The Dream

By "Morning Dew" Hanson

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This is a story I wrote with My man in mind ... Hope you and your readers enjoy! I am also from the Blowout Char Room ... Like TD and Zena. Really like your site. Dew

Lying beside a good-looking man like you is a treat, but when you are asleep, it becomes a challenge. You know how I love challenges. To feel your chest and arms makes excites me and leads me to want to feel other parts of your body. Lying this close to you I can smell your cologne. Just thinking of you and I am getting hot.

I rub my fingers over your chest, stopping at your nipples long enough to feel them harden under my fingertips. Even asleep your body responds to my touch. I can see the start of a grin on your face, but your breathing is still slow and even. I know you are asleep.

Your thighs are so muscular and the short curly hair feels coarse under my fingertips. I can't stand it any longer. I want to taste you. Your lips are so smooth as I kiss you gently. I let my tongue slide over your mouth, your neck, and your ear. As I am kissing your neck I know I have to taste your body, all of your body.

Your nipples are hard as my tongue caresses them, slowly at first, licking back and forth. Then I start to suck, taking your nipple into my mouth and biting ever so gently. Your body starts to move as I look towards your cock and I see it getting tense. I touch your semi-stiff prick and feel the soft skin in my hand, but we both know it won't be semi for long. As I lick and kiss your stomach my fingers are gently stroking your cock. Up and down, around the head, down to your balls, my hand lingers on your cock.

I move my lips down to kiss the head of your now stiff member ... tasting you. I run my tongue down the side of your hard cock and you taste so good. But, I knew you would.

I play with your cock, rubbing up and down with one hand while licking your balls. By now I am really wet as you turn me on. My nipples brush against your cock, which is now rock hard. I feel my wet pussy and rub my juices all over the head of your cock with my fingers. As I move to kiss your thighs, I see you smile in that special way.

I can't take it anymore, the way you feel, smell, and taste is driving me crazy. I want to suck your cock until I make you cum. Slowly I take the head into my mouth, just to the tip of my tongue. I lick up and down, from side to side. I can feel you getting even harder. I take more of you in my mouth, running my tongue over the ridges of your hard cock. I take you as far as I can then move back slowly, sucking you harder as I get to the head. I wrap one hand around the base of your cock slowly moving up and down as I suck the tip of your hot prick. My other hand is caressing your balls, gently I rub my fingers over them, squeezing ever so gently as I suck your cock. My fingers trace their way to your ass. Your ass is so firm and tight.

Then, I take all of your cock in my mouth, so far that your hair tickles my nose. I can tell you are no longer asleep. Your hips move up and down with the rhythm of my mouth. Slowly you open your eyes and smile at me in that special way. Harder I pump your cock with my mouth as you start to cum. I take all of you deep into my throat. I want all of your cum. I need your rich juices. You run your fingers through my hair, moving my head up and down as I suck the last bit of cum from your pulsating cock.

You look at me, telling me that you love the way I wake you up.

Now, it is my turn.

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