Thanksgiving Dinner With Dungeonmaster

By Mistress Monica

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Dungeonmaster and I had spent most of the afternoon cooking our Thanksgiving Dinner. Most people have turkey but we decided to have rabbit this year.

I say, this year, like we have been together forever when really we've only been together for about six months. It has been a glorious six months!

I started working for Blowout when I turned twenty-five and it is hard to believe that I was so naive at that age. Twenty-five years old and I hadn't seen nothing yet, as the saying goes. I was embarrassed when I saw a few nudes, let alone, the butt fucking, cunt sucking shit we get every day.

My job is to edit the fantasies and photos while my master edits the stories and poetry. When we aren't editing we are usually fucking. My master likes to fuck even though he is very old. I mean he is more than twice as old as I am but I can't imaging fucking anyone else. That is, unless he demands that I do and then I will. I will do anythingand that makes it easy because I don't have any guilt or bad feelings in satisfying his demands because it is what he wants. My desire and reason for being is to obey him.

It's nice though because it isn't his style to make me fuck other guys much. Sometimes he makes me do it just so he can get off watching us but that is rare and usually ends with him joining. What really turns my master on is to have me suck off some young girl or put the clamps on her or spread her pussy wide so he can lick her. My master really loves to eat pussy. I think it's because he is old and wants to please me and can't fuck as much as I might like.

"Fuck, eat pussy, suck, ass fuck". I can't believe that I just spurt out these words after only a short while in this shit hole. A few months ago I would have never said or thought those words and now it is second (or first) nature. I see so much stuck in everywhere, so many things in so many holes that I am just immune. I don't think anything bothers me anymore.

Well, back to the rabbit for Thanksgiving. I am thankful to my master for the lessons and the faith he has given me. I am thankful for the pain and the feeling. I have learned to beg and I love it. If my mother would have told me as a child that I would someday beg an elderly man to twist my tits, spread my cunt, fuck my ass, that I would be bald with tattoos and rings and pins, I would say that you were crazy. Well that is just what I am and that's what we did after eating the little rabbit for Thanksgiving. Eating a fucking rabbit!

After dinner my master asked ... No, he told me to remove the dishes and lie on the dinner table nude. The table is oak, strong and has four wooden legs with curled hands at the base. I took the plates to the kitchen and started to remove the candle center piece but was told to place the display at the furthest end of the table. I did as he demanded and stood quietly in my evening robe. As always I was very clean as my master demands cleanliness.

When finished I took my position in front of him, spread my legs slightly and slowly opened the robe. My hand goes down the front of my body and stops on the soft swell of my shaved pussy. My fingers play with the rings I have pierced into my pussy lips. The robe falls from my shoulders as the fingers on one hand slipped into the rings and spread the lips and the index finger of the other rubs my pussy slowly as I feel the moisture form between the lips. When the finger is nice and wet I removed it and approached my master, extending my hand so that my finger is under his nose. He takes a long sniff and a smile covers his face and he closes his eyes.

My other hand circles my hips and stretches as I push the other finger deep into my ass. I run the finger around in a circle, pushing as deep as I can as I stand in front of him. Removing my hand I extended it and place the finger under my masters nose. Again, he takes a long sniff and smiles.

"You pass ... Now lie on the table with your head near the candle", my master says taking my hands and helping me slide onto the table. I wiggle back until my feet are at the end of the table and my head is almost touching the candle display. I am not short but the table is very long. I spread my thighs and extende my arms above my head anticipating my master's desires.

I was not mistaken for my master wraps a silk rope around each ankle and secures them to the legs of the table. He does the same with my hands and I lie motionless as he inspects my pussy and ass to see if I had been honest. He sticks his finger inside my cunt and rubs the inside of me in a circular motion, removing his finger and taking a long sniff. He does the same with my asshole and when he is satisfied he reaches into his pocket and removes the string and fishing hooks. Meticulously my master places a hook into the pussy ring and loops the string back and forth to a weight hanging off the edge of the table until each ring has a hook and the weight pulls my pussy open. Three hooks on both sides are attached to two weights, each pulling the lips wide apart.

My master then reaches to the chandelier and pulls a string that runs over one of the lamp arms and is connected to a weight. The hook on the end of the string is connected to the remaining ring pierced just above my clit. When the string is released my pussy openes further.

My head is resting on the table and I can look up into the mirror that is positioned so that I can see my master as he lowers his head and pushes his tongue into my wet cunt. I can hardly keep from screaming with delight but I know my master wants silence. Therefor, I hold my breath as his soft warmth circles slowly inside my gaping pussy. Juice drips from my pussy onto the table and I bit the end of the pin that is stuck through my tongue and try to pull the end with my teeth. I throb as I hear the hum of the vibrator and feel the smooth object enter my ass. The end of the pulsating object shakes the thin layer of skin separating my masters tongue from the vibrator and the cum runs from my cunt and my master licks the juice from the table while the rings pull harder on my lips.

I feel his hot breath as he removes the top ring with his teeth and lets it rise to the chandelier. He licks the tattoo on my stomach and crawls until his body is on the table and his hard cock penetrates my gaping pussy. Slowly he enters me and withdraws and enters and withdraws. Very slowly he pushes and pulls his cock and my pussy openes wide and my mouth openes and his sweet tongue which is covered with my pussy juice slips between my lips and I suck the member like it is his cock. I fanaticize that I can fuck and suck him at the same time, having his cock in both holes at the same time, having his cum shoot into my pussy and into my throat simultaneously, having his baby inside me while I eat his sperm.

My master knows what I need and he withdraws from my cunt and his tongue leaves my mouth and he touches my nose with the tip of his member and I know it is his cock/tongue. I raise my head and he withdraws and I strain against the bonds trying to get some of him inside me but he keeps out of my reach and I collapse. The sweat runs from my forehead and my bald head shines in the candle light while I stick out my tongue and my mouth is dry and the pins are cold from my breath.

"Fuck me", I yell in despair, sticking my tongue in the air. "Please fuck me!" "What, slave", my master asked. "Are you begging?" "Yes, Master", I beg, knowing that it was all right to beg. "I will do anything if you fuck me now". The vibrator pulses in my ass as my master again mounts me and this time shoves his cock deep inside of my gaping, hot, wet, young pussy. His bald head shines in the candle light and my shaved head shines next to his and my pierced tongue meets his and I am sucked into his mouth as he pounds me into the table.

"Yes, fuck me to death", I yell as the weights pull on my lips and my tongue is sucked into his mouth and the pulsating dildo vibrates in my ass and I shoot cum inside against his cock and my master shoots cum inside of my gaping cunt and my tongue is dry and my eyes wide open and I scream as the sweat runs from my breasts and the rings in the nipples are cold and the light from the candle shines on the tattoos as I lie on a table of sweat and I twitch as if I had an electrical pulse driven into my body. I shake as my master drives his body against mine and I tremble as the flood of emotion escapes from my open cunt, from my open mouth, from my open ass.

Every hole shoots forth the wonder of my continuing orgasm and I pull at the ropes and bounce on the table so the weights will pull my cunt lips open and my master holds my bald head and drives his tongue deep into my throat and his juice runs down my thighs and I suck his tongue dry with my mouth lips and I shake like one being executed.

"Now, Master . . . I am yours", I cried.

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