My First Taste of a Woman

By By Jeremy Lakes

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It was a cold January evening when Sara called. She was a good friend of mine with whom I'd talked many times about everything from relationships to love, and even about sex. She was innocent, untouched and, although we talked, she offered little advice or conversation about sexual experiences. The thought often of her sweetness and her purity intrigued me.

Many times I had driven away the rigors of the day by thinking of what it would be like just to taste her sweet pussy. To slowly run my tongue along her innocent crease and taste her for her first time. It would be my fist time, for that matter. The thought of tasting sweet juices had ALWAYS been my dream, but although I had tried many times, the strong scent of other women had always driven me back to their breasts.

It was not so with Sara.

My desire for her was different this time from all of the others. Sara and I were talking in the living room and she seemed to be out of breath. The conversation seemed normal enough, but her heaving breaths seemed only to intensify as we spoke. I asked her, "Sara hunny, what's wrong?".

Her reply was labored, but she insisted it was nothing. However the soft squeal that escaped her lips told me there was SOMETHING. I could imagine her lips in a pout little smile as I began to describe one of my fantasies to her. We were on the couch and I softly lapped at her clit as it hardened and swelled under the pressure from my tongue.

As I talked to her the squeals came faster as she stopped talking. I asked her what she was wearing. She could barely speak as she told me, "nothing, but I ... I want you", she spurted out without thinking. She had never spoken to me like that. She had told me of other men she liked, or found attractive, but NEVER told me she wanted ME. I was stunned, but kept telling her the story. I told her how I was on my knees in front of her and she lay back on the arm of the sofa and spread her legs so that I could lick her wet cunt and smell her sweet fragrance. Her breathing coming in quick pants as she listened. I could hear the slurping wet sounds as her fingers moved around her virgin cunt, feeling the frothing juices as I thought that it could be my tongue playing with those wonderful lips. As her swelling orgasm began to calm, she told me she needed to know what it was like to feel what I was describing. She asked me to meet her at work the following night. I was so excited I forgot the end of the story, if there was an end. Maybe this was just the beginning?

The following night I drove to the store where Sara worked and arrived at shortly before the agreed upon time. She looked even more sweet and innocent. She was wearing a T-shirt and her cup like breasts were moving perfectly as she approached me, standing at the entrance. My black trench coat protecting me from the cold, was also covering my swelling cock. We hugged, exchanged greetings, but she seemed distant. She took my hand and quickly led me out of the store. I was confused, but, as soon as we got outside, she grabbed me around the waist and French kissed me DEEPLY.

Her lips, never before kissed by me, or maybe anyone else, knew JUST the way to touch. The cold air did nothing to keep my cock from throbbing in my confining jeans. I could feel the pre-cum beginning to soak my underwear as we kissed. She led me over to my car and looked at me playfully. "Get in", she said and I obeyed with the excitement of a young pup, emotion building inside if me. We got into my car, which was parked, in a slightly darkened part of the parking lot. We began to kiss softly at first, but our embraces steadily growing more passionate. She took my hand and placed it on her breast. I was surprised, not only at her firm perfect mound, but also at her complete lack of inhibition. The fear of getting caught coupled with the desire to be with her made me feel even hotter. I began to move my kisses over her body. I pulled up her T-shirt and sucked the pert nipples, which perched atop her soft tits, licking a path down her soft skin until I pushed between her thighs. She spread her legs wider as my kisses pressed hard against her jeans. Sara softly rubbed my hair, the smell of her excitement reaching my nose drove me to animalistic hunger. She wiggled as she began to slip her jeans down. I had not even noticed that, as I was kissing her beautiful young body, her fingertips found her nipples and were massaging them, pinching them, wildly. With my eyes closed, my nose taking in her scent, my tongue experiencing her soft skin, I hadn't noticed she had also slipped off her panties with her jeans. As I bent lower to kiss her seething womanhood my lips touched her soft pussy fur. The droplets of her cum were trapped in the curls and the juice was now on my lips. I licked the sweetness from my mouth as I looked into her eyes. Sara moaned quietly, begging me not to stop. I went lower and was surprised at how sweet she smelled and tasted. I had NEVER experienced this type of feeling before. I slipped my hands beneath her virgin ass and lifted her hot wet cunt to my mouth. Using my mouth and tongue together I pressing deep between her pussy-lips, savoring the sweetness that had been building during our emotional trip. Her gasp and loud moan told me I had finally found her clitoris. My tongue had never felt something so hard, so wet, so hot and so delicious. I began to suck and lick her mercilessly as she wriggled and writhed under my tongue's wet lashes. Her moans quickened, turning into screams of pleasure. Her perfect milky breasts bathed in street light, pink nipples pinched to erection and the wet folds of her pussy now trickling in a small stream of cum. I began sucking harder and harder as I softly begged her to cum in my mouth. Never did I take my lips from her young untouched pussy. My tongue slipped inside the tight opening as the vibrations of my voice tore through her body, causing her to jolt and squeal.

Her words came in short gasps. "Jeremy, I'm ... I'm going to ... OH ... GOD I'm going to ... Put your mouth over me ... in me ... PLEASE ... don't spill a SINGLE drop".

At her request my lips closed over her tight little mound as Sara shuddered in her orgasm, hot cum bursting in my mouth. Her cum ... flowing in a stream ... filled my waiting mouth. Sara had never cum before. As she screamed, shaking the car and shattering the night with her shrill cries as her sweet nectar exploded from her insides and poured into my mouth.

As Sara's orgasm waned, she clung to me. A tear rolled across her cheek. She told me I was the first man to taste her. "Never have I been touched like that before", she whispered in my ear, softly kissing the lobe.

I held her close and whispered, " ... you are so wonderful my dear sweet Sara." I kissed her, allowing her to taste the sweetness of her cum which moistened my lips.

Sara moaned, holding onto me for dear life.

I drove Sara home and that that night I drove, replaying the moments in my mind. But mostly ... I day dreamed of her beautiful lips.

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