of pleasure was enough to get me hard, again. Sally moved down to Cathy's cunt kissing and rubbing her lips until Cathy started jumping around and rubbing her own crack. That's all it took for Cathy to orgasm. Her moans got louder as she grabbed Sally's head and pushed it down in her cunt while Sally licked and sucked all Cathy's juices.

Finally Cathy let go of Sally's head and relaxed. Sally kept licking for awhile longer until she lay down on Cathy and gave her a big kiss, sharing her cum with Cathy.

Cathy's hands were massaging Sally's breast. She pulled Sally up and her leotard off. She took one breast in her mouth, pushed it back out and sucked the nipple. Sally reached down and started rubbing her own dripping cunt. This was killing me. I had never seen two women go at each other so hot and heavy. I wish they had tied my hands in front of me so I could get to my own hard cock.

Both girls now had only their black, thigh length, stockings. Cathy got on her knees while Sally licked her thighs. Slowly she licked her way up until her tongue was buried in Sally's pink cunt. Cathy stuck her ass higher as Sally sucked the cum from her flowering pussy.

Cathy turned and pulled Sally down and buried her nose up Sally's cunt. She rubbed her slit up and down on Cathy's nose until I thought she was ready to orgasm, but she didn't. Not until Cathy pulled her nose out and stuck her tongue in as far as it would go. That's all it took for Sally to start jumping around on the bed and screaming. She was moving around so much I thought she was going to break Cathy's neck. Sally reached down behind her, stuck her fingers in Cathy's cunt and moved them in and out until they were both cumming at the same time.

Both girls were spent after that Sally laid back down on the bed and neither of them moved for long while. I was so horny I thought I would shoot off again all over myself. I could smell the sex in the air all around me. Cathy was lying next to me, on her back, so I tried to move over to her to get a better look at her body. Her cunt was still glistening from their love making session and, when she felt me trying to get closer she took a deep breath and rolled her body on top of mine. She moved to where she was sitting on my face again and told me to lick all her juices. While I was licking Cathy, Sally got of the bed. She watched the movement of Cathy around on my face and the sight sent the signal down to my cock. Sally reached out and started stroking my stiff prick. My feet were still pulled under my back, shackled to my wrists, but I could pump my body in rhythm with her stroking hand.

Sally pumped and I licked Cathy's dripping pussy until I shot off again. It felt like I had spurt a gallon of sperm.

Cathy moved off my face and joined Sally around the end of the bed where I couldn't see them. When Cathy got back in sight she moved back close to my face and turned around where I could see her. She had strapped on a big black dildo. The two stood beside me, laughing, as I watched Sally sink to her knees and suck the end of the black cock. Her lips slowly devoured the head and then the shaft went deep into her throat. Cathy looked down at me and said laughingly, " ... don't you wish she was sucking your cock?"

I strained to break the bonds, which held me, so that I could somehow get my hands on my cock. Sally almost choked, laughing at my struggles, and the black dildo slipped from her mouth. She moved closer, took the black giant in her mouth and reached over to stroke my aching cock. Two or three pumps and I shot my wad as she consumed Cathy's strap-on prick. Sally brought her cum soaked hand to the black cock in her mouth and licked my cum as if it were Cathy's orgasm.

Sally looked at me and asked me if I had ever had a cock in my mouth. I slowly shook my head, " ... NO!"

She told me it was about time, then. She knelt over my face, pushed the head of the dildo through my lips, and moved it in and out getting it good a slippery.

She pulled it out of my mouth and moved back to where Sally was. Sally was kneeling on her hands and knees with her butt up in the air. Cathy didn't waste any time. I thought she was going to stick the dildo in Sally's butt hole but she went between her legs and stuck it in her pussy. As Cathy stuck it in Sally rocked back and met Cathy's thrust. Both have their mouths opened and they let out a scream at the same time. Faster and faster, they started moving in unison as they screwed. It didn't take long before the both came and fell in a heap. This time they lay like that for ten minutes enjoying the feeling they had given each other.

Cathy was the first to move. She slowly pulled the dildo out of Sally's cunt and I could see the end of the dildo dripping wet with Sally's juices.

"Ever had a cock in your ass", Cathy asked?

I shook my head and the girls started to laugh. Sally leaned down and pushed me to my side, unfastened the ankle cuffs and told me to kneel. She lay in front and pulled me forward until my face was buried in her wet cunt. My hands were still shackled behind my back and my ass was in the air as Cathy positioned the dildo at my tight ass hole. My hands spread my cheeks as a bolt of pain shot up from my butt hole. I couldn't move. Finally the pain went away and I thought maybe she had stopped but I felt her move and knew the whole dildo was inside me. My tongue busily licked Sally's clit as I sucked her cum from her cunt. Cathy pounded my butt with steady strokes, reaching around and holding my cock for leverage. I could barely breathe because my mouth and nose were so tight on her Sally's pussy.

Sally started moving her pussy into my face more just as Cathy pulled the dildo out just a little. Cathy kept stroking in and out of my butt hole slowly at first then faster. It moved in and out easier and easier. The thought of all of Sally's juices, still on the dildo, inside my ass hole was a real turn on. It didn't take long before all three of us were moving together. We went on like that for what seemed like thirty minutes.

Sally was the first to orgasm. I had been rubbing my tongue against her clit so long my tongue was sore. She came so hard she pulled my face up so tight against her I thought she would suck me up inside her dripping cunt. Just as Sally was relaxing, it was Cathy's turn. She reached down and grabbed my balls, pushing them into her cunt and rubbing her tender pussy-lips. She started ramming my balls inside and finally replaced my scrotum with her hand and fucked herself. She came in tense convulsions as her dildo pounded my butt hole. I was the only one who didn't orgasm that time. I felt so good but I couldn't shoot off.

The girls finished their play and finally untied my hands and told me to get up. Sally told me they weren't usually into men as much as they were that day but they just got carried away. They told me that neither of them had had sex with a man for a long time.

I wondered what Cathy's husband did for pleasure. Maybe I would find out another time.

When I left they were headed for the shower together to continue their day.

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