By Alan Adair

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That was her name, Katie. What an angel .... A cherubic face framed by straight, dark hair. Beautiful blue eyes with long lashes, and a pixyish nose. Straight rows of white teeth, covered by full lips, easily parted when she smiled or laughed.

She was only twelve when my family and hers became friends. My daughter and Katie's older sister, Tina, were school chums. Katie's mom, Connie was divorced and the three of them spent most of their time as nomads - living wherever they found a temporary resting place - trying to stay within the school district for the sake of the two girls.

How they came to live with me was sort of a unique story in itself. Just after my kids graduated from high school, my wife fell ill and passed away. Both my kids headed off to college and I was left alone in a five-bedroom house. At first I thought about simply selling the house, but I wasn't certain what I would end up doing with myself.

On one trip to the store, I ran into Connie and the girls. As we talked, they revealed that they were once again homeless and had spent the last two nights living in their car. Connie was easily the most hare-brained adult you would ever hope to meet. Out of the trio of Connie, Tina, and Katie, Katie was obviously the one with the most brainpower.

Connie worked whenever she could at menial labor at minimum wage. Tina had dropped out of school during her last year, ostensibly to help her mother support the family. Katie as the most level-headed, was still in high school and was now a sophomore and faring quite well.

On a whim, I invited the trio to stay at my place for a few days. They started to object, but I wouldn't take "No" for an answer. I suggested that they would be helpful to me in return and could cook and clean house until they could get back on their feet. They didn't object too strenuously and moved in that very evening.

I couldn't get over what a beauty Katie w. I'm not even certain that she came from the same gene pool as her sisters. Where Tina and Connie were totally flat chested, Katie filled out her blouses and brassieres more than adequately. Even as a high school sophomore, she carried herself better than most young college-age women. I couldn't get enough of staring at her, whenever she wasn't aware of my gawking. Often it became difficult for me to walk whenever Katie was around for obvious reasons. The front of my pants betrayed my emotions to extremes.

The opportunity arose for the three of them to attend a family reunion for a week in Nebraska. They were going to decline the invitation due to a lack of funds, but I insisted that they go, offering to fund the whole trip for them. I had plans of my own for while they were gone. They finally agreed and I took them to the airport myself, giving me one week to complete and implement my plan.

I had already done a lot of investigating and knew just what I needed to buy. By the end of the week when I picked them up again at the airport, I had installed a state of the art surveillance system with one way glass mirrors in each bathroom, as well as all of the bedrooms. I had cut holes in the sheet rock behind the mirrors and installed miniature video cameras, threading the appropriate wiring up through the ceilings and culminating in a hidden, recessed, video cassette recorder and monitor in my bedroom. From there I could watch or record the video feeds from any one of the rooms, or all of them at the same time if I wished.

The picture feeds were incredibly detailed and I could zoom in on any target area with the twist of a knob. As a test, I video taped myself getting undressed in each room, and, in Katie's room specifically, caught myself on tape masturbating while thinking of her and using a pair of her panties. My testing was designed to ensure that the cameras made no noise and were undetectable to examination. I couldn't wait for them to get back.

When I picked them up from the airport, they were exhausted. The change in time zones also caught up with them and, even though it was early, all three wanted to get some sleep. Just as though I had orchestrated everything, Katie announced that she wanted to take a shower and get cleaned up before heading to bed. I bid them all "Good night!" and headed for my own room and locked my door. Of course, the first thing I did was activate all cameras and viewed all of my options on split screens.

Connie was first and quickly stripped out of her jeans and top. As she unhooked her bra, what tits she had immediately plunged straight down, pointing at her waist. She slipped a tee shirt over her head covering her ugly tits and big butt and headed for bed. I knew I had spent more time with that camera view than I would ever need to again, and flipped the switch to get rid of her image.

Tina came into view in her room, and was at least a little more interesting. As she slipped out of her shorts, she virtually peeled off her top in one more movement. She had been running around braless, but apparently no one even noticed. Her tits seemed to barely make an appearance on her chest. She stood there and yawned and stretched, then bounded onto her bed.

Due to the warmth of the weather, she stayed on top of her covers. As she lay there on her back, she kept one arm over her head. The other hand moved down and she began rubbing her pussy mound through her panties. I was extremely disappointed to find that she was the traditional white, cotton pantie type. Personally I hate the look myself. I much prefer the feminine look of the pastel nylon or silk panties.

Evidently the three girls had been sharing a room all during the trip so Tina had not had the opportunity to indulge herself for the whole week. She pulled down her panties, took a double-ended purple prick and began to attack her puss with a vengeance, shoving the end deep into her spread cunt. She wet the fingers of her other hand and began twirling her tight asshole, lubricating the opening before she shoved the other end on the rubber cock inside, twisting her hips as the ends met within her body.

I became so intrigued with watching Tina, I almost missed Katie's entrance into her bedroom. While Tina's performance was somewhat titillating, Katie's appearance had much greater effect on my private parts. Katie rummaged through her drawers and suitcase and got out clean underwear and nightgown and headed for the bathroom.

I never did find out how long it took Tina to cum, as I immediately switched to full screen view from my bathroom camera. Katie first brushed and flossed her pearly white teeth. As she leaned forward to the mirror to check her efforts at preventing tooth decay, fear flooded through my heart that she might be able to spot my camera. Her face registered no surprise, however, and my heart rate slowed back down to normal while I was treated to a full screen view of her gorgeous features.

My dreams finally came true when she stepped out of her shorts, then took off her tank top. What her mother and sister lacked in femininity, Katie more than made up for. She was wearing a matching bra and panty set that were a soft, pastel lavender in color. The bra was more like a half-bra with snaps in the front. The bra cups emphasized the fullness of her breasts by pushing them up and out slightly. She had gotten a nice tan while on vacation, and one could easily see what her bikini swimsuit had covered as soon as she undid the snaps.

I had already stripped down to my underwear while watching her, and was tightly pinching the top of my cock, trying to stem the flow of semen that was threatening to erupt at any moment. Katie stood there, facing into the mirror, as she too stretched her muscles out. She cupped her hands under her breasts and held them up delicately. She almost appeared to be holding them out to me to be kissed. Her aureoles were a deep red in color, highlighted by rosebud pink nipples in the center of each. As her hands cupped each breast and gently massaged, the nipples became erect and stood straight out. Her breasts were very well developed and were just right for her body. They appeared firm, but not pendulous and I had no doubt that a pencil placed underneath either one of them would drop directly to the floor.

I admired her breathtaking beauty for as long as I could stand it. As she delicately stepped out of her panties, I could control myself no longer. My fingers worked rapidly up and down the length of my seven-inch cock, and it only took three strokes before a thick steam of white, sticky semen went flying to the bottom of a one-quart Mason jar I had acquired for just this purpose. Earlier I had decided to begin a collection jar to see how long it would take me to fill it completely up. This was my first contribution.

Although my emotional peak was now past, I continued to watch as Katie stepped into the shower. Steam from the warm water clouded the windows, but I was still able to observe her curvaceous silhouette as she lathered herself up, then rinsed off. When she had toweled herself off, she slipped into a fresh pair of panties (light yellow this time), and slipped her nightgown on and headed for her room. I could tell she was tired, because she fell asleep instantly.

I shut down the surveillance system, then gave myself an hour to rejuvenate before rewinding my "Katie" tape and watching it from start to finish. I climaxed for the second time at almost the same part, but only a few dribbles of sperm were added to the meager collection.

I spent the next several weeks adding both to my video collection and my Mason jar. I found that I could safely leave Connie's camera off totally, spend little bits of time on Tina, but keep Katie under almost constant surveillance whenever she was home. I always tried to be certain that my relationship with the three of them was platonic, but I couldn't help but follow Katie with my eyes whenever we were in the same room.

One day Connie and Tina were both at work when Katie came home from school. We made small talk, then Katie went to her room. I, of course, immediately went to my room and locked the door. As I watched my monitor, I saw Katie check her appearance in her mirror, then disappear out her bedroom door. As I waited for her to appear in the bathroom, I was startled by a knock on my door. Hurriedly I turned off the power to everything and slid the bookcase back into its covering position while hollering out, "Just a minute." I ran into my bathroom on tiptoes and flushed the toilet for effect, then went and unlocked my door.

Katie stood there looking radiant with a big smile on her face. "Hi", she said. "Can we talk for a minute, if I'm not disturbing you?"

"You're not disturbing me a bit.", I replied. "Come on in."

I moved over and sat down in a chair I kept in my room, while Katie sat on the corner of my bed. Flashes of her lying there naked streaked through my mind, and I was finding it hard to control my breathing.

"What's on your mind?", I inquired.

"Well", she stammered. "I just wanted to thank you so very much for everything you have done for the three of us. I was trying to think of what I could do to repay you for everything."

"Nonsense", I said. "You don't owe me a thing. I love having the three of you here for the companionship. The good cooking and the cleaning are added benefits."

"Still", Katie said as she got up from the bed and stood in front of me. "There must be something I could do to reward you for putting up with us." As she finished her sentence, she straddled my legs and sat down on my lap. She wore a very delicate perfume that gave the aroma of fresh spring daisies, and I was growing dizzy inhaling her fragrance. She leaned forward and gave me a light kiss on the lips. I certainly wasn't going to protest this type of reward, but I was mentally kicking myself in the ass for not installing a video camera in my own room. I never thought I would need one there.

Her light kiss developed into another, then another, until finally I reached behind and hugged her tightly to me, putting my lips hard against hers, and slipping the tip of my tongue through the "O" formed between us. My hands just naturally moved down her back as we continued to kiss. Her skirt had ridden up in the back when she straddled my legs, and, in the wall mirror behind her, I was treated to the sight of her beautiful little ass, covered by a pair of light blue bikini panties.

My naturally occurring emotion pole was in the full, upright, and locked position, although my underwear and jeans prevented it from extending as far as it would have liked. Katie couldn't help but notice my enthusiasm, as it was pressed directly against the front of her puss. As we continued to kiss, she began rocking slowly backward and forward, rubbing her panty covered puss against my jean-covered cock.

Suddenly, our lips separated, and Katie sat upright, thrusting her breasts right in front of my face. She reached down and lifted her tank top so that I was staring right at the most luscious looking tits I could ever have imagined. My mouth just automatically moved forward in a search for her nipples, and I began sucking on them right through the material. I soon developed distaste however, for the material, and undid the three snaps. I was in ecstasy as I tasted her left nipple. My mouth wanted to taste them both at the same time. I gently massaged them, switching my lips from one to the other frequently.

Katie's eyes were closed and her head began to roll backward as her breathing became deeper. My hips began a gentle upward motion timed to coincide with her hip's downward motion. I pulled her tank top over her head while continuing to nibble on the very ends of her nipples. My cock could stand it no longer and shot a wad of cum into my underwear and jeans. It was not quite my desired choice. I would much rather have released my load deep within Katie's pussy.

I stood up from my chair, lifting Katie in my arms at the same time. I laid her gently on the edge of my bed, with her feet touching the floor. My mouth continued to explore her beautiful breasts. Leaving my hands to continue massaging her nipples, my tongue began a journey of it's own down the smooth, creamy skin of her belly. I lingered in the deep pool of her navel. While my fingers gently pinched her nipple tips, and my tongue delved deep in her belly button, Katie's hips began a more violent upward movement as she rolled on top. I took this as my cue to move further south.

Her skirt had bunched up over her hips, and I took the liberty of pulling her poca-dot dress up and slipping her panties down. I drank in the view with my eyes of this luscious body lying on top of me, waiting for my tongue to lick her wet cunt. When my hands quit their massaging, Katie moved her own hands up and was rolling both her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

I moved my face up and began sucking on the front of Katie's pussy. I enjoyed both the taste and the scent of this young cunt. Katie's moans quickly became louder which turned me on even more than I had already been.

My tongue went straight for her clit, and, at the very first touch of the tip, Katie exploded into one grand orgasm. I continued to probe the inner regions of her labial lips, while Katie's strong, young thighs, gripped the sides of my head tightly. Her juices seemed to flow freely from deep inside her, while my tongue struggled to keep up, lest I drown myself in her joy juice.

When the last phase of her orgasm had finally subsided, the muscle spasms stopped and Katie's thighs released my head. Although I would have gladly gone on licking and sucking indefinitely, Katie grabbed my head and pulled it up and away from her silky, hair-covered slit. Although I was disappointed to have to stop, she pulled my face to hers and gave me a rewarding kiss. She seemed to enjoy the taste of her puss on my lips and commented, "Uuummm, so that's what I taste like." I told her that she had a wonderful taste.

"That is the most fantastic feeling I have ever had in my whole, entire life" Katie said as she lay there next to me, her head resting on my shoulder. "How can I possibly ever repay you for that?" she asked. It was like déjà vu all over again. "Isn't this how we started?" I thought to myself. "Don't worry, we'll think of something" I replied.

With that said, I took one of her hands and moved it to the front of my jeans where she could feel a large, hard object. There was a wet spot on the front of the material. I wonder where that came from. I know for certain that a large concentration of gooey, white semen never made it into the collection jar.

Katie began moving her hand over my bulge, which I enjoyed immensely. As she continued to rub, she whispered into my ear, "I've never seen a man's penis before, except in pictures in sex-education classes. Even then, they were only drawings."

"You're free to look, feel, or taste," I replied, "whichever you choose."

My cock grew harder just at the thought, and went into spasms by itself when Katie started to undo my fly. The release of the pressure felt wonderful as the zipper went down. My prick had already protruded through my boxer shorts and was ready to make its first appearance in front of Katie's appreciative, though inexperienced, eyes. For being the first one she had ever seen, Katie seemed to know exactly what to do.

Katie pulled all seven inches of my cock and softly massaged it with her hand as she pulled at my shorts. To give myself greater freedom of movement, I unfastened my belt and top button, and, as gracefully as possible and being careful not to make Katie lose her grip, slid my jeans and shorts down my legs and off the bed.

"It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be". Boy, did those words warm my heart. No respectable man ever thinks his cock is big enough. I was glad that this was the first one she had ever seen.

The tip of my prick was a very dark purple. The strain of the almost constant erection had the veins on the shaft standing out as they were filled with as much red blood as they could pump through. Katie got on top of me and began pumping her hand slowly up and down while I drifted into nirvana.

"What would you like to me do?", she asked.

I was completely thrown into indecision. I wanted to feel my prick slip through her lips, let her suck on it awhile, then pump a gallon of juice down her lovely throat. At the same time, I wanted her to spread her legs wide open while I pushed myself as far into her virgin pussy as I could before filling her entire vagina with semen.

Mentally I flipped a coin and said, "I want you to suck me off!"

With no inhibitions at all, she parted her lips, then slipped the head between them. Her mouth felt silky as she began to slide my cock deeper into her throat. As she gently moved up and down, her teeth sent shock waves through me as they occasionally touched the sensitive skin of my tube. I reached a hand out and began running my finger up and down her labial lips which were still very moist. She made no effort to stop me, so I stuck two fingers together into her little fuck hole.

I was pleased to be giving her pleasure, while she was busy giving me head. Soon, however, I quickly passed the point of no return and grabbed her head with both of my hands. My fingers intertwined with her hair as my cock erupted, shoving what seemed like a gallon of lava-like cum into Katie's mouth. My body's unconscious intention seemed to be to reach her vagina by going down her throat. I forced myself as far into her mouth as I could, and I was afraid she was going to drown in a sea of sperm.

When she did start to choke, her lips came off my cock and what remained of my sticky, white cum began oozing back down the length of my shaft. With this eruption, the very thick mass of my shaft began shriveling back down to pre-cum proportions.

I was completely spent and laid on my back trying to slow down my breathing. Katie lay beside me licking her lips.

"That was really good. A little salty taste to it, but really good", she said.

"You can taste it any time you want" I told her. "That was an incredible experience for me. The best I have ever had" I went on to say.

As we lay there naked, just holding each other, Katie said, "I would really like you to fuck me sometime soon. A guy I have been dating has been pushing me to go all the way, but I would rather have you teach me how first, so I will know what to expect."

Oh my God! It was an incredible invitation. I could hardly control my exuberance. Haltingly I said, "Believe me when I tell you that my spirit is perfectly willing, but my 48 year old flesh is simply too weak. Besides, your mom and sister are due home in just a little while so we'll have to put it off for now."

She seemed to be disappointed, but we agreed to meet the next afternoon when she got home from school. As she started to get dressed, I asked her if I could keep her panties so that I could enjoy the aroma of her puss. She gathered the rest of her clothes and hurried off to her room to change.

I was so totally spent that I couldn't even masturbate into my jar that evening. I kept thinking about the next day, and decided that I needed to let my body rejuvenate. Sleep came quickly and I slept like a rock.

The next afternoon, my heart rate began to speed up about an hour before Katie was due home from school. I met her at the door and kissed her hello. I asked her if she still wanted to do what we had talked about the previous day to which she enthusiastically replied, "I've been thinking about it all day".

With that I took her by the hand, and led her upstairs - this time to her room to fuck. I wanted to be certain to capture every moment on videotape.

My anticipation had gotten the better of me, and, no sooner did we walk into the bedroom, when I put my arms around her, pulled her tightly to me and kissed her as deeply and as passionately as I possibly could. She responded in kind and soon our tongues were exploring each other's mouth. With one hand I began unbuttoning her blouse, and soon had my hand massaging her tit. My breathing got much faster as my cock got harder. Today would be a day for very little foreplay.

I laid her down on her bed and roughly undid the front snaps of her bra. As she lay on her back with her gorgeous tits pointing directly at me, I stood up and shucked out of my clothes as quickly as I could. I stood over her, naked as a jaybird, with my pole sticking as far out in front as it could get.

For her part, Katie unsnapped her pants and slid them down her legs and over her tiny feet. As she lay there in her pale green panties, I could see the outline of her dark bush through the skimpy panty material. Some of the material had been pulled tightly into her slit, leaving very little to the imagination as to what was hidden behind.

While she lay there, I straddled her body in push-up position and started rubbing my prick against her panty-covered crack. "Are you sure you still want to do this?" I asked. Your first time is going to hurt a little bit, but future times will be much more enjoyable."

"Oh yes, I'm more than ready. I know it might hurt some, but I want it so badly. Please go ahead and fuck me" she pleaded.

Never keep a willing girl waiting is my motto to live by. I rolled off her and, standing up, bent over and began rolling the waistband of her panties down past her hips and buttocks. I moved aside slightly to make certain that this lovely sight was captured on videotape. My nose couldn't help but linger in the area of her slit, and I couldn't control the action of my tongue either as it leapt out from behind my teeth, trying to taste the tiny rosebud that was Katie's clitoris.

I was willing to keep this up forever as my attempt at foreplay, but Katie's voice grew insistent as she said, "Fuck me, please fuck me. I want it up inside me."

Katie's legs spread apart in a wide vee-shape as I grasped my own cock with my hand and pointed it at her tight little bulls-eye. Her pussy lips were well lubricated, both from her own fluids and my dripping pre-cum, and the first two inches entered her effortlessly. At this point I encountered some resistance and a little gasp from Katie, but a quick forward thrust pushed me through her maidenhead. She let out a little grunt of pain, but my cock was so enthralled with the idea of being inside her that I unconsciously didn't care. The tightness of her vagina generated a wonderful sensation, much like having your cock sucked by someone with good jaw muscles.

As I settled into a gentle in and out motion, I began pulling my prick almost all the way out, then sliding it slowly back in. Her interior muscles constricted trying to pull it as far into her as it could. Soon the urgency of the moment reached my primitive animal mind, and my prick began racing in and out, picking up speed until I was as far into her as I could get, then released my built up sperm supply deep inside her womb. There went another contribution that would never see the Mason jar.

I was content to simply lie there in my relaxed state of mind, but Katie had other plans. My very limp dick had fallen over to one side, but was still dripping the remaining little bits of cum combined with her juices. Not wanting to waste anything, Katie pulled her blond hair back with one hand and leaned over to take me in her mouth. It was a very unique experience as she first sucked up the left over juices, then used a Popsicle tasting technique, which brought new life to my forty-right year old cock. She obviously enjoyed the taste of our combined juices and was trying to find more to satisfy her craving. I raised my hands above my head and rested with my eyes closed, waiting to see if I could, indeed, be rejuvenated.

Much to my surprise, I again reached a tent-pole configuration. When she had it as hard as she thought it would get, Katie straddled my middle and guided her gorgeous twat into position, thrusting her hips downward to get the whole thing inside. She took one of her breasts into her hand and brought the nipple to my lips. Making sloppy sucking noises, I munched contentedly for about thirty seconds before she repeated the process with the other breast. During this whole time she moved her pelvis slowly up and down my shaft.

Having already experienced my own orgasm, I seemed to have much greater staying power this time. Katie suddenly stopped her up and down movement and extracted her tight little pussy from my cock. Still straddling me, she slid up my chest and pushed her whole twat forward to cover my nose and mouth. My tongue reacted automatically, while I tried to get enough air to keep from drowning. She was obviously very close to her own orgasm, and knew exactly how she wanted to go over the top. My teeth took a light grip on her rosebud, while I sucked as much as I could on the rest of her labial lips.

As she climaxed, her head rolled back, and she was almost laying down backwards along my body. Her whole body shook as spasm after spasm rocked her. I kept sucking as much as I could until she could bear it no longer and pulled her pussy away from my face. Of course, now that she was satisfied, the raging hard-on that she had created for me needed to be dealt with.

In the urgency of the moment, I jumped off the bed and pulled Katie to a kneeling position facing away from me. The height of the bed lined up perfectly allowing my now rock-hard cock an effortless shot at her tender puss from the backside. Taking a firm grip on both her hips, I pressed up and inside of her. Although she was a willing participant, at this stage Katie was only along for the ride and to serve as the receptacle for my next sperm donation. Due to the previous excitement, the contribution was not long in coming, and I also shook with the spasms of total orgasm.

Finally, with both of us completely spent, we collapsed into each other's arms on the bed. I started the conversation with, "You are one fantastic fuck. I want you to know that. Never in my life have I had a better sexual experience. Now you know why people love to fuck so much."

"That was absolutely great." Katie replied, "I am so glad you were my first. This does mean that I am no longer a virgin, right?

"This means that you are well fucked, and no longer qualify as a virgin."

"What should I do if I want to do it with my boyfriend?" she asked.

"Well, first of all, I am going to buy you some condoms. You should never, ever, have sex with a guy without using a condom. Besides the risk of getting pregnant, there is always the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Also, don't swallow any guy's cum - at least not until you are married. You are safe doing it with me anytime you want because, I have had a vasectomy so you aren't going to get pregnant, and second, the only woman I have been with in the last 20 years was my wife. I haven't fucked anyone else since before she died."

"Also, if you are going to fuck some other guy, be sure to bring him back here to your own bedroom. That way you will be in familiar territory and can control the situation more." (Of course, I had my own special reasons for wanting her fucking in her own room.)

I gave her some tips on how to take care of a guy if she really didn't want to fuck him, by getting him so excited with rubbing or even sucking him, that he would blow over the top and shoot his wad without ever even getting it into her puss. Once he shot his wad, the urgency would be gone and she should be able to handle him with conversation.

We kissed passionately, and I enjoyed one more taste of each of her breasts before we separated. True to my word, I went and bought her two dozen condoms (in various sizes) and she hid them in her room.

About two weeks later and several more large donations to my Mason jar from reviewing my tapes, Katie whispered to me that she really wanted to do it with her boyfriend, Larry. I told her that she should go ahead and bring him home from school the next day. I would be there in case of trouble, but would stay in my room with the door locked. If things got out of hand, she should scream out and I would come immediately.

The following afternoon I could hardly control my excitement as I heard the front door open and close. Katie knew I was home but didn't let that fact out to Larry. Larry was a nice looking kid, dressed in a colored tee shirt and wearing the baggy looking pants hooked under his shoes as he walked. At least he wasn't wearing a baseball cap like most of the guys do today. His head was almost shaved and what little hair he had was highlighted blonde.

I could barely hear the mumbled conversation between the two of them as they went into the kitchen for soft drinks and snacks. If Katie was nervous, her voice didn't give her away, as I could hear her laugh and giggle at several points in their conversation. I, myself, was standing totally naked watching my monitor as they ascended the steps. My cock was already rigid, with pre-cum dripping off it before they even made it to Katie's room.

The two of them were holding hands as they entered, and both carried soda pop cans with them. No sooner did they get into the room, when Katie sat down on the bed and motioned for Larry to sit beside her. He willingly obliged.

There was silence between them as Katie stared lovingly deep into his eyes. She reached up her hands to the sides of his face and kissed him passionately.

"I love you very much," she said, "and I want to show you exactly how much I do love you."

"I love you too," Larry said, "but you don't have to prove your love to me."

"I know I don't have to, but I want to." With this said, Katie stood up in front of him and began unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled it off her shoulders and discarded it onto a nearby chair. Larry sat there transfixed, and I don't believe he even blinked his eyes. Katie reached behind her and undid the button and zipper on her skirt letting it fall down around her ankles. By this time I was so jealous of Larry that I easily could have killed him. Instead I just stood there, massaging my swollen member while aiming it towards my Mason jar which was better than one third of the way full.

Katie stood there wearing only her scarlet red bra and panties. The bra was sort of a half-bra which allowed her ample breasts to spill over the tops of the cups, while keeping her nipples secretively concealed behind the rest of the material. The fact that her nipples were fully erect was not cancelable, and they pushed out from the front of the material. Her tight little ass filled out the back of her panties quite nicely, and there was already the beginnings of a wet spot on the front where I knew her cute little slit was hidden.

She moved forward and pulled Larry's head to her breasts. "I love you" she told him. Larry responded as any red-blooded American boy would, and began kissing the tops of both breasts. I watched, fascinated, as his chin began working it's way into the bra cups until the three snaps in front parted soundlessly. Larry was treated to a full view and taste of those wonderful tits. While he was groping one, he was busily (and noisily) sucking on the other one.

Katie just stood there with her eyes closed, enjoying all the sensual feelings. Finally she reached down and pulled Larry's shirt off. He had a good build on him and you could tell he worked out in the gym frequently. His chest sported some hair, but you could tell it would be thick and matted at some time in the future.

Katie knelt down in front of him and began working on his belt, then the zipper in his fly. Larry had already removed his shoes and socks, so his pants cleared his legs with little resistance. He favored the Speedo-type briefs, and the tip of his bright-red penis was already peering out over the top of his waistband. He also had a wet spot on the front of his briefs. (I wonder what could have caused that).

When she removed his briefs, it was apparent that all of Larry's body building had been focused on his upper body. His cock was long, but pencil-thin. It was surrounded by thick, black hair (no blonde highlights here), and his ball sack hung down beneath it, covered by sparse hairs. None the less, Katie opened her mouth to feast upon it, and I made my first contribution of the day to my jar.

Slowly, her mouth rose up and down on his pencil like cock while his eyes rolled back into his head until only the whites were visible. Larry had never, in his young existence, experienced anything like this before. He kept a firm grip on Katie's head though, as his hips began to take on a life of their own, and began moving rhythmically up and down, synchronized perfectly with Katie's lips. I thought for sure he would go over the top quickly, but Katie stopped before he went too far.

As she stood up, she slid just one finger into the waistband on either side of her panties. Putting her pussy right in front of Larry's nose, she slowly pulled the waistband down until the material barely covered her downy, soft pubic hair and pussy lips. Larry leaned forward eagerly and breathed deeply of the essence of pussy juice. I wish I could have captured some of it myself to inhale whenever I wanted.

Larry's hands captured the rest of the material and he pulled the panties down to her ankles while burying his tongue deep into her slit. It was Katie's turn to hold Larry's head and provide direction for his tongue to find the true pleasure points. This went on for a short, few minutes before Katie said, "I want you to fuck me, to show you how much you love me, and how much I love you." Larry stared at her incredulously, and Katie reached behind her for the condom that she had previously unwrapped and had ready.

"Do I really have to wear that," Larry asked. "I want to be naked up inside you."

"Sorry, but yes you do. As much as I love you, I'm not ready to have your baby, and I'm afraid you would make one in me." Katie replied.

"Good girl", I thought.)

A little dispirited, Larry conceded and waited patiently as Katie began unrolling it down the length of his shaft. It quickly became obvious that Katie's imagination of his size was different than reality, and the condom was hanging loosely over his prick. She knew it wasn't going to hold, and, trying not to make him feel bad, quickly selected a smaller size.

Once she had one that fit well, she made him lie back on the bed and straddled him, as she had done me on that previous occasion. Trying to get herself back into the excitement, she pushed her muff up to his nose and mouth. Lacking experience in these things, Larry quickly began to fight for breath as she threatened to smother him with her juices. His tongue got the idea however, and, after he was able to draw breath, Katie began to rock with the excitement of the experience.

She only waited in this position for about two minutes before moving her tight little slit down over his condom-encased cock. As she moved up and down, slowly building toward a climax, she leaned over so Larry could suck on each of her swinging tits. Katie was working toward her orgasm, but Larry seemed to be impatient in this position. I guess he didn't want to fuck up. He quickly rolled her over onto her back and spread her legs wide before impaling her with his cock. For her part, Katie crossed her ankles over his back, holding him firmly in position as he thrust his prick ever deeper inside her.

All at once his body shook uncontrollably as Larry experienced his first orgasm inside a girl's pussy. He stayed there frozen in position as spasm after spasm plucked him like a string on a bass fiddle. Finally he collapsed on the bed in a heap next to my beautiful Katie. The tip of the condom had expanded with the volume of his sperm, and as he lay there on his back, his engorged prick began to subside, to much smaller proportions. His sticky, white cum began dripping down what was left of his latex-covered erection, mixing with the hair on his balls. Katie ran her fingers through the sperm and began tracing a circular pattern around her nipples. I don't think she ever got to reach her own orgasm, but appeared satisfied with her afternoon's work.

They lay together for about 15 minutes with Larry telling her how absolutely incredible she was before he looked at his watch and announced he was going to be late for work if he didn't leave soon. They got dressed, taking time between articles of clothing to kiss and profess their love for each other. I continued to watch as they left Katie's room and I finally heard the front door close.

I had gotten dressed and walked out of my room, as Katie walked into hers. "How was it?" I asked (as if I didn't already know).

"Absolutely incredible!" Katie replied. "I can't thank you enough for helping me."

"Oh yes, you can!" I replied. "I got so fucking horny, just thinking about the two of you over here fucking, that I need to be taken care of. I want you to get up on your knees on your bed. Please hurry."

A look of bewilderment crept over Katie's face, but she did as I asked. I undid my belt and dropped my pants to my ankles as I raised her skirt over her hips. I hadn't bothered to put my underwear back on so I simply stood there with my erection dripping pre-cum. I ran my hands over the silky smoothness of Katie's tender ass before rudely yanking her panties down to her knees.

Using only my pre-cum as lubricant, I speared my whole cock inside of her tight buttonhole ass. Katie let out a yelp and her sphincter contracted on the part of my prick that had made it through her initial defenses. I yelled at her to relax, as the worst part was over. I reached around in front of her and began massaging her clit until I could feel her ass relax a little. My hips automatically shot forward, propelling the rest of my prick far into her insides. In three short strokes the remainder of my meager sperm supply shot out, coating her intestinal tract. The relief of my pent up sexual stimulation was immediate.

As I pulled out of her, some of my milky white sperm mixed with a little of her blood coming from a slight tear of her asshole. I apologized profusely to her and explained that my sexual state had reached an all-time high. I knew she was going to be sore for the next couple of days, but she seemed to be okay with it. She pulled her panties back up, then stood and straightened her skirt. I was totally embarrassed by my crudeness and lack of social grace, but Katie made it all better by giving me a kiss and telling me she was fine with it.

My Mason jar continues to fill, it is at almost two-thirds now, as Katie continues her afternoon rendezvous with her boyfriend. To my delight, there have been several different guys for her to experience (and for me to capture on film). She doesn't believe that she is being promiscuous, and I think she is truly in love with each guy that she fucks. She continues to be kind to me, and often takes pity on me with gratuitous sex. I certainly don't mind and take advantage of it whenever it is offered. It will never be like that first time however.

Does anyone know what to do with a nearly full Mason Jar ?

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