The Gift

By: Mistress Dalila

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he ... his ... him ... you ... in this story are not capitalized, intentionally.
Thus, the author emphasizes the inferiority and degridation in the situation.

I had another response to my ad, and this one seemed promising. he was coming to the area to go to a fetish club, wanting to show off a spanked ass. I was more than happy to help. We corresponded by email for a couple of weeks and when everything was set, I got nervous. As I started preparing for his visit, I got more excited than nervous. I went out and bought a brand new leather riding crop, a paddle, and I told him to bring some wrist and ankle cuffs.

I had a good feeling about this one, and as the day came closer my nerves settled. On the day of his arrival I got up late in the afternoon. I had worked the night before; I work as a bartender at a gay club, and had trouble getting out of bed. For a minute I was worried that I would be too tired to play, but some breakfast and a cigarette cured that.

I got to the station and saw him right away. he was just like he described himself, petite and boyish. he was kind of cute actually. Since it was already almost 5:30 PM, we decided to walk up through the city center to a small coffee shop and had a cup of coffee and some small talk. In his last email he had said that he had a surprise for me and I was not sure I liked the sound of that. I do not like surprises, so as soon as we got back to my apartment he gave me a small box and a card. The box had a nice weight to it and I guessed at once what it was, but I read the card first.

Dear Mistress Dalila,

I bring you two gifts:
... this
... and me.
I hope they will both please you.
I hope you will enjoy playing with them.
Please do with them ...
Whatever you wish.

Your slave, tony

I thought that was cute. I opened the box to find what I had suspected and hoped. Inside were wrist and ankle cuffs. I put them in the bedroom, on the bed, ready to use when we got that far. Then we sat down and talked for a while about paganism. After a phone call from my girlfriend, I decided it was time.

We went into the bedroom and I turned on the computer as I had planned to play a little game of modified Snakes and Ladders with him. While the program finished loading I told him to strip and kneel by the desk while I went out for a smoke. I came back and gathered all the toys I would be needing before I went back into the bedroom. I had shown him the riding crop but, what he hadn't seen was the paddle, the hairbrush, the ruler, the clothespins and the rope in the wardrobe. This was going to be fun.

The first task he got from me was to give me a foot massage. I love foot massages and when he used his tongue on my ankles I felt my juices start to flow. I was very careful not to show my excitement however. We skipped a few of the cells, since I did not have the implements to do those things to him. his next task was to crawl around the perimeter of the room four times and, at each completed circle, to stop at my feet and lick them thoroughly. That was almost better than the foot massage and I had to bite my tongue a couple of times to hold back the signs of pleasure. I didn't want to let him know how excited I was or how hungry my pussy felt.

To brake the monotony, on his third trip around the room, I had him stop and select one of the tools I had shown him earlier. he selected the hairbrush and I gave his ass ten hard strokes, which left red prickles on his butt.

Now, we got to the fun part. his next task was to tie a piece of rope around his cock and balls and with his back to me hand the rope to me between his legs so I could pull it and watch him squirm. I started pulling, not so hard at first, then harder until I could see his balls. I watched them turn blue and felt that I had to take a picture.

The next task was a caning, which gave me a chance to try out another tool, my new riding crop for the first time. I had him on his hands and knees on the floor and he took twenty strokes with the crop. I took a few pictures of his marked ass, then told him to stay while I went out to the kitchen and got an ice cube. I ran it over his striped ass and noticed a spot where I had actually managed to break the skin. I have to say, after that my new favorite punishment implement is the crop. It leaves much nicer marks than the belt.

After that, I had him lie on his back and I sat on his face, pushing my hot cunt over his mouth. I had never realized how much fun that is, but when I was sitting there, I could feel how it became more and more difficult for him to breathe. he was waving his arms and actually trying to push me off him. I stayed long enough for him to panic, then got up.

I let his rest and the second time I sat on his face, he had a pair of clothespins on his nipples so I reached back and rolled one between my fingers. I pinched it hard, and was rewarded with his legs waving about as well as his arms. I did the same to the other nipple, then repeated it twice before I let him breathe again.

Next, I gave him a choice. Ten blows with the ruler on his balls or ten swats with the crop on the soles of his feet. he chose the ten blows on his feet. I got the feeling he regretted that after the first blow. It turned out it was the first time for him to get the soles of his feet whipped and those ten blows were the most fun I had in weeks.

When he watched me take out a chair with small nails for him to sit on, he wimped out. I was a bit disappointed with him for that, but let him off. The next task provided the punishment, ten slaps in his face. he could not take all of those so I stopped at five. I was beginning to think that this game was not too much for him, but decided to continue for a little while longer. I knew there was nothing that I would not be able to do, and I expected him to be able to do it as well.

The following three tasks were easy. A neck and shoulder massages followed by a spanking with the paddle. That apparently did not hurt as much as the crop. A few times he had to go back and start from the beginning and each time he landed on the task where he had to give me his balls wrapped in rope to pull. The second time I told him to crawl forward while I just held the rope tight, making him pull his own balls. I enjoyed hearing his moans and whimpers. I would have enjoyed it even more if I had seen him cry.

We got half way through the game, then I decided to stop. The tasks, many of them, were new to him and I did not want to scare him too much. I took a little break to have a smoke and to check my email. I was expecting a report from another email slave. It was not there, but that is another story for another time.

When I was finished, I turned to him where he was sitting on the floor behind me. We talked a little about the game. I told him to squat while I again fastened my clothespins on his nipples. he flinched and a weak moan escaped his lips as I pushed the wood hard and the clamps bit into his soft skin. Then, I told him to hop like a frog around the room as I sat in the chair and laughed. Finally I controlled my laughter and had him hop so that he was in front of me. I reached down and rubbed his limp cock telling him what a nice frog he was. I removed the clothespins and pinched his nipples between my fingernails until a slight trickle of blood ran down his chest.

Now, I wanted to try out the new cuffs he brought me. It was the first time I even held a pair of leather cuffs and I had a bit of a problem putting the first one on his wrist. I quickly got the hang of it. I had to re-do the wrists, as I wanted them behind his back. Once both cuffs were on, I had him lie on his stomach and I fastened his wrists to his ankles. he was immobilized and I realized I had his feet to play with. I had a grin on my face from ear to ear as I got the riding crop from the bed. I saw him watch me take it up. I ran the loop of the crop across the soles of his feet, tickling him, then suddenly placed a blow right across his instep. his yelp made me laugh out loud. I continued striking his feet, sometimes alternating between his ass and thighs, for at least half an hour. I did not keep track of the time, but I know that time flies when I am having fun.

I thought that his ass was a very pretty pink, but it needed something more. I got the candle I had burning and let a drop of hot wax fall on his back. For my ingenuity I got a gasp and a whimper from him. I moved the candle down a bit and continued letting the drops fall on his pink ass; he was squirming and whimpering loudly. When I thought it was enough wax, I resumed whipping him with the crop until most of the now cooled wax had fallen off. Then I released his wrists and ankles, I held him for a while and comforted him. Then I announced that we were going for a walk.

Most evenings I feel like going for a walk, but I do not like going out alone. This was a great opportunity, and also a good way to torment him some more since his feet were probably killing him. We walked for half an hour and then stopped at a pub for a drink. I got a bit tired from sitting down in the warmth of the room and did not feel like walking all the way back so we got a cab. When we got home it was almost 2 am, so he went to sleep and I went online to check my email again. After about an hour, I went to bed as well.

The next morning I got up at late. I was a scary sight, grumpy from lack of sleep and no breakfast. I growled a "Good morning" then locked myself in the bathroom. After getting dressed, I stalked out of the apartment to go get some breakfast. When I got back I took what was left of my breakfast and put it in a metal bowl. As he fed himself I told him of my plans for nest time.

Once I had gotten some food in him, we talked before I took him to the bus stop. I told him how much fun I had had and that I would love to have him come back to finish the game. I still had a lot of things to teach him.

Well, the bus left and I walked back home, thinking about the other replies I had gotten to my ad. Maybe I could meet with some of the other's soon.

Copyright © Mistress Dalila, 1999
Not to be reprinted, reposted or distributed in any other way without the consent of the author.

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