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Jamie had always been conservative when it came to her sexual views. She believed in being monogamous and strongly criticized her female friends when they told her of their numerous one nighters and sexual escapades. Little did she know that her whole world was about to be turned upside down by someone barely half her age! Jamie was a thirty-year-old guidance counselor at a local high school. She had a petite figure and rather large breasts, which she sometimes noticed the younger boys staring at from time to time. This amused her, and in a forbidden way, it aroused her, but she never thought she would have the courage to act out any of her fantasies.

There was one young man in particular ... whom she would notice staring at her ... Kevin. He was the captain of the basketball team and somewhat of a local hero. He was very popular and he always had plenty of girls giving him attention. On the morning of their assigned counseling session, Kevin revealed to her that he had often fantasized of having sex with her. He said, "I have had sex with lots of girls, but I have yet to be with a cum, is to think about you.".

This startled Jamie, and once she thought about it, she became very angry. "How dare you say something as disrespectful as that to me!", she shouted, "I should have you suspended for those remarks!".

"For what?", said Kevin, "For speaking up and telling you the truth? Isn't that what I'm here for, to unleash all this stuff so you can evaluate it?".

Jamie looked in Kevin's eyes and she could see that he was frustrated. "You're serious aren't you?"

"Yes ... you think I would make up something like that? Do you have any idea how embarrassing this is for me, and you wanna threaten me with suspension instead of help me? Some counselor you are."

"You're right ... I was wrong. This is just awkward ... tell me more."

"Well ... it's just that ... I find you very attractive ... more so than any of the girls in this school.".

"Kevin ... you know that you are going through a lot of changes right now. Your hormones are influencing your judgment. I'm sure that if you sit down and think about it, you'll find that there's nothing more to what you feel than harmless infatuation. I'm sure there are plenty of young ladies your age who would excite you more than I would ... that is ... if you gave them a chance.".

"I don't think so Ms. Lewis ... you are all I think about. I have had so many dreams of kissing your nipples ... your inner thighs ... watching your lovely lips as they caressed my cock."

Jamie was about to reprimand him for using such vulgarities ... but then she noticed something ... Kevin was wearing sweatpants, and they did little to hide what must have been the largest cock she had ever seen. It was rock solid and throbbing ... even Jamie could not ignore the tingly feeling that rushed through her body as she gazed at his penis. Apparently he wasn't kidding ... she did turn him on!!!!

"I told you ... see what you do to me?" Kevin remarked, pointing to the bulge in his pants.

"Kevin ... you've got to get over these feelings ... in the end they could be harmful ... you've got to get control of these improper feelings."

"The only thing improper Ms. Lewis, is you sitting here with a wet steamy cunt ... and pretending that you don't want me to bury my cock inside right now."

"Kevin ... you have to stop this ... do you want your parents to find out about this behavior?"

"It wouldn't matter ... my father said he would love to ride your tits if he had a chance ......"

"Kevin ... this is ridiculous ... go to the bathroom ... get a drink of water and come back when you've cooled off."

"Okay Ms. Lewis ... if that's what you want ...", Kevin answered as he left her office while she got up to close the door. She could not believe what had just happened, but at the same time she realized that Kevin had not lied ... her cunt was dripping wet.

It was obvious that, in a sinful way, she found him to be very attractive too. What if she wanted to make his fantasy come true? Would she have to courage? She sat back in the privacy of her office and allowed her fingers to probes the warm silky flesh of her pussy by reaching under her skirt. She could feel the tremendous warmth that the sight of Kevin's hard-on had generated between her thighs. She laughed at the thought of having sex with a seventeen year old student, but still she took time to rub her swollen clit and remove her fingers to get a quick taste of her juices before Kevin returned ...


Kevin had been standing in the doorway watching her all the time ... apparently she hadn't heard him enter. She was so embarrassed ... she felt like a little child ... caught with her hand in the cookie jar. At first she thought of explaining but it was when she saw the sly grin on Kevin's face that she realized what was about to happen.

"So ... you are attracted to me huh?", Kevin asked.

"No ... not like you think Kevin ... it isn't real ... don't take what you just saw, the wrong way."

"How could I take it the wrong way? All I see is a horny guidance counselor that's about to get the fucking of her life? Am I right?"

This startled Jamie but she could see that he meant every word. It was hard to deny what she was feeling ... especially with a handful of her wetness and the blushed look on her cheeks.

"We can't do this Kevin. It's not right ..."

"How about if I make it right?", he said as he closed the door, locked it and moved closer Jamie tried to stand and walk away but Kevin quickly moved behind her and began pressing his incredible hard cock against her ass as he caressed her eraser-like nipples.

"I see ... your nipples are hard for me. You want it bad ... don't you?" Kevin reached inside her low-cut blouse to get full access to her tits. She offered token resistance as he slid his free hand across her hips and lifted her skirt so he could massage her moist kitten through the fabric of her panties. Jamie was in ecstasy and she was so hot now that she almost forgot the Kevin was only a kid. Then she realized that it was exactly that fact which intrigued her the most.

Instinctively, she found herself reaching back to him, trying to locate his hard prick with her hand. Upon doing so she gave it a series of quick, slow jerks that caused him to moan and take deep gasps in response. This only excited her so she quickens the pace and jerks off his large pole even faster through his sweats. She then reached inside his pants and released his cock. She had been wrong all along ... it was thicker than any prick she had ever seen and it was longer than ten inches ... the stiff cock had to be a least twelve!

Kevin pushed her back on her desk and through all of her papers off the top. He unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra, slipped down her skirt and removed her panties ... swiftly and without fumbling ... something that really impressed Jamie. As he removed his sweats, she took time to look at her young lover. His athletic build, his broad firm shoulders, his beautiful prick, which stood throbbing at full attention.

Kevin pushed her down on the desk and began eating her lovely cunt. She placed her hand on his head to guide his expert movements in and out of her juicy pussy ... as she clenched her teeth with pleasure ... realizing that she didn't care what age he was any more ... he was doing the job of a man.

She didn't care about the fact that she was risking her job or her teaching license. All she wanted was to make love to this young stud, and give him a fuck that will make all of his teammates jealous. As he finished servicing her twat, he rose to her face so she could give him a deep tongue kiss and taste her own cum. She had never done that with a man and it was a new and pleasant taste to her. He then positioned himself over her and stood poised to enter her pussy when he asked, "Is this what you want baby? Do you want me to fuck your little horny brains out with this big cock of mines?".

Without warning she found herself responding, "Yes baby! I want it! I want all of it!!!!! Give it to me ... don't make me beg you ... baby!"

With a quick, explosive thrust, Kevin pushed the head of his cock into her wet cunt. She came instantly as he continued ramming her muff ... not giving her his full twelve inches yet.

Jamie writhed beneath him bringing her hips up to meet his strokes ... grinding her slippery kitten into his pelvis. He arched his back and quickened his pace ... deliberately rotating his hips with a circular motion that sent Jamie into another wave of orgasms.

"I always knew you were a horny lil' bitch!", Kevin said as he turned around so he could slam that slutty cunt like a real man. I'm gonna fuck you and teach you to show me some fucking respect!"

These words startled Jamie, but even though she had never been talked to that way, she found herself turning around on all fours on top of her desk ... like a sex-crazed dog ... anticipating the moment when Kevin would bury his pole deep inside her cunt.

She closed her eyes and grits her teeth. "Give it to me Kevin! I am a horny lil' bitch! I deserve to be fucked doggy-style like a slut! Give it to me baby! I need it!".

But ... after waiting to be fucked from behind for what seemed like an eternity, she turned around to see that Kevin was getting dressed.

"Look at you", he said with an mocking smile, " ... squatting on all fours like a bitch in heat waiting to fuck a boy half your age! You look so funny. Aren't you embarrassed? What happened to all that shit you were passing out earlier. You are nothing but a horny lil' freak ... just like all the other little girls in this school. I know you want this cock, but you'll get it when I say you can have it ... not a second sooner.

Jamie tried to speak but Kevin put his finger to his mouth to quiet her. I'll let you know when I'm ready to fuck you again. Then, if you refuse me ... I'll tell everyone about what happened here today. If you look at my book-bag you can see that I have this entire episode on tape.".

Jamie could see the red light in his backpack and she knew he was serious. How could she have been so stupid to jeopardize her career for an encounter with a student. She realized that she really had very little choice. There wasn't a school in the land that would let her be a counselor after admitting to an affair with a student. She figured ... if she could last through his little "game" ... she stood a chance of salvaging her career. She decided to play along and use her skills as a psychologist to turn the tables.

"What happens if I cooperate?", she asked.

"If you do as I say ... when I say it ... you'll get this tape. And ... I promise I won't make any copies."

"How do I know that?"

"You really don't have a choice ... do you?"

"Okay ... but nothing too kinky ... I'm not into that."

"You're into whatever I tell you."


"Trust me ....when I'm finished with you, you'll be into a lot of stuff you weren't into before.". Kevin through his bag over his shoulder and left.

Jamie had to admit ... even though she hated him for tricking her, there was no denying that she was on all fours, begging for his cock and even now she would like nothing more than for him to return and bury it inside of her slut cunt to the hilt. She realized, the thought of playing this little game with Kevin, had a very erotic effect on her ... and even though she was tricked into servitude ... she had no doubt that she would be his willing slave.

She sat back in her chair and fingered herself to a very intense orgasm as she reflected over what had just happened ... the possibility of the things yet to come ... the excitement of the "game".

She sat at her desk for what seemed like hours ... fantasizing of Kevin and his foot long cock.

Her cunt steamed with anticipation.

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