Secretarial Super-Slut

By Pobox Busboy

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Let me tell you how I first met Sarah. I was working as the Manager of a small computer dealership in the UK when my boss suggested that I cut my workload by taking on a secretary. I didn't have time to interview, and so my boss (who did have time) undertook the task of locating someone with the right skills for the job. It wasn't long before he introduced me to a stunning young 19 year old girl who had convinced him that she was the woman for the job.

Sarah was around 5'10" tall, slim built, with an amazing figure ... and she was efficient to boot! Within a fortnight she'd totally reorganised my office and I soon came to rely on her assistance in all administration matters.

Although I fancied the pants off her I was convinced that she didn't like me; I was a hard boss to please, and sometimes even my colleagues had cause to mention they thought I was a bit tough with her, ordering her to work late hours performing the most menial of tasks. To be honest, I didn't give a fuck; Sarah was employed to do my bidding, and do my bidding she would, morning noon and night, without a hint of complaint. Far and away she was the best assistant I'd ever had, and as Christmas approached I resolved to show her my appreciation by presenting her with a gift of a diamond studded wristwatch.

At the office Christmas party she accepted the gift happily, and smiled as she insisted that she would give me my present later that evening. As the evening wore on it became clear that few of the male members of staff were going to be in a fit state to drive home, so with her usual air of command and organise, Sarah contacted a local hotel and booked half a dozen rooms, and before she went home herself, she contacted our wives to let them know that we probably wouldn't be home that night.

With the booze starting to wear off I accompanied my colleagues to the hotel where we dutifully took our turns at the reception desk to collect our keys.

When my turn came the receptionist smiled at me and said, "Your wife has already checked in, room 202, sir!"

No one was more surprised than me. My wife was the last person in the world to up-sticks at a moments notice and travel fifty miles to spend the night in a hotel room with a semi-sober husband!

The mystery became clear when upon opening the door of room 202. My colleagues and I were greeted by the sight of sultry Sarah, standing demurely at the door in a very sexy black negligee, slowly running a brush through her mass of dark auburn hair. As our eyes met, Sarah smiled and said "come and get your Christmas present". My jaw dropped, as did those of my colleagues, and it was the most I could do to force them out of the doorway as I made my way towards her. Sarah closed the door on the rest of the guys and as they banged demandingly on the door she simply called through to them, saying, "you might get sloppy seconds ... if the Boss doesn't mind ....". And, with that she fell into my arms, kissing me hotly on the lips and hugging me tight as if I was the love of her life.

"Sarah," I said, "if you're doing this because I bought you the watch ..." Sarah put a finger to my lips as if to silence me.

"Of course not" she said. "I've wanted you from the moment you gave my your first order! It's the first time I've met a man who knew how to treat me without being told." I was nonplussed for a moment.

"You mean you LIKE being ordered around?" I asked.

Sarah grinned. "Actually I like being PUSHED around, too. Fred, my boyfriend, well he's too soft. Yeah, he's got a big prick, but he's no idea what to do with it. Once a night in my cunt is enough for him!" Sarah ran her fingers down the front of my trousers, tracing the outline of my rapidly stiffening prick. "I get the impression that you'll have far more imagination than that!"

Again we kissed, this time more passionately, and my hands came to rest on her arse and tits respectively, squeezing both quite firmly. Sarah responded automatically, rubbing her mound against my thigh, breathing heavily as the sex started to swell within her.

"God, Sarah, I want to fuck you!" I admitted.

"And you're going to" she agreed, "but just don't be too gentle with me!"

Moments later we were on the bed, and Sarah wasted no time in ridding me of my clothes. Soon, I was naked, and she wasted no time in kissing her way down my body, taking my solid prick in her mouth, nibbling and kissing at the knob.

"Sarah, if you carry on like that you'll make me come before I've had a chance to stick it in you!"

She stopped her action long enough to mutter. "That's exactly what I want. I want your stuff in my mouth first. That way, when you do fuck me, you'll be able to last a long, long time. After that I want your semen in my womb, up my arse and all over my body. I want to go home to my boyfriend with your muck in me so that when he fucks me I can remember how I've cheated on him."

I was quickly coming to realise that my pretty, efficient young secretary, fifteen years my junior, was in actual fact the biggest slut I'd ever met. Without a moments more hesitation I pushed her onto her back on the bed and, straddling her chest. I pushed my dick deep into her mouth, knowing that before long she'd be swallowing my salt.

"Oh please," she mumbled, spitting my prick out, "let me do the work!"

"Shut up, bitch" I told her, "do as you're fucking told and open your mouth wide!" Sarah sighed and I knew that this was exactly what she wanted. She needed to be told what to do, rather than be asked. Dutifully she lay her head back and opened her mouth wide as I began wanking my prick, not two inches from her face.

"Sarah, you're a fucking slut", I told her as I felt my cum start to rise in my balls. I small dribble of pre-cum started to leak from my prick, and Sarah stuck out her tongue to taste it. That was it, I could take no more of her filthy behaviour, and as the tip of her tongue touched the tip of my prick I began to unload, shooting stream upon stream of hot jism into her mouth and over her face.

Startled by my sudden ejaculation, Sarah instinctively turned her head. With one hand still pumping my prick I used the other to roughly pull her hair, making it impossible for her to move. "You little bitch, don't you look away from me when I want to come on your face. Open your mouth, you whore!" Obligingly, she did, taking my remaining seed onto her tongue, savouring it before swallowing hard. As my flow subsided I wiped my sticky penis over her lovely hair, matting it with goo, and then used my knob to smear her perfect make-up before climbing off her.

Lying on the bed, still wearing the black negligee, now liberally smeared with my spunk, I saw just how beautiful she was, and instantly fell in love with her. Sarah used the back of her hand to wipe the last few drops of spunk from her lips before she looked at me, eyes full of lust.

"Jesus" she breathed, sexily "that was disgusing. You bastard! You'd better fuck me good after doing that to me!"

I sneered at her, determined that now I knew what kind of a girl she was, then that was how I would henceforth treat her.

"Oh, don't worry about that" I replied, "I'll fuck you better than you've ever had it before. But ... of course there's a catch ...."

And before she could react, I quickly opened the door of the hotel room whereupon my drunken workmates piled in.

".... You're going to have to screw all of these guys first .... !"

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