My First Time

By Tehanu Drake

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Getting fed up with cyber slaves, I decided to put out an ad on the Net to find a real slave. I posted the ad in a few newsgroups and it only took about an hour before the replies started coming in. Among all the wannabe cyber slaves I found one that seemed good. He had some experience and was willing to play without a safeword, something I had been wanting to do. I answered his email and we corresponded for a few days, before I decided that I wanted to meet him. I still had some free time before I had to go back to college so we agreed that he would visit Monday and Tuesday.

All the arrangements were made and all I had to do was wait. I was a little bit nervous, but I have enough faith in myself not to let it take over. I made all the preparations and when Monday came I got more excited by the hour. I had dressed in my favorite dress, a black little skin-tight thing half made of latex, black stockings, black lace panties, a matching bra and black heels. Also I put a multi-colored silk scarf around my neck.

He was supposed to arrive at six p m, but did not get here until two minutes past. I had told him to kneel in front of the door, and when I looked out I could see him kneeling, looking very nervous. I let him wait until five minutes past six before I opened the door and told him to crawl in on all fours. He kneeled in the hall, his head bowed and I could sense a slight tremble. I smiled to myself and told him to take off his jacket and shoes, then blindfolded him with the silk scarf.

I opened the door to the bedroom and told him to crawl in and enjoyed watching him blindly grope and feel his way through the door and towards the bed. His face hit the mattress and he stopped, still on his knees. It took me a couple of seconds to collect myself, I did not want my voice to reveal my excitement, then I ordered him to strip and lie on the bed, face down. I had prepared my favorite kind of rope, nylon rope, and a good ten feet of it. I started to tie him, pulling the rope several times around his ankles, through the bedframe, around his other ankle, to the headboard, around his shoulders which I tied it to the bedframe. I pulled his hands behind his back and fastened them with my favorite cuffs. When I was finished, he had enough slack to be able to move around, but was secured well enough to not get loose. I told him to spread his ass with his hands as I made sure the blindfold was in place. Then I went to get the two leather belts I had planned to use on him.

I made sure he heard me testing the belts and then I went silent, waiting behind him at the foot of the bed, until he started to stir and tried to get an idea of where I was. Then I raised the belt and let it fall right across his ass ... SMACK ...

He yelped and tensed and with a big smile I continued to beat him hard, alternating between his ass, legs and the soles of his feet. Every time he tried to turn over or move his hands to protect one side I hit him more viciously on the other until he laid down flat on his stomach again. I got more and more aroused, hearing him scream with pain and beg for mercy. I paused occasionally to adjust my grip on the belt and then I could hear him sob and whimper.

After an hour, I had to pause for a while to make some phone calls and when I got back I planned to go on for another hour with the second belt, but after just fifteen minutes I noticed that he had had more than enough and I had to stop. He relaxed when he heard me put the belt away, then tensed again as I ran the tip of a knife across the sole of his left foot. I thought about some blood play, but decided against it and, instead, used the knife to cut the rope off him. I got him a glass of water and let him rest while I went online to check my email. A bit tentatively he asked if I wanted to go out to eat, but I did not answer him right away.

I finished online, went over to him and started to gently stroke his bruised ass and legs and I could not help but feel proud. He started moaning quietly and I thought it best to slow down so I went out for a smoke.

When I got back he had almost fallen asleep and I sat down on the bed next to him and picked up where I had left off, running my cool hands over his ass, occasionally scratching with my fingernails to hear him whimper with pain. After a while, as I stroked his ass, I made sure to reach between his legs to stroke and squeeze his balls. He spread his legs wider and started moving his hips, rubbing his cock against the bed. I reached further and further in under him, until I could squeeze his balls and stroke his cock. All the while I was running my fingers over his ass and legs, giving him both pleasure and pain.

As he got more excited, to give me access to his cock and balls, he raised himself up on all fours, making me wish I had bought that strap on I had been looking at. I took his cock in one hand while I continued to rub and scratch his ass with the other. I started to jerk him off and his moans of pain when I scratched his bruised behind became mixed with sighs of pleasure. Before long he moaned and asked me to let him cum. I thought about it and decided that he had done well enough, considering he had had no training with pain, and I gave him permission to cum ... and he did. He jerked a couple of times and then shot his load onto the sheet. As he lay with his head in my lap I told him he had better get dressed if we were going out to eat. He smiled happily and went to freshen up.

We took a taxi to the restaurant, and I could not help but smile all through dinner as he sat squirming on the hard chair, trying to find a comfortable position. We talked about the scene and he told me he had never felt so much pain before. I felt very good about myself.

When we got back it was late and I told him to go to sleep. I let him sleep on the couch in the living room and as he went to sleep, I went back online to tell my friends about my first real life scene.

The next morning, I woke him up at eight and while he had breakfast we talked, agreeing that, although the scene had been great, he was not ready for this yet, but he would tell his friends about me. Perhaps one of them would be willing to play by my rules.

With a hug and a kiss on the cheek, I saw him out the door and went back to check my email.

1999, Mistress Dalila, not to be reprinted, reposted, or used elsewhere
without consent of the author.

Perhaps there was someone else out there for me.

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