The Cold Ring

By Beverly Smite

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I had to fly out of town on another business trip, but this time; the seminar was to be held in the Smokey Mountain Retreat of my dreams! On this trip, I hope to do some sight seeing.

After the third day of meetings and ass-kissing, I finally get my chance. As I walk out of the conference room, I notice a man watching me intently. He has the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen! Almost like he is looking right into my soul. I walk over and thank the CEO for his time and the business before turning to leave. I feel Mr. Brown Eyes following my every move. I turn, smiling at him, as the door whispers shut behind me. Heading back to my cottage, I decide this is a great day to go hiking!

I go into my room, stepping out of my high heels, and peeling off my jacket. As I unbutton my shirt I check for messages and, seeing nothing important, I continue taking off my clothes. Leaving a trail as I go .... my shirt ... my tight black skirt .. my undies and bra ... and I am in my bedroom, taking off my nylons as the telephone rings. A sexy male voice is on the other end, introducing himself as Paul.

He apologizes for staring at me after the conference and I laugh softly as tell him, "... that's ok ... didn't bother me at all."

We make a little bit of small talk before he invites me to an early dinner. "I am sorry Paul, but I am heading out to do some hiking", I answer.

A small silence before he replies ... "Would you like some company?"

"That would be nice", I reply. "Can you be ready in about ten minutes?"

Paul says, "Of course ... I will meet you in the lobby."

I slip on a pair of jeans, no panties nor bra and a long T-shirt. Finally stepping into my favorite sneakers, I check my make-up in the mirror and decided it will have to do. No sense in putting on a lot to go hiking, so a touch of lipstick is all I do before walking out the door, locking it and slipping the key in my pocket.

Paul is waiting for me in the lobby, just as he promised. He looks gorgeous in tight jeans ... they fit his ass so well ... like a glove. We leave and begin a slow pace to the trail.

Paul and I don't talk much, but remark occasionally about the scenery. Paul is walking slightly behind me and I feel his eyes traveling over my body. I get a warm sensation and I can't believe I am getting hot over a few looks from this man. A log in the path causes me to stumble and his hands wrap around my waist, until I get a better foothold. "Oh shit", I think, feeling a shock just from the touch of his hands through my clothes. I can only imagine how they would feel caressing my body ... with no clothing as barriers. He releases me slowly as my head turns to thank him. Unintentionally, my thank you is breathless ... his eyes again!!

He smiles and says, "Anytime, and I do mean that." When his hands move from around me, his right hand grabs my left and we continue up the trail ... hand in hand.

"Paul ... I heard about Rainbow Falls, it is supposed to be close. Do you think we could find it?"

He replies, " ... let's try!", so we look for a while before we stop and listen .... faintly ... we hear the roar of the falls. We continue in the direction of the noise and finally, we come to a clearing and there it is!

"Oh that is so beautiful", I whisper as Paul lets go of my hand and moves to stand behind me. Since I am a mere five foot four, his six foot frame dwarfs me.

"The falls are beautiful ", he whispers as he rests his chin on the top of my head. We laugh softly as his hands wrap around me from behind. I lean against him ... feeling his hard cock against my ass. I move my hips as I press hard against him. We are feeling the magic of the waterfall as Paul's hands begin to touch me. First my ribs ... then moving higher ... cupping my breasts in each hand ... I moan softly ... he starts to massage my tits ... squeeze my nipples ... my head is back on his shoulder ... my ass pressed against his hard prick.

I place my hands over his, encouraging his exploration of my body. His lips ... oh ... god yes his lips ... are on my neck. I feel my cunt getting wetter as his hands slide under my shirt ... over my bare skin. "Hmmm ... ", I think, " ... I knew his hands would feel like this!" His fingers pinch my nipples and I gasp in surprise. His mouth feels so good, as do his hands. I move his hands so I can turn to face him. I look up and smile into his eyes as I raise my lips to his, kissing him hard ... long ... and hot ... as our tongues dancing together.

I let my hands open his shirt, wanting to feel his flesh against mine. I slide it off his shoulders. I begin to tease his nipples like he did mine ... except after I pinch them ... I move my mouth, letting my tongue lick each soft peak. I feel his big, strong hands lifting the bottom of my shirt ... pulling it up ... I raise my arms so he can slide it off. I reach for his belt, then the button of his jeans and finally ... the zipper. I reach inside ... taking his hard prick in my hand ... feeling the ring under the head ... twisting the cold steel as he pinches my tits. He steps back to get his jeans off then quickly comes back to me, shedding my clothes fast as we stand together in the late afternoon sun ... naked ... the sound of the falls behind us ... the roar barely drowning the sound of our breathing.

Our hands are frantically touching as we kiss one another. His right hand travels down my body, touching my stomach ... then my hip ... finally I feel his fingers teasing my pussy. I raise my left leg, resting it on his hip, allowing his fingers to penetrate. "Oh yes ... Paul ... please don't stop", I gasp as I feel one finger slide into me ... then two. I grind against his hand as my hands hold onto his shoulders. He puts his thumb against my clit as his fingers begin to move in and out of my wet cunt. I can hear his fingers entering ... then ... as he pulls them out only to put them in again.

Hmm ... I'm so wet right now ... thinking about that cold ring ... his hot cock!

He is whispering such erotic things in my ear as his hand fucks me, my hips working against him harder ... faster ... as I feel the tension building in my body!! I toss my head back ... raising my mouth to the sky ... I cry out as I cum all over his hand! He slows down until I stop trembling ... kissing me once again ... his arms shift so he can pick me up ... walking to the waters edge .... I tense ... wrap my arms around his neck. "Paul ... The water is too cold! We can't ... "

Too late, we are in the water! I laugh as he throws me in ... this water isn't as cold as I thought it would be! But damn, it is still nippy! We splash around as I swim away from him for a few minutes then I swim back. Paul, he is leaning against a big rock, the water cascading over him ... in a light mist. I put my arms around his neck ... starting all over again ... his prick wasn't even phased with the water temp! Oh ... I am impressed as I straddle him, letting my pussy press against his stiff cock. His hands are holding onto my ass as my tits are crushed against his chest. He guides me so his cock has access to my wet cunt. I raise up slightly ... feeling his cock-head against my pussy lips ... the cold ring slipping into my hole ... then ... his hips raise as mine lower ... meeting in an incredible thrust!

We both moan at the same time as I tighten around him, before starting a rhythm .... alternating my hips up and down ... then going in circles. I feel his hand ... it slides down ... he presses a finger in my asshole ... I beg him ... "Please Paul, slide it in me!! I need your finger in my ass!!"

As he mutters something incoherent, he slips inside my tight ass. I puurrr in his ear, whispering, " ... that feels so damn good!"

Our bodies are working each other ... we tremble ... not from the cold water ... but ... from the fire burning inside of us! I hold him tighter against me as I say, "Paul!! I am going to cummm soooooooon!!!"

"Let it go baby ... I want to feel you cum all over my dick!!", he answers. No sooner does he say that ... my body tenses ... my pussy convulsing around his prick .. I cum so hard it brings tears to my eyes! I keep moving with him ... needing to feel him get off inside of me .... he thrusts one ... two ... three more times ... his body rigid as his cock shoots!! I feel his cum, so hot ... so deep ... inside me.

Our bodies begin to tremble again ... but this time not because of passion. The sun is going down and the water has cooled off even more. "Paul .... we need to get out of here before we freeze to death." I climb off of his lap and yell, "Race you to our clothes!" I laugh as he scrambles to beat me. I reach them just ahead of him ... so he tackles me ... gently. Panting ... I smile as he rolls me onto my back. "I think we need to go back to your room and build a fire", I whisper as the cold ground pushes against my shivering ass.

"I agree", Paul says, helping me to my feet. "I wonder what kind of fun we can have on a bear skin rug ... in front of a roaring fire ... hey ... we need to warm up you know!!"

"I was all for that!

Hope you all enjoy this! Be safe my friends!! ((( Hugs & Kisses ))) Beverly.