New Lesson Taught in School

By: Anonymous

It as a Friday and school was about to be out when I was called to my fifth period class. Mrs. Hender was a short teacher and had a body like that I couldn't go near without getting a hard-on. But to my amazement when I went in she was wearing nothing but a bra and a minni skirt. As I walked in she told me to sit at a desk, and I did so without taking my eyes off her. She walked over to me and sat down and said we needed to discuss my test. As we were going over the test I noticed her hand rubbing my cock through my pants. She said she wanted me to do a problem on the board and I did, but as I was working it out she started squeezing my ass. I thought "I better act cool" so I turned around and said lay down so I can fuck you. And she said "yes master. As she laid on her back I ripped the minni skirt off and started fucking my teacher. Later she begged me to eat her out and I said after she sucked me until I cumed. And of coarse she did, as she was sucking I grabbed her head and forced her mouth to take the whole thing. Then my first spew of nut came and I told her not to swallow until I got all of it out. Then I told her to swallow every drop, and she did. Then I started eating her pussy and she was buck her hips and then she came on my face. Then she bent over and asked me to fuck her in the asshole and I did it was so tight when she squeezed her cheeks it forced me to come again. Then the bell rang and class was over, but she said I'll have the office page you for a private conferance Monday also, be prepared to tie me up.