By Norman Swimmer

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I knock on your door and you open it. I give you a bouquet of flowers and say happy birthday. Your eyes light up and then I say this is only part of it. I tell you to take a warm bath then come to the bedroom.

When you finish your bath you come to the bedroom and see scented candles burning and I am naked with a big hard-on. I tell you lay on the bed on your front. When you are lying down I start to massage your shoulders. They are tight as I rub the warm oil into your skin your muscles begin to relax. I hear you moan with pleasure.

I work on your neck until it is relaxed and then I work my way down your back and feel the muscles relaxing. As I am massaging your back my hand rubs the sides of your breasts. They feel so soft so I continue to massage until I get to your ass. I pour extra oil and start to rub one cheek and then the other. Some oil runs down the crack of your cheeks and as I rub them you lift you ass to my fingers. I slip on finger in your asshole as you push against it, moaning in pleasure.

I stop, then start to massage your legs, first one, then the other. As I rub your inner thighs you are purring like a kitten. I then tell you to turn over. The look in your eyes tells me how much you are enjoying this. I get to your breasts, avoiding the nipples, and run gently. Both of my hands are covered in oils as I begin on your nipples. I am gently rubbing the nipples and then I twist them both at once. When I know that you have peaked I rub your stomach down to your hairline. Your skin is all shinny from the oil as I then rub your pussy ... no oil needed here. Your cunt is so wet and your clit is standing up waiting for attention.

I put my lips on your pussy and suck the sweet taste. I begin to suck the juiced out of your cunt and then I lick your hard clit. I lick from your clit to your asshole, back and forth, as you are getting close to cumming. I then suck on your clit as you scream with pleasure. I stop as you say you are so sensitive.

I get between your legs and push my hard cock slowly into your yearning cunt. You smell so go and are wet and slippery all over.

It does not take long and you cum, shaking violently as I ram my prick deep into your glorious hole, fucking you as you continue to cum again and again.

You push me aside and roll over, pushing your sweet ass in the air like a bitch in heat. "Fuck me in the ass", you whisper, reaching back and spreading your oily cheeks open, revealing your slick, tight asshole.

You are tight but my cock goes in easy. I am fucking you slowly, steadily as you pull me against your backside. I cum, strong and fast as you are so tight.

Happy birthday, dear!!

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