The Taste of Cum !
By Daniel and Amber

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 Hi there, Recently I went away for a couple days and my loving girlfriend (amber) decided to write me a little email just for fun. I can honestly tell you I've never had so much fun by myself before! I convinced her to let me share her creation with you, so here it is. I hope you enjoy it!

 On this night, I was feeling pretty horny. I was in the mood for sex, more than ever before. I was soaking wet with anticipation; waiting till I saw you.

 I went to your house and you were watching TV when I arrived. You were expecting me since we were just gonna watch a couple videos ... or something.

 I sat down next to you on the sofa and we snuggled up to watch a boring movie. I wasn't in the mood to wait so every now and then I'd lean up and give you a kiss on the lips, nose, cheek, neck, or wherever I felt like. Then I'd snuggle back into you; one hand by my side and the other on your tummy.

 I got impatient and moved my hand down to your pants. I gently glided my hand over your dick, gradually exciting you. When you were nearly hard, I moved away from you, trying to get your attention. As you looked over, I stood up and said, "I want to go to bed".

 Once in the bedroom I practically jumped on you as I began to kiss you deeply while I pushed my clothed wet pussy onto your stiff prick. I had my hands around your neck and in your hair; your hands were on my ass. You were kissing me first on the face, then my neck and breast as well. I took my shirt and bra off to give you more freedom with my boobs and hard nipples. You were kissing them, biting and sucking my nipples. By now, we were on the floor; me with one knee either side of your stomach, leaning down with my tits in your face. I could still feel your hard dick pushing into me.

 I pulled myself away from you again, this time getting up and moving to the bed. As you got up to come to the bed, I looked at you and said, "don't move ... stay there!"

 You looked confused, but knew to do as I said. I lay down on the bed and took off the rest of my clothes. I started touching myself ... first my tits, rubbing them, touching and pinching my nipples, then down to my pussy. I slid a finger of my right hand into my wet cunt and took it back out, licked it, and rubbed it on my clit. I took the rest of my fingers and began to work on my clit, stimulating it while my eyes stared at you, as you got naked for me. I took my left hand and touched my left nipple, then moved it down to my pussy as well. I slid a couple fingers into my cunt while the other hand massaged my clit. I began to breathe heavily, still looking at you. You were staring at me, with one hand on your cock, rubbing it up and down slowly. Through my deep breaths, I told you not to rub too much.

 I could feel that I was going to cum, and I began to moan softly. I took my left hand from my pussy hole and licked my fingers slowly, then started to rub my nipples again. My moans got louder as I came closer to orgasm, but I didn't want to cum just yet. I stopped masturbating for a moment, then started again. When I felt ready to cum, I stopped again and lay still while I breathed heavily to catch my breath. I then went back to it, this time letting the waves of pleasure flow through me, lifting my pelvis up to my hand in rhythmic motions. I was moaning loudly now; not screaming, just steady, low tones. My orgasm finished and I totally relaxed, dropping my arms and just lying there catching my breath again. In the silence, I heard you breathing, the pace faster than usual. I looked down at you and you were gently stroking your cock again.

 I motioned for you to join me on the bed and once you were lying down, I  positioned myself with my head between your legs, wanting to take your yummy cock in my mouth.

 I first put my mouth around the head and sucked it softly. I used one hand to stroke the shaft and the other hand to fondle your balls. I stopped sucking and used my tongue to lick the underside of the shaft with long strokes, licking all the way up over the head, and back down to your balls. I licked and kissed your balls, and as I moved from the base to the tip, sucking the underside only by pressing my wet lips against the soft skin and working my way up. Once at the tip again, I kissed some pre-come. Then taking your stiff cock as much as I could in my mouth I sucked as deeply as I possibly could, while still massaging your balls and the part of you that just wouldn't fit in my mouth. I felt your cock throbbing in my throat, so I sucked harder until I felt it swell. I moved my mouth up to the tip and kept sucking, wanting to catch the jizz on my tongue so I could taste it, rather than have it go straight down my throat.

You shot come onto my tongue and I sucked every last drop out. I kind of swished the cum round my mouth before swallowing the rich juice and licking your cock clean. When I looked up at you again, your chest was glistening and your lungs were working hard to help you catch your breath. I cuddled up to you again and we just lay together for a while.

 Before long you were in the mood again. I could felt you grow hard because I had my arm around your front, and I felt your dick press into my hand. You sat up and kissed me, working your way down to my cunt. You started kissing it, and running your tongue all over my wet hole. A couple times you poked your tongue in my open pussy and licked your way out. I was getting hornier and my clit was becoming aroused, getting hard. It made it easy for your tongue to find and you began to lick the stiff clit softly as your fingers explored my hole. You licked all of my pussy as you sucked and nibbled at my lips. Then you probed your tongue into my pussy as deeply as it would reach.

 You went back to using your tongue on my clit; flicking it gently back and forth over my most sensitive part. It was making my breathing extremely heavy as I was making low moaning noises again. Your fingers rubbed at the inside walls of my cunt hole and I began to orgasm. As I was cumming, you sucked my clit and pushed your fingers deeper into my yearning hole. I was moaning a lot now, breathing heavier and panting a bit. I kept pushing my pussy into your face as you licked and sucked my clit. When I had finished my orgasm, my pussy was pulsating, throbbing with pleasure, and I sighed, trying to catch my breath. You made sure you licked all my pussy juice, making sure I was nice and clean.

While you had been eating me out, your dick had been hard, straining against the bed sheets. Your movements had caused it to grind against the mattress slightly, keeping it excited and ready for me. I lay on my back and reached down to stroke your lovely cock. As I pulled your prick you moved closer to me; my legs were spread wide and your dick was near my hole. You began to thrust slightly in my hand and I took that chance to raise my hips as you thrust forward. Your cock went into me slowly and easily as you climbed on top of me and began to penetrate me gently.

 As you slowly fucked me, I kissed you, sucking your lips, your tongue and licking your face. I was breathing heavily again, and you were also. I was moving my pelvis up and down rhythmically to meet your thrusts, and you  began to penetrate me deeper and harder. I wanted you to fuck me from behind though, so I got you to stop while we moved.

 I leaned my arms on the bed while down on my knees as you took me from behind, your hands around my waist. You entered me again, and started to thrust, sliding in and out of my slippery pussy. You moved your hands from my waist to my tits. You played with them while you fucked me. You were squeezing my hard nipples and massaging my breasts while I reached my right hand down and let my hand rest on your balls. The base of your hard cock throbbed as they moved with you. Then I put three fingers on my clit, rubbing and stimulating my sex. I could feel my orgasm coming, and I stopped rubbing the tenderness. Your thrusts made me almost cum again, and my cunt muscles contracted and pulsated on your prick.

 As you fucked me even harder, I felt your dick throbbing inside me, and moved my hand back to my clit again. As I was rubbing it, moaning and panting, close to orgasm, I felt your cock swell as you shot your load of jizz in my hole. I came too!

 You thrust more, feeling the strong contractions of my pussy around your dick. You kept going, as much as you could, so I could come a second time. Just then, as you could fuck me no more, my clit spasmed and I felt that flow of pleasure spread through my body.

 We were both panting as you leaned down on me, your chin on my shoulder. I kissed you again, thanking you. I put my hand on my cunt one last time, sliding my fingers into my still throbbing hole and pulling them out covered in miki and jizz. I licked them clean, kissed you again and went to sleep with the taste of your cum in my mouth.

 I love the taste of cum!

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