Eating Pussy

By: Don Texman

I was thinking about how nice it would be to have you come and visit me for a week in McAllen Texas. My little park model is decorated up so is small .. but very" cozy" .. with a warm Feeling .. you "can't" ignore...Sigh!! The bed is so comfortable you can't imagine...the air conditioner is to the left side of the bed...for nights it is so keep us cool as we would embrace so tenderly each night!!

On the cooler nights .. we could open the windows that stretch across the back of the bed...the South breeze swaying and dashing the curtains...running across our backs...would add to your excitement as I would embrace you .. drawing you so very close to me...You would feel my hardness pressed against your hot would seem to almost Burn! you!... Your tender warm breasts pressed against my chest...with my left arm above the bed ..and the right slipped cozy under yours as my hand caresses your warm back...up and down and to your shoulders...the so so slowly down the small of your back to your hips...Your leg would raise up and over you moved it up and down on top of hand would find its place in the crack of your bottom...inching ever so slowly to your tender wetness....feeling all the love juices you are secreting for me!! Sigh!! As the CD would play slow romantic music...filling our hearts with passion...mounting and mounting...the two large mulberry scented candles flickering light across the room ..letting you see my soft hot body...touching yours! I would let you lay on your back...getting up and pulling your bottom down to the foot of the bed...I would get on my knees as my cock would be throbbing pressed against the sheets that were torn back...taking your hips in my I would lick and suck on your juices ..your tongue enveloping you in total Pleasure!!

I would insist that you just relax...taking my time ...running my tongue up and down your so slowly...tasting each and every savory drop had for me would finally find its way to your tunnel of love...pressing in slightly...teasing you so much...feeling all the little modules that give you so much pleasure!! I can hear you moaning deeply in your throat...Don...Don!! Oh! Don!! Exciting me to get more and more involved...pressing my tongue against your inner folds more now...and bringing the wetness up to your throbbing HOT clit.,.. My hands rubbing the sides of your legs...and my head buries itself inside of your legs...pressing your legs into my you the MOST wonderful feeling...

You could not imagine!! Your hips are of me eating you so delightfully....not caring about his self...but only for your pleasure...But you can tell by now...I really enjoy it ..and I have nothing I would rather do now ..but make you cummmmm ALL OVER MY FACE!! Wanting you to give me all your he wants to suck all of it in...Then you feel your body shake as my lips encircle your clit and suck on it kissing it again and again!! and more and more...rubbing it up and hear deep moans coming from the depths of my throat...vibrating your whole clit...reaching your tender fold snow...and deep inside of your wet very wet hole..!!! My hand releases the grasp on your hip now as two of my fingers press and slip so deeply inside of you....backing out to just around the opening...vibrating in and out so fast...your hands are thrown out to the sides...screaming ..because my tongue will not stop...working above...vibrating also ...stopping only to press in on you clit...then rubbing it harder now!! you control its movement from here on you buck wildly...YOU MUST CUMMM....YOU CAN'T STAND IT ANY LONGER!! As you let go with all you have...gushes of fluids secret from you hear me sucking them deep into my throat!! moaning ...even gurgling ..from all the juices I am taking in...wanting more and more...moaning and moaning more and more...deep deep vibrations hitting your whole body!!! As you scream my name!! Cummmming and call out my name again!! and again!!! shaking the bed from your tremendous climax... Your clit so sensitive... I release from you temporarily so you can enjoy every tingle and your tongue takes over again....exploding your mind into pure extasy!! Giving you multiple!!!!! yes!!! and another!!! pressing your legs deeply into me....then licking and slightly biting the insides of your legs.... Getting up now you lay total exhaustion...I take you into my kiss me so tenderly... looking into my loving eyes...and smiling face...dripping with your love...I wipe it away...and start kissing you so softly....bringing in your breasts to touch my hot are embraced now in my total love and we fall asleep together in the still of the night...

With all my love .... Don

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