The Barn Story

By Miss Divinity

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The raindrops hitting the windowpane as the northern wind blows its force against the old ranch house. Candice set stretched out on the love seat in the parlor with a blanket over her legs, watching the flashes of lightening in the distance, watching the old tin roof of the barn taking its beating from the high winds and hail. The sound of the rain ... the winds ... the hail hitting the roof above made her eyes heavy with sleep. The unexpected lose of power to the ranch house ... the television going off made her jump with surprise as she set in the darkness. Only the occasional lightening from the storm lit the inside of the ranch house. The pounding in her chest as she laid still ... not sure what to expect from the onslaught of the storm.

Pulling the blanket from her body, she gets up off the love seat. She takes the blanket, wrapping it around her body as she walked to the window ... cracking it open. The gusty wind blowing in, the curtains blowing back into her body .. she turns her face from the rain as it blows in ... quickly closing the window. She searches her way through the dark room looking for her candles. She opens the middle drawer of her writing desk ... her hand shuffling around inside until she found the candle. Pulling a box of matches from her pocket, striking the match against the side of the box, she lights the candle. The dim light casting its glow in the room.

Taking a minute for her eyes to adjust to the dim light ... she opens the front door. In that exact moment a bolt of lighting that lights up the whole country side made it possible for her to see a figure of a man opening the barn door and entering, and the strong brisk wind slamming it shut behind him. Opening the storm door of the old ranch house, she steps out on the porch. She wrapped the blanket tighter around her as wind and rain soaked her body. "Now, who could that be?", she mumbles to herself. Pulling the blanket up over her head she starts running toward the barn as the strong wind and rain pounded her small frame.

The moisture of the rain running down her face, a another bolt of lighting lights up the countryside. The sound of the thunder that shook the ground under feet. Her heart pounding with fear ... feeling the need to get to the safety of the old barn. She quickly opens the door of the barn ... letting the wind slam it behind her. Her quick entrance caused the animals in the stalls to be restless with fear ... the sound of the baying horses ... the occasional kicking of the stalls. Her body shivers from the wetness of her clothes ... her heart pounding from the unknown of the darkness.

The smell of the barn fills the air around her. "Who's in here?". she shouts ... but no one answered. "You not suppose to be in here ... this is private property", she shouts again ... her body sensing the breathing ... the movement of someone. She slowly walks deeper into the darkness of the barn. Not wanting to startle whom it may be .. she speaks softly. "Hello.. anyone in here?", she asks ... her hands out reach as she tries to feel for a body.

"Ouch.." says a voice in the darkness.

"Sounds like a man", she mumbles to herself. The rain beating hard on the tin roof of the old barn ... the thundering getting louder. "Who are you? Are you okay?". Did I step on you?", asked Candice as she tries to look into the darkness, trying to see a face or a figure in the dark corner of the barn in front of her. Looking hard, her eyes burning from the darkness, she asks again in the silence of the barn. "Who are you? I can hear you moving around.", she says as her heart pounds.

"I'm okay .. just wet .. that's all lady", a man's voice breaks the darkness

The light of the cigarette lighter broke the darkness of the barn as he lit his stogie. The light revealing a cowboy wearing his wet brown Stetson hat, He has black hair to match the beard on his face. He stands up revealing his tall lean frame dressed in a denim shirt, pair of faded jeans and a read bandanna around his neck. "Look, I was looking for a place to hid out from the storm. Sorry if I startled you. You should have stayed in the house lady. You were a whole lot safer there than in here."

"I saw you come in here. I wondered who you were ...", Candice says to him as she still tried to figure out who he is. Candice looks closely at his face. "I have no reason to be scared of you. Whatever you had in mind, the storm stopped that."

"Maybe so, but you're in here with me ... all alone with me ...", he says to her as he moves closer ... watching her ... as if studying her.

Candice freezes, her heart pounding in her chest. The thought hit her, he was right, she would have been safer in the house. Here she was with a strange man in barn with no one around. Even though she was afraid, there was something deep inside her pounded with excitement. She looked into his attractive face, looking into his dark eyes. She felt a strong attraction to him, an attraction she had felt with very few men, so soon. The way he looked at her sends waves of excitement through her body, the excitement of something forbidden. He looks down into her beautiful face ... brushing some of her wet hair aside. "Maybe the storm did stop me, then again, maybe it just made something better", he whispered to her, his warm breathe touching her wet skin ... sending chills through her body.

Candice takes in a deep breath, the fire of her passion becoming alive deep inside her body. Her hands caressing up to his shoulders ... the wetness of the rain on his shirtsleeves is cool to her touch. Her fingers fumble with the top button of his shirt. She slides her hands further up his body ... her hands tracing up his neck ... along the curve of his chin. Her finger caressing along his warm sexy lips ... her finger touching his moustache that was wet from the rain. She watched as his warm moist tongue that licked along his lips and then, slowly she slipped her finger into warm moistness of his mouth. He gently sucked on her finger for a brief second, then she pulled it out. He pulled her body closer to his ... she looked into his eyes ... she saw the lust that had awaken in his body. This excited Candice, she felt her own body becoming hotter, feeling the juices starting to flow deep inside. She slips her finger back into his warm moist mouth ... he gently bites down ... releasing her finger slowly. "Ohooo..", Candice moans softly as his hands caressed her body ... slipping the wet blanket from around her.

Her soaked blouse clung to her body, her erect nipples pressing against the cups of her bra. Candice slips her finger from his mouth, again. She stands on her tip toes ... pressing her warm soft lips to his ... she passionately kisses him ... her mouth hungry for his ... she wraps her arms around his shoulder ... she reaches up knocking his Stetson from his head ... then she runs her fingers through his wet thick black hair.

He pulled her down onto the wet hay beneath them while they both part their lips as they passionately kissed. They leaned back into the soft hay as moans of pleasure raced through their bodies. Their lips part to take a deep breathe, their bodies still clinging together. His callused hand caressed her soft warm cheeks ... his hand brushing against her soft hair. They are no longer aware of the raging storm outside.

"I've never done this before", he says to her with a grin on his lips.

"What? ... make love to woman ... or in a barn?" Candice asks.

"Oh, I've made love to a woman before, but never in a barn ... and never in a raging storm", He says to her as he looks down into her face. "You know your husband is lucky. You're very beautiful", he whispers to her ... his hands caress down her wet body ... his fingers fumbling to unbutton her blouse ... then pulling it open.

"I'm not married ... not yet anyway", whispers Candice. "Ohh", escapes from her lips as she fills the warm air caressing her bare skin.

His rough callused hands caress her warm skin, feeling the softness of her stomach. He lowers his head to her chest ... blowing his warm breath over the top of her white bra. "Oh God ... your lips feel so good on my nipples", she moans as his lips touch her bra softly. Candice takes a deep breathe ... her breasts rising to meet his lips ... the passion burning deep within her body. Candice reaches for his shirt and she unbuttons the garment, pulling it open. Her fingers caressed the hair on his chest ... feeling the warmth of his body ... she closed her eyes ... she takes in his touch ... his warmth ... his smell.

The cowboy unhooks her wet bra, pulling it from her body, revealing her luscious sweet breast. His rough callused hands rub over her soft warm mounds of her breasts ... her nipples are hard against the palms of his hands. "Oh. baby ... God ... you feel so good", he moans. "Oh .. oh yes ..", Candice moans ... her body squirming under his. He slides his hands down her soft wet body ... his lips hungry to taste her softness. His warm moist tongue teases around her taunt nipple ... feeling the hardness against his cheek. His warm moist tongue teases her ... making her hotter ... biting gently on her hard nipple ... then sucking it into his warm moist mouth.

Candice pressed against his face as another wave of passion hits her body ... forming goose bumps on her warm flesh as the winds of the storm blew through the barn clocking their bodies. "Oh god .. yes ..", she shouts ... his tongue teases her hard erect nipple in his wet mouth ... her fingers running through his wet hair. She arches her back pressing her breast deeper in his hungry mouth ... his hands pulling her body tighter against his. He sucks passionately on the soft mound of her breast, applying pressure to the sensitive flesh.

Her breast slips from his lips. "Oh ... yes ... darlin'... oh ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm", says the cowboy as he takes in a deep breath. "I'll be gentle, don't worry." He places a kiss between her breasts ... his lips moving to her other mound ... licking around her hard nipple ... feeling it's hardness against his cheek ... he bites gently ... sucking it into his warm moist mouth as he did the other one.

Another wave of pleasure shakes Candice's body ... she pulls his head closer to the driving the soft mound of her breast ... deeper into his warm moist mouth. "Oh, yes ..", she pants ... her body on fire ... his warm moist tongue teasing the hardness of her nipple. She feels herself losing control of her body ... her heart pounding with excitement ... the desire to have him was becoming overwhelming.

Her breast slips from his warm moist mouth ... he presses his lips to hers ... he kisses her passionately ... he eases his body down in the hay beside her ... his hands massage her damp breast ... the passion burns hotter ... "Oh, darlin', you feel so good ... so warm ...", he says to her. His cock is beginning to harden. Its hardness pressing against the front of his faded jeans. He has a strong desire to be deep inside her ... to touch the center of her passion ... to extinguish her fiery passion.

Candice moves on top of him ... lying so she brushes her wet breasts against his hairy chest ... using her hard erect nipples to tease him ... she slides her body up and down his ... unbuckling his belt ... pulling the leather from his wet jeans ... tossing it over into the darkness.. she unbuttons his jeans ... he takes hold of her hands to stop her ... gazing up at her ... seeing her lust filled eyes ... he released her hands. She continues to unzip his jeans. She pulls the wet jeans open ... his hard throbbing cock pressing into her warm hand ... he raises his hips as she pulls his jeans down his legs ... he raises up helping her take them off ... he kisses her lips ... she strokes his cock ... her thumb finds the head of his prick ... it is so hard to her touch ... she pushes him back down ... easing his underwear down his body ... her hand wraps tight around his throbbing hard cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. Oh, yes..", he moans ... his body jerks at the first contact of her warm hand on his hard cock. He takes a deep breath of air ... his heart pounding with excitement ... his body hot with desire for her. Lost in his world of passion ... never hearing the raging storm outside.

She strokes his cock in her warm hand ... lowering her head to his chest ... kissing her way down his body. Her erect nipples pressing into his warm flesh she eases her way down over his flat stomach ... her breasts rub against his hard throbbing cock ... she moves her hands ... wrapping them around his cock ... he looks at her .. the desire for her is burning out of control in his body. "Oh ... God ...yes ... oh, baby..", he cries out ... his cock throbbing harder against the warmth of her breath as her lips touch the head of his cock.

Candice slides her warm moist tongue around the head of his throbbing hard cock. The top of her tongue teasing the small hole in the middle of the head ... she tastes his pre-cum ... the juice oozes from the end ... moistening the taste buds on her tongue. "Mmmmmmmm..", she moans from the deliciousness of his salty taste. She takes in the head of his cock into her warm moist mouth ... feeling the heat of his body with her lips ... her warm breath blowing on his cock ... tasting his balls as she slides her lips up and down his shaft ... sucking gently on him ... at first ... then harder and faster ... his hands in her hair ... closing her eyes ... she sucks harder on his throbbing cock ... taking him in deeper ...

Candice sucks harder on his throbbing hard cock ... feeling his hands in her hair ... her lips touching his balls with her every stroke up and down his hot shaft ... he raises his hips off the floor ... meeting her lips ... "Oh yes ... oh ... God ... mmmmmmmm ... I ... I ... ", he pants between words as the heat in his body forces him to explode.

"Ahahahhahahahaaa ... Oh, God ..", he shouts as the cum shoots into her warm open mouth ... he holds her head still as his cock jerks ... she swallows every drop ... and he cums in her mouth ... his juice flowing through her lips ... she sucks it all in ... swallowing it down ... tasting his cum ... his manhood ... his body shudders ... he lays back in the hay ... all the energy draining from his body.

His limp cock slips from her lips ... he pulls her close to him ... turning to her ... he kisses her lips ... tastes the remains of his cum in her mouth ... "Oh, God ... that was wonderful, lady..", he whispers to her as he takes a deep breathe.

The rain is hitting the barn letting them know the storm hasn't left yet ... the wind wraps around the barn ... blowing a chill in on them ... they lay together in the hay ... she lets him catch his breathe ... he let's her hold his cock.

Candice drifts off to sleep in his arms as the rain pounds the tin roof.

She is awakened as the cowboy is unbuckling her belt ... unbuttoning her wet jeans. He pushes the jeans down her body ... taking them off her long sexy legs ... throwing them into the darkness of the barn. His callused hands caress her smooth legs ... his warm breath blows against her bare skin ... he finds her underwear ... his rough hands rubbing over the wet cotton material ... pushing them down ... down her legs ... he caresses her warm cunt ... the soft pussy curls igniting the fire of lust within her body. Her pussy is wet and inviting to his hand ... his fingers slip along the soft fold ... her pussy is wet ... "Oh, yes ... mmmmmmmmmmmmm", Candice moans as his hands explore her open cunt ... his cock pushes hard again against her leg ... her body squirms against his ... her nipples are hard ... he slips his finger into her hot wetness ... he feels her pussy squeezing on his finger ...

"Oh ... yes ... mmmmmmmmmm..", she pants. "Oh, God..", she whispers ... closing her eyes ... her pussy wanting to feel his cock ... wanting to wrap around his hard cock ... so bad ...

The cowboy slowly removes his fingers ... putting them to his lips ... he tastes her juices as he licks his fingers ... "MMmmmmmmmmmmm.. you taste good..", he whispers ... slipping his body between her legs ... portioning his cock at the opening of her hot wet pussy ... he teases her hard clit with the head of his cock ... positioning it at the opening of her womanhood ... the wet open hole ... he thrusts forward ...

"Oh ... yes ... please ... fuck me!!", Candice cries in a passionately fill voice. Her hands hold his shoulders ... she looks into his eyes ... he slips the head of his cock into her hot wet pussy ... her pussy yields to his hard cock ... she wraps her legs around his body ... his cock slips in deeper ... she feels her hot wet pussy wrapping around his hard cock.

"Oh ... yes ... darlin'.. Oh God yes..", he whispers to her.

His cock getting deeper ... moving faster ... her pussy clinging to his hard cock ... her pussy squeezing on his throbbing hard shaft ... her juices soaking into his skin ... "Oh, God ... Oh ... yes ... oh ... oh ... mmmmmm..", she pants as an orgasm hits her ... her pussy contracting on his throbbing hard shaft ... feeling her orgasm ... her pussy spasming on his cock ... he holds still not wanting to lose it now. "Oh ... yes.", she yells, feels his cock being still as he lets her clam down for a minute before moving again.

The cowboy starts again ... slow at first ... then faster ... feeling her body burning under his ... his hands pulling her tighter against him ... her hands grabbing hold of his ass ... pulling him in deeper ... her body tenses up again ... she arches her back ... he drives deeper and faster ... his every stroke pulsates into her hot wet pussy ... "Oh ... yes ... oh baby ... Oh ... God.. ", she cries out ... another orgasm raging through her body.

The cowboy decides to cum with her this time ... he strokes her faster... deeper ... faster ... harder ... he feels her pussy contracting on him again.

"Oh ... yes ... darlin' ... Oh God Yes..", he pants ... his breathing becomes rapid ... her breathing is rapid. "Oh ... God .. OH .. oh .. oooohhh .. mmmmmmmmmmm .. oh ... yes..", she cries out as his cock jerks wildly inside her.

"Ahahhahahahahahaaaa ... darlin'", he moans as he spews his hot cum deep into her hot wet pussy.

Locked in each others arms ... they both pant to catch their breath ... he collapses on top of her ... her pussy contracts on his cock ... trying to drain him of his last drop of cum "Mmmmmmmmmmm ... darlin', you are a hot lady.", he whispers.

"Oh ... you are a hot cowboy..", she whispers as she lays in his arms drifting into a peaceful sleep.

The sun comes through the cracks in the barn door, awakening Candice. At first she is startled, not know where she is, until she saw the cowboy sleeping beside her. The memories of their hot sex brought a smile to her face.

Looking at the rays of the sun she grabs her clothes ... hurriedly slipping them on ... she quietly slips out of the barn. In the house she quickly dried her body ... slipping into another pair of jeans and a shirt. The thought crossed her mind that her brother's clothes might fit him. She hurriedly goes to her brother's closet ... pulling out a pair of jeans ... and a western shirt. She lays the clothes on the kitchen bar while she fixes herself a cup of hot coffee ... sitting at the bar she slowly slipped on the fresh brew. Candise's thoughts go back to last night in the barn ... she has never experienced such passion with a man. She had never cum that hard or that often in her life.

After finishing her coffee ... she walks back down to the barn and opens the door. "I brought you some dry clothes", she says ... but there was quietness in the barn. She looked where the blanket on the hay, but he was not there. "Hey cowboy ... I brought you some dry clothes", she shouts.

There was no answer. "He's gone", she thinks. "I didn't ask him his name." A grin comes over her beautiful face. But I'll never forget last night.

"So long my cowboy", she softly whispers to herself as she looks out the barn door ... looking for his slender figure ... slowly walking toward the ranch house

... viewing the storm damage as she walks.

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