By: Mistress Dalila

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he ... his ... him ... you ... in this story are not capitalized, intentionally.
Thus, the author emphasizes the inferiority and degridation in the situation.

I watched sparrow as he cautiously tiptoed into the playroom, wearing only his loose tunic. There was such determination, and vulnerability, in those features. he stood before me, watching my face as intently as I was studying his. I smiled and pulled on the cotton ribbon that held the tunic together. It parted and, as I pushed it off his shoulders, it fell to the floor. I noticed him flinch instinctively as if to pick it up, fold it and put it away, but winked at him as he blushed slightly.

"Close your eyes."

I moved my eyes from his face to his chest to inspect, and in fact for the first time see, his pierced nipple. he had pierced it for me.

Not touching it at first, just looking, taking in the sight of one of his nipples pierced, the hole filled with a small silver ring, very simple, but so very erotic. Gently, I reached my hand up and touched his nipple with one finger, down across it. Then up as I flicked the ring. A slight shiver went through me at the sight. I moved my other hand to play with his other nipple, the un-pierced one. Finding it erect I pinched it lightly between my thumb and index finger.

his breathing was becoming heavier by now and hearing it was turning me on. I leaned in towards him and lightly touched the tip of my tongue to the nipple, tasting his soft warm skin, playing with the cool ring, flicking it softly.

Then moving away suddenly, I directed him towards the wooden table in the corner opposite the door. Here I had laid out all the things I wanted to use tonight.

"Open your eyes!"

he blinked twice, glanced at the table, and then raised his eyes to meet mine. I smiled at him and picked up my favorite nipple clamps. They are rubber lined, connected by a thin metal chain. I unfastened the chain from one of the clamps and reattached it to the small silver nipple ring, leaving the chain and the single clamp hanging freely, the clamp serving as a weight.

My fingers pulled on his other nipple to imitate the pull from the chain. I leaned in and sucked the nipple and the ring into my mouth, flicking the nipple as if it were a woman's clit. I picked up the clamp, relieving some of the pull on the ring, and let the nipple slip from between my lips. I attached the clamp to his other nipple and told him kneel on the table with his knees as far apart as possible. This exposed his genital area completely. I pulled slightly on the chain, just to see that the pressure on the ring stretched his nipple.

Keeping the slight pressure on the chain, I move my other hand to his exposed balls, squeezing them gently. Hearing his heavy breathing kept my juices flowing, and I wished I had called my girlfriend. I knew that I would want to be with her afterwards. Oh well, sparrow had a pretty nice tongue too.

I let go of the chain to get a length of rope. I handed it to him and moved away, to take a seat in the chair by the door. No further instructions were needed. he knew what to do and started wrapping the rope tightly around his balls. he tied the rope off, leaving a short piece for me to pull on if I wanted. When he was finished he looked up at me, and I pointed to the little cotton bag of wooden clothespins.

"Ten of them ... on your cock."

I could almost see his heart beating faster as he shook out ten of the clothes pins. he took a deep breath to collect himself before he attached the first clothes pin on the underside at the base of his cock. And so the rest followed, one by one, close together, all the way up his shaft. The last one was placed just below the head. his breathing had become notably heavier, he was almost panting, and I felt my hand move towards my wet cunt, as if my fingers had a will of their own.

I pointed to the small bottle on his other side of the toys. he shuddered visibly as he picked it up, his eyes on mine, pleading silently for mercy. I smirked and shook my head.

"Two more for that ... make it twelve drops ... Now!"

he blushed slightly, bent his head and began screwing the top off the small bottle of hot Tabasco Sauce. With one hand he held his prick. his thumb and index finger held the cock-hole wide open. With his other hand he positioned the bottle right above the opening. He let the first drop fall, cringing as it made its way down his urethra. With a hissing intake of breath I heard him whisper, " ... one." he continued, " ... two, three, four ... ", up to ten ... .

My own breathing was getting heavier as my hand moved slowly between my thighs. My eyes were intent on his face, following his grimaces of pain and the concentrated look while he counted the drops.

" eleven ... twelve."

he screwed the top back onto the bottle and set it down. then he turned to me. his face was flushed and I could see a small bead of sweat on his brow. I raised an eyebrow slightly.

"Thank You, Mistress, for allowing me to please You by giving You my pain."

he looked straight into my eyes as he said this. I sighed contently. " ... you may remove the clothespins now."

he knew what this meant and a slight grimace passed across his face. Briefly, before he took another deep breath, he started pulling the clothes pins off one by one. With the removal of each one there was an accompanying by a grunt and a moan of pain.

I had slipped my hand inside my pants and was fingering my own hot softness, wet from watching and hearing my slave in pain for me.

Finally all the clothespins were removed and neatly put back into the cotton bag. There was a row of little red marks all the way up his shaft, and I could not resist going over to touch them. I ran a fingernail all the way up the little line of bite marks as he shuddered and sighed heavily with pleasure. I went back to the chair, but this time, I slid out of my pants as I sat down. My hand rested lightly on my mons, I told him to start stroking himself, but to stop each time he was close a climax. I watched his hand move, slowly at first, then faster. With his breathing followed the movements of his hand. Then he stopped. he had to let go. his eyes closed and he breathed deeply to regain control. Then ... he went on stroking.

This time my hand started moving as well, my fingers softly caressing my clit, enjoying the excitement. I knew he would continue until I gave him my next order.

Three times he had had to stop while jacking-off.

"Beg me for your release ... boy. Let me know how you need to cum."

"Please let me cum ... Mistress ... Please. I almost didn't make it this time. I feel like ... I'm gonna explode ... Please .... please let me cum. I've been waiting so long .... I hurt ... Please let me cum."

With a wide grin, I nodded my head, granting his release. he resumed stroking himself as I watched his face. his eyes were half-closed, his lips slightly parted and it did not take him long to reach the "point of no return". My sparrow went over the edge. he was moaned loudly as his whole body spasms as the waves of the orgasmic pleasure flowed.

I got up and went over to remove the rope. Then moved his hand from his cock and took his prick in my hand. I stroked him softly.

I moved my other hand from my cunt to his face. Smelling my sweet honey sent him over the edge a second time. This time I caught his hot cum in my hand. I made sure to milk every last drop out of his prick. Then ...I brought my cupped hand to his lips.

"Here, my sweet little sparrow. I have some sweets for you."

I watched the pink tip of his tongue lap at the thick white liquid in the palm of my cupped hand. I felt so proud of him.

Gently I removed the nipple clamp from his nipple, and unfastened the chain from the tit-ring. I just had to play with the little ring so I scratched a long, painted, red fingernail over his erect nipple. When he had cleaned my hand thoroughly, I leaned over and softly licked his lips. I let my tongue press between his lips, for a deep, lingering, passionate kiss. I explored his mouth as I tasted his cum.

I pushed him down on the table ... on his back. I secured his arms and legs to the corners of the table. I got up on the table and straddled his face. his tongue immediately got to work, eagerly lapping up my honey, and wanting to bring me pleasure. I was very much enjoying his work.

When I was finally spent, I got off him, released his right hand and let him undo the other buckles himself.

I went into the adjacent room and collapsed on the quilt. After a few seconds, he followed, dropping to his knees beside the bed. I just pointed down at my feet and he needed no further instructions as his talented, soft, fingers got to work on my feet. I felt him kissing and sucking my toes. he licked my feet, then working his way up my legs. his fingers and tongue worked together. I could feel myself drifting off to sleep, and tried to tell him to come lie beside me.

he must not have heard me because when I woke up the next morning he was in his usual place on the blanket at the foot of my bed.

Copyright © Mistress Dalila, 1999.
Not to be added to, changed in any way, reprinted, reposted or distributed elsewhere
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