Sweet Dreams are Made of These ...

By Fucking eXcitor

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Well, I am glad that you're back for more! This little tale is one about what happened after I got back home and went to bed...

I felt all warm and nice inside my cotton sheets. I couldn't get the idea of how much power Chantal had out of my head. I was pretty exhausted though so I fell asleep quickly ... thinking and dreaming ...

I'm driving along a highway, it's night. I look at the car I'm driving and notice that it's not an average car. It's got a radar gun in it and a small computer. I'm driving a cop car! I see a red Corvette in front of me and through the back I can see lots of brown flowing hair. I flip the switch above my head and the siren starts to wail. The corvette slowly pulls over to the side of the highway. I get out of the car and walk slowly up to the window.

I tap on the glass. "Do you know why I stopped you at two in the morning?", I question without looking at the driver. When I look inside the car I see this beautiful woman starring at me. Her face is so familiar, like we've met before. Then it hits me, it's Tawny! She's wearing cut off jeans and a short top I could see her legs and her pert breasts nicely.

Tawny whispers, "I was going to fast, right officer?".

I slowly nod my head up and down. "Have you been drinking tonight, miss?", I interrogate. She shakes her head, signifying no. "Please step out of the vehicle", I ask.

She opens the door and steps out revealing her long legs and slender curves. She chuckles, "I love a man in uniform!"

"Are you getting smart with me miss? Put both hands on the car, NOW!", I command. She puts both hands on the car and then proceeds to bend over, spreading her legs and showing me her beautifully round ass. She starts to sway it back and forth as if to taunt me.

"You don't need to give me a ticket, Sir. We can work it all out right here." I feel my body tingle a little as the blood pressure starts to climb. "Aren't you going to check and see if I'm carrying anything illegal?" I snap out of watching her ass and start to pat her down. The arms, under her chest, the sides of her breasts and down the outside of her leg. My hands slide up her inner leg and she immediately grabs hem and forces my hands onto her crotch. She has already soaked her jeans! She looks back at me and then at the baton I have at my side. Tawny unbuttons her jeans and begins to slowly roll them down revealing her bare ass. She leans on the car and spreads her pussy lips for me. In an instant I grab my baton and place the tip of it on her cunt. Before she can even respond, or make any comment good or bad, I slide the black baton half way up her wet hole. She lets out a gigantic scream as I start to push the prick shaped object back and forth inside her. She stretches her arms against the car trying to grip something. She moans with ecstasy as I look at the baton and see her juices drip all the way down it to my hand. She quickly turns around and grabs the baton. She opens up her mouth and licks it tasting herself. She then lifts her shirt above her tits and rubs them together. I can hear cars whizzing by in the background.

I open the door to her Corvette and toss her inside. I watch as she gets completely naked. She wipes up some of the cum that had dripped down her leg as I put my hand against my leg and feel some metal. As I look down I see shiny handcuffs. I take them off my belt and slap one cuff on her wrist. She moans just from the thought of being restrained. I force her to the arm rest and slide the cuff through the hole. I cuff her other wrist so that she's stuck to the door. I then pull her legs so that she's lying flat across the two front seats. She wiggles and squirms.

Lying on her back she opens up her legs. "I like to drive a stick shift", she says as she takes the gearshift and begins to mount it. I watch in amusement as she teases herself not being able to take it in. I undo my pants and let them drop to my ankles. I take her legs, part them and I slide my cock inside her already wet hole. I begin to fuck her hard and fast. I get deep inside her and then force myself in a little bit deeper. She moans and pants as she wiggles, restrained by the cuffs. She starts to push herself on my rock hard cock as one of my hand reaches down and begins to work her clit. I slam and rub her as hard as I can. In and out ... faster and faster. Sweat is running off of both our foreheads. I feel my balls stiffen as I shoot all my load inside her hot pussy as she cums all over my cock.

And then I wake up ...

Sweet dreams are made of these ...

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