Susan's Lesbian Lover

By Jason

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I was sitting around the house one evening all by myself; the rest of the family had gone down to Norfolk to visit relatives for the weekend. My boyfriend was also out of town too but he went to a swimming meet. I was feeling pretty horny, and wished he was around to let me taste his wonderful cock. He's got a beautiful eight inch prick, when it's hard, and his stiff member never ceases to amaze me. He can stay hard for hours, it seems, and he's one of the few uncircumcised men I've ever known. The flesh enveloping the head of his cock turns me on incredibly!

I mixed myself a screwdriver and decided I'd have to take matters into my own hands if I was going to find sexual relief that evening. I decided to call my friend Lorie and see if she wanted to come over. She and I sometimes like to watch X-rated videos together, and it seemed like the perfect evening for it.

She answered the phone, and told me that she could be over in about an hour. That gave me plenty of time to get ready so I went up stairs to put on something provocative. I really like wearing sexy lingerie, so I stripped off my skirt and blouse and went to the dresser. I picked out a black-lace garter belt, some sheer black stockings, a pair of satin bikini panties, and a very pretty black half-cup bra. I had just purchased the set at Victoria's Secret and thought I would thy them on for size, if you know what I mean.

I topped off the outfit with a snug fitting, low cut blouse and short skirt. I looked and felt like a real hot little slut as I anticipated Lorie's arrival.

I went to the closet and got my "Toy Box" down from the shelf. It contained my collection of dildoes and other sex toys. I tucked the box under my arm and took it back to the living room, tucking it under the coffee table where it would be out of the way until I was ready for it.

Lorie arrived after about fifteen minutes, and I had my an assortment of X-rated tapes lined up next to the VCR. While Lorie checked out the tapes, I went into the kitchen and mixed us each a cocktail. When I returned, Lorie was sitting on the couch rolling a joint with some grass that she had brought.

"Susan, I thought you might like a smoke", she asked, handing me the pencil thin, nicely rolled, joint.

"Thanks, did you pick out a tape", I asked Lorie, handing her her drink.

"Yeah, I did," she answered. "Let's watch `Deep Throat'. I know we've seen it before, but I really like to watch her suck all that cock!", she said, lighting the slim joint. I put the tape in the VCR as Lorie stepped over and handed me the joint. I took a drag, drawing the smoke deep into my lungs, and immediately felt the effect of the sweet tasting pot. I hadn't had any really good grass in a while, and it was a real treat. I sat in the armchair and Lorie laid back on the couch as we watched the story on TV.

The movie showed an orgy with a brunette was on her knees sucking this very hard, well hung stud. He was laying on his back with his cock firmly planted deep into her throat as her lips seemed to float over his prick. The girl was getting fucked from the ass by one guy, a second, third and forth guy stood on the side jacking off. We both paused anxiously watching as the first guy pulled out of her ass and shot a huge load of cum all over her back, followed shortly by the second guy shooting his load on her face as the third, forth and fifth came in her her face and hair. All in all, a great scene.

I glanced over at Lorie and I could tell she was starting the get excited as she was squirming while she watched the screen intently. She obviously wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples were getting hard and pressing against her skin tight two-piece leotard. Lorie has beautiful breasts, and I was getting more turned on watching her than looking at the show.

"Oh ... Look at that great cock", she exclaimed. "I wish I had a cock like that to enjoy!"

"Would you like to suck a cock that big", I asked her?

"That BIG! of BIGGER!", she exclaimed. "The bigger, the better for me! I've never seen a cock so big I couldn't handle!" Lorie began to roll another joint and I watched her fingers delicately rolled the paper. She has beautifully manicured nails, long slender fingers and her hands were quite elegant. I had one eye on the TV screen, watching the girls fucking and sucking with great abandon and one on Lorie, doing her job rolling the dope.

I could feel my cunt getting wet and moved my legs to ease the itch. I went to the kitchen to mix us another cocktail while Lorie finished the joint. I was standing at the counter and I couldn't help but to slip my finger into my wet pussy and run the itch while I listened to the sucking sound coming from the movie. It felt so nice and I knew it wouldn't I was ready for some serious sex.

When I returned I saw that Lorie had one hand under the hem of her skirt. I remembered her saying that she didn't really like masturbating, that she preferred to wait until she could latch on to a real cock. I smiled when she glanced up at me, saying, "Oops! You caught me!"

Lorie gave me a shy grin. "No problem", I assured her, as I handed her the cocktail. "I've been doing the same thing in the Kitchen, waiting for you to loosen up. Doesn't it feel good, after all? I know it's not a man's stiff cock but, it must feel good." She admitted that it did, and I encouraged her to lie back and continue as I watched. She fired up the second joint, and as we passed it back and forth, Lorie kept one hand in her her pussy and slowly rubbed herself while watching the movie.

We finished the joint and I moved over on the couch next to Lorie. Her hand was feviorishly pushing in her cunt and her legs were spread side. I reached over and pulled up her skirt so that I could see her fingers massaging her wet pussy and clit. Lorie's hand rubbed up and down her slit as she moaned softly. I leaned down so that my face was close to richness and I could smell the pungent sweet juices which she smeared over her thighs and crotch.

I'd never watched another woman so closely, and I was awe struck at the sight of Lorie's fingers gently rubbing and manipulating her clit. I could see the wetness oozing from between her beautiful pink lips and the rich fluid formed in little beads against the fine hair of the bush covered her opening. I could feel the heat rising from her crotch. Lorie's panties had long since been tossed aside, and I reached around and unfastened the catch on her skirt. Without pausing, she lifted her hips from the couch, letting me tug it from under her. I tossed the skirt aside and watched Lorie so intently, that I had completely forgotten the movie. I was barely conscious of the sound in the background, the moaning, slurping, muffled sounds of sex. I was too enthralled with my friends actions to pay much attention to anything wlse.

Watching her was making me hot and wet as hell. I stood up, leaned over kissing Lorie softly on the lips, and did a little strip tease as I passionately lowerd my skirt in front of her. Lorie smiled when she saw my garter belt and stockings, and stopped rubbing herself just long enough to reach over and help me slide my panties down and toss them aside. I grabbed at the hem of my blouse and yanked it over my head. My nipples were hard with excitement and stood out over the lace trim of my pretty half-cup bra. "I love your outfit, Susan", Lorie whispered with a giggle.

Before sitting down, I reached over and slowly pulled Lorie's leotard top up, revealing her beautiful breasts. Lorie's tits are somewhat larger than my own, and I couldn't resist the temptation to fondle touch them. Sitting down next to her, I cupped her left breast in my palm and started squeezing it gently. I let go of her tit and gently rubbed my pussy, collecting the sweet juice. Again, I rubbed her nipple, but this time my fingers massaged the pink point of her nipple between my slippery fingers. With my other hand I started rubbing my pussy which was already soaked and found it easy to slid two fingers into my hot slit. I had Lorie's nipple between my fingers so I slowly rolled it back and forth, tugging gently. She was moaning softly now, lying back with her eyes closed and enjoying my carresses.

"Oh, Susan", Lorie moaned. "That feels so good! Oh, I wish you had a cock so that I could feel you inside me!" I'd almost forgotten the Toy Box I'd put under the table so I immediately reached down and pulled it out, setting it on top of the coffee table. I opend the lid and asked Lorie to take her pick. She smiled with glee as I began setting my collection of dildoes and other items on the table. She grabbed my largest tool, a ten inch black rubber cock, and started rubbing it against her cunt. The shaft parted her pussy lips as she rubbed the length of the shaft up and down her pink lips until it was soaked with her juice. Then, as I lowered my head for a closer look, she placed the head of the rubber cock near her ass hole and gently pressed the tip of the shaft into her opening. She withdrew the dildo briefly and then pressed it forward once again, this time a little deeper. She slid the shaft in and out of her tight ass, going a but deeper with each stroke, until she had a good eight inches inside. Almost the full length was burried inside of her as she paused and began wiggling her hips, grinding the rubber cock against the inside of her ass and forcing massive cock yet deeper inside.

My favorite was a strawberry colored vibrator with a marble like finish. It was smooth and had a strong vibration. I turned it on and placed the tip into Lorie's cunt. I pushed slightly as she raised her leg, giving my hand better access to her dripping pussy. I looked up at the two objects intide Lorie and listened to her moan as we each pushed on in and out of her holes in tempo. It was the sexiest sight I have ever seen.

As she busily fucked her ass, I reached over and began to rub her clit as the vibrator buszzed inside her cunt. I looked up and Lorie who was lying back on the couch with her eyes closed, enjoying every moment and every sensation. Slowly, tentatively, I moved my mouth closer to her crotch, gently removed the vibrator and inserted my tongue. Getting no protest, I started to lick the juices that were oozing from her soft pussy-lips, slowly moving to her clit and taking it between my teeth. She continued sliding the huge rubber cock in and out of her ass as I sucked and nibbled on her pencil-like clit. "Oh ... Susan', she moaned softly as she pushed my head hard into her crotch. "Oh ... that feels so good ... mmmm ... yes .... oh ... yes", Lorie sighed. I could tell that my friend was approaching her climax, and it wasn't long before I felt her thighs tighten as she raised herself from the couch. She was moving the dildo in long, hard strokes now, and as she began to cum, she plunged it into her ass to the hilt as my mouth clung to her clit like a suckling baby to it's mothers nipple. "Oh ... God!", she screamed. "Oh ... yes! ... Suck me ... Fuck me ... I'm coming! Ohhhhhhh!", Lorie cried as she squeezed my head between her wet thighs.

Lori trembles with her orgasm for several minutes as I sucked and licked her cum. It seemed an eternity before she relaxed and opened her eyes. My tongue was still licking at her clit, and I had eagerly licked up the flood of juice that had flowed from her cunt. I took her hand from the dildo and slowly slid it from her ass, wiggling it back and forth gently while as the huge rubber cock withdrew. I could hear the air pass between her skin and the rubber making a slurping sound like someone drinking from an empty cup with a straw. Lorie clincked her teeth, moaning as the dildo jumped in my hand as the head left her ass and the hole popped shut.

My lips still sucked her clit while I fingered my own cunt, pushing my fingers deep inside as my juice gushed through them. I replaced :orie's wonderful black toy with two fingers and slowly penetrated her ass. I lowered my head, sticking my tongue into her steaming cunt. I curled my fingers like a claw and pulled the inside of her ass, rubbing the tip of my tongue that was burined deep in her cunt. I'd never eaten another woman's pussy this way, sucking her cunt, fingering her ass, fingering my own pussy. It was paradise.

I knew that Lorie had ever been eaten in such a manner. She moaned and cried as she and I became hotter and more arroused. I licked Lorie with long strokes of my tongue, eagerly lapping up her sweet-tasting juices. She tasted stronger than remember my own juices tasting, so, I brought my fingers from my pussy and licked my cum ... then hers ... then mine ... as if I were at a pussy juice tasting. The flavors lingered on my tongue and the taste and aroma filled my mind.

I returned to the object of my fascination, Lorie's cunt, and ran my tongue up and down between her soft pink lips, occasionally darting into her hole and across her clit until she started moaning louder. "Oh, Susan ... that's ... so ... good! Oh, Susan ... your tongue ... feels so nice! I've never ... never ,,, never been eaten like this ... never", she whispered softly.

In a short while she tensed once again and I drank her rich, sweet, hot cum as she climaxed. Lorie collapsed on the couch, spent from the excitement, and rested with her eyes closed. The videotape had ended at some point, but I had no idea when. The screen was fuzzy and the sound static, but we had not seen nor heard. While Lorie recovered I stood up and unfasted my bra. I slipped the cups from my breasts and tossed the garment on the floor. Clad only in my garter belt and stockings, I sat next to Lorie and took her in my head in my arms, kissing her softly on the lips. When our lips met her tongue lashed out at mine. We embraced and held each other as we kissed. Her soft lips, her smooth flesh, the very idea of making love to another woman, excited me beyond belief. I could feel drops of juice running down my thighs as my tongue lingered in Lorie's mouth. She sucked the length of my tongue, pulling it inside as her liks milked the length as if it were a stiff cock.

"Lorie, would you make love to me", I asked softly?

Without a word, she changed positions and placed her head on my thigh. She reached up with her fingers and started rubbing my clit lightly, spreading my pussy lips with two fingers. She had the same rubber cock that she had enjoyed and she started rubbing the head against my ass. I lowered my hand, pushing my wonderful toy aside. She released the black rubber cock and I pulled her hand toward my ass.

"I want you inside me, Lorie. I want your fingers in me", I whispered, pushing her hand against my cheeks.

Softly and slowly I relaxed as her fingers slid into my ass and her lips sucked on my cock-like clit. Lorie pressed her tongue into my cunt and drove her fingers deep into my ass as I held her by the ears and pushed her head against my hairy pussy.

"Now ... the cock", I whispered. "I want you and the cock in me."

Lori removed her fingers and picked up the giant member which was still wet with her juices. The cock was so large that it almost me open as she pushed the head past my opening and the smooth prick slide deep into me. A few deft strokes it was inside my ass and Lorie slowly worked the huge shaft in and out of me, pushing deeper and deeper with each thrust. My ass stretched and her finger slid along the side of the cock that was totally imbedded in my insides. It felt so good to get fucked like this by one of my best friends! While she worked the wonderful dildo in and out of my hot ass, Lorie reached up and squeezed and teased my nipples and breasts with her free hand.

"Squeeze ... hard ... Please ... Lorie, please torture my tits", I pleaded as she pinched my hot nipple with her fingernails. "Oh ... Yes", I pleaded some more, " ... harder!"

I love my breasts squeezed and my nipples pinched but I never loved it like this. I felt the pressure building inside of me and I felt like a balloon ready to explode. My skin stretched and it was only a moment until my body shuddered in tremendous orgasm. Waves of passion shot wildly through my soul as my ass tightened on the wonderful plug and the cum flowed into Lories mouth. "Oh ... God ... I ... Love ... You ...", I screamed as her lips held my clit. I pulled on my cunt and drove my fingers inside of my pussy as I felt the rubber shaft being withdrawn. I was in extacy as Lorie replaced the phoney cock with her tongue and liked from my ass to my cunt over my soft skin. She licked and nibbled at my soaked pussy, across the space to my sore ass, in my hole, over my cheeks her tongue passed. I took my fingers from my cunt and grabbed Lorie by the hair and drove her head into my womanhood. Her tongue darted in and out of my hole and finally her lips found my clit and sucked hard. "Bite me ... please ... Lorie ... please bite my clit", I moaned as her teeth squeezed the swolllen love pencil. "Please ... Lorie ... Please ... i love you", I moaned as tears ran down my face from pain or joy?

I couldn't move so just laid back and enjoyed her softness. I was extracted from my fantasy by the soft buzz and the slight pressure at the opening of my sore asshole. Lorie had my favorite marble-like vibrator in one hand and was pressing it into my ass. My muscles tightened momentarily, then relaxed as the tip of the shaft went in. I had never used a vibrator in my ass and the tingle sent shivers through my body. I spread my legs, allowing Lorie full access. It was more than exciting as I relaxed while the pulsating slender prick-like toy slipped into my already spread open hole. I did my best to relax and soon Lorie had slim plastic shaft fully inside of me. She hardly missed a lick with her tongue as she slowly worked the strong vib' in and out of my ass as she sucked my cunt. The combined sensations were a total delight! I lay motionless and let Lorie play with me and I enjoyed my second magnificent orgasm of the evening.

It seemed like hours that I lay holding Lorie as we half-slumbered in each others arms. Finally she had enough strength to turn off the TV and switch on the CD's as we listened to jazz. Even though her hands were shaking, Lorie rolled a joint and I fixed us each another cocktail.

Lorie and I went to bed and spent a very nice night. We never smoked her joint nor drank the drinks. We held each other close.

I'm not sure of Lorie, but, I dreamed of another night and another flick.

I think she did too.

If so, I'll tell you about it.

Love, Susan!

P.S. As the Sexy Devil who edited this file, my cock sprang to attention. As I read, the stiffness was uncomfortable inside shorts so I took them off and sat at my computer naked. While I read the story, making some minor changes, I would stroke my cock with my left hand as I typed with my right. The story of Susie and Lorie was so hot I stroked my cock faster as I read their adventure. I imagined being there with these two wonderful ladies as they experienced their sexual pleasure. As the two of them sucked and fucked each other I stroked my cock faster and harder. As they both reached their orgasm ... so did I. As they came ... I came also. As they sucked on each others cunts ... I sucked my cum from my fingers. I imagined that Lorie and Susan both started licking and sucking my cock as I shot a huge load of hot cum in the the air.

Thanks ... Susie ... a GREAT story!!!!


P.S.S. As the Sexy Mistress who edited Jason's account of Susan and Lorie, my pussy got so wet that I had to stop in the middle and finger fuck myself. While I was creaming in my palms, Dungeonmaster came in and read the story. Placing me over the desk he rammed him stiff cock in my ass and fucked me crazy. Thanks, Susie ... Love, Monica

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