Suzie Sucks

This particular day Suzie is wearing thissexy one piece jump suit that catches my eye every time she passesby or enters my office. Several times through out the day I findmyself thinking about what it would be like to bed her down andfinding it hard to hide my hardon. We both end up working late.Suzie typing, filing, and answering the phone. Trying to keep aheadof the paper work. Me working on many of the engineering detailsthat go into many of the projects that I am involved in.

Everyone else has gone for the day so we are by ourselves.Suzie passes my office again on the way to do some more filing. Iglance up and she smiles at me. The fabric of her jump suitenhances the cure of her breasts and ass. I'd looked at that asscoming and going seeing the outline of her bikini panties manytimes today. I think that the absence of pantie lines is sexierbut what the hay an ass covered with lace panties is sexy too.Well I just can't take it any more. I get up from my desk andfollow her into the other office. As I walk down the hall I haveto adjust the angle of my cock in my pants because it was bentover in the middle and very uncomfortable. Suzie is standing infront of one of the file cabinets putting files into the topdrawer.

As I enter the office she turns and smiles at me but continues to put files away. I step up behind her slipping my armsaround her. One around her waist and the other I slip up and cupher breast with my hand. Pressing my hard tool between the cheeksof her ass I expect her to scream and slap my face. I also figured it would be the end of my job for making sexual advances.The way my balls ached I didn't care. I needed a good fuck andthought nothing ventured nothing gained. Man was I surprised!!Instead of turning around and slapping my face she pressed her asseven harder against my iron hard cock and moaned as I felt hernipple harden against the palm of my hand.

With that encouragement I continued to lightly squeeze herbreast and pinch her nipple. My other hand slid toward that moundat the junction of her slender legs. When my hand reached herlove mound I pressed my fingers into her fabric covered slit.There I received my second surprise. I felt the dampness of herarousal that had already soaked through and the warmth of her hotpussy. Suzie softly moaned again as she alternated pressing her assagainst my tool and cunt against my hand. My cock ached to haverelease so I turned her around and brought my lips to hers drivingmy tongue into her mouth. I continued to caress her breast and Ipressed my love tool against her. Her nipples stood out againstthe cloth that covered her tits burning hard against the palm ofmy hand and the small damp spot between her legs grew larger.There we stood in that small office humping against each otherlike two animals in heat.

I reached behind her, pulled down the zipper of her jump suitand unhooked her bra. As I pulled the material off her shouldersrevealing those hard upturned nipples she said, "Jim we shouldn'tbe doing this." I said, "Baby, I need you. My cock aches foryou. Feel how hard it is." With that I felt her reach for mylong hard shaft. I cupped Suzie's naked breasts and tweaked hernipples as she squeezed the length of my cock through my pants. Ialmost came right then and there. My mind almost refuses tobelieve that Suzie, with her short blond hair, green eyes andmodel's figure and I were together like this.

I began to plant kisses on her neck and upper chest workingmy way to her pert breasts and hot nipples. All the while she isrubbing the length of my bursting cock. As my lips touched hernipple she moaned, "Oh, Suck iiittttttt." and I did just that.Sucking that hard hot bud between my lips I gently scraped it withmy teeth. Suzie pressed me harder against her tit pushing more ofit into my mouth. I eagerly sucked it in tonguing that hard button at the same time. Switching tits I gave the other one similartreatment.

Suzie was no silent lover. All the time animalistic soundscame from deep in her throat. I licked her breasts and sucked hernipples for some time. Suzie just got hotter and hotter. Shepressed down on my head which I took as a cue to move a littlelower. As I licked my way lower I peeled the jump suit from herbody. I reached her navel and pushed my tongue into that indentation. Giving her a hint of what was yet to come. As I licked hernavel making fucking motions with my tongue I pushed the jump suitto the floor revealing the panties which covered her love hole.Hooking my fingers into the waistband I stripped them from her.Here she was before me totally naked. I could now smell the odorof her arousal. It made my cock throb all the more. Never had mycock felt so hard or hurt so much from arousal. I continued myassault on her navel but my fingers explored the dark fur thatcovered her love mound. Suzie stepped out of the pile of clothes ather feet and opened her legs slightly to allow my fingers to movecloser to her most secret place. She shuddered as my fingertipsreached and slid across the outer lips of her hot love hole. Igently pushed one of my fingers into her not knowing how tight shewould be and not wanting to hurt her. It slip in easily only dewto the dampness that lubricated her. My tongue and finger bothmade fucking motions bringing her even closer to her first orgasm.She spread her legs wider to allow me more freedom in my movements. I pressed my thumb against her clit which was not hard tofind as it stood erect and peeked from between her cunt lips. Theinstant my thumb touched that hot bud she had her first orgasm.It started as a low growl in her throat but ended with the wallsof her cunt gripping my finger. I knew that this fuck was goingto be the best that I had ever had.

I took her to the desk where we pushed everything onto thefloor. As she perched her ass on the desk I stood before her.Together we stripped my clothes from me. She let out a gasp ofsurprise as she got her first glimpse of my love tool. She provably would have laughed had she seen it in its flaccid state.Because sometimes it is as short as 2 inches. But turned on as Iwas it had reached its full 7 1/2 inches in length and was nearlythe six inches around, well above the average. I figured that shedidn't expect a cock that big on a guy only five foot six. Istepped between her legs and my long hot dick poked her in theabdomen. Looking into my eyes she reached for it her small handnot even able to go all the way around. The cum boiled in myballs as she stroked the skin of my cock back and forth. I feltlike a teenager getting my first piece of ass. I was ready toblow my load and hadn't even gotten close to soaking my joint inher hot love tunnel.

I gently extricated my cock from her hand and gently laid herdown on the desk. This allowed my aching cock to cool a little sothat I wouldn't be embarrassed by blowing my cork like a youngkid. But it also gave me a chance to get another looked at what Iwas about to enjoy and hoped that she would enjoy too. The fur onher mound did not hide the puffy dark pink lips of her slit. Iknelt between her legs to get a closer look at every mans wetdream. I began to plant kisses on her soft thighs. Kissing andlicking my way toward my goal caused her to moan with want. Sheplaced her hands on my head and at first she seemed to keep mefrom putting my lips against hers. But after a short time justthe opposite happened and she was pulling me even closer. FinallyI pushed he legs up and back toward her shoulders. This causedthe pink lips of her sex to open like a blossoming rose invitingme to continue my quest to taste that honey nectar and bring herto yet another orgasm. I put my thumbs on either side of her slitopening it even more. As I leaned toward my goal I could see thatshe was more that ready for anything that I had in mind. The wetness flowed from her honey hole and puddled at the bottom of thatopening. Her sexual odor reached my nostrils and I could wait nomore. I put my mouth on her cunt and sucked her love juices fromher. She came almost instantly and I could feel the walls of herpussy contract on my tongue as I pushed it into her. An orgasmicscream came from deep in her throat. Her second orgasm subsidedbut I was not through. I wanted her to remember this meeting fora long time. I stroked my tongue from the bottom of her slit allthe way to the top. As I reached the top, my tongue caressed herclit which stuck out like a small erect penis, she gasped andshuddered at that touch. I brought her to two more orgasms byalternately sucking and licking her clit.

I knew she could have gone on for some time, but my cockagain hurt from a need for release. I stood an pointed my longfat tool toward her hot hole. She wrapped her hand around my deepveined cock and said in a husky lust filled voice, "Please fuckme, but don't hurt me. Your cock is so big." As I leaned towardher she guided my iron rod into her. The head of my dick touchedthat hot wet tunnel and I wanted to drive every inch into her onthe first thrust. But the feel of her hand guiding me reminded meof her plea for tenderness so I was able to hold back pushing onlythe red knob of my cock head into her. She moaned as our sexorgans became one. As I pushed more and more of my meat into herhot cunt she raised her ass from the desk taking everything I had.Once our pubic hairs entwined and my heavy balls laid against herass she released the breath she was holding. I slowly pulled mycock out of her and the lips of her cunt clung to my tool stretching as her hot hole slowly gave up my meat. I began to push backin just as my tool reached the mouth of her cunt. Long slowstrokes. With every in stroke Suzie raised her ass to meet mythrusts. As she became accustomed to my size she pushed up witheven more force and I pushed into her even harder forcing her assback to the desk top with each thrust, my balls slapping her assas I hit bottom.

Finally I could hold out no longer. With one final lunge Iburied my burning shaft into her. My cum boiled in my balls. Asshe felt my cock expand and contract with my orgasm she too camewith the strongest orgasm yet. I could feel the walls of her holesqueeze me as her cunt milked my tool. My cum boiled in heradding heat to the fire which melted my cock. I collapsed on herheaving breasts from the force of our orgasm. Finally my softtool slipped from her. We dressed and straightened the officehoping that we left no evidence of our act.