One Hot Summer Night

By ‡ˆΏˆ†he§@in†ˆΏˆ‡

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Last summer, on my thirty-sixth birthday, my wife and I went on vacation Florida. On our way home we stop just off of interstate 95 in North Carolina to spend the night. We got our motel room at about three in the afternoon and, with a few snacks and a bottle of wine, we headed off to the pool to enjoy the sun.

After our swim, we sat back and enjoyed some wine and we both were feeling a little horny. Another couple unexpectedly joined us. Since our motel was almost empty, we were the only people at the pool. The woman was a vision of shear beauty, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a thirty-eight inch bust, at least. Both her hair and her legs were long and golden. She had on a very skimpy bikini that barely concealed her breasts and beautiful ass. She swam laps while her tall, lanky husband laid by the pool and drank his beer, not saying a word. As she and my wife chatted, I studied her glorious body and got hornier and hornier.

Finally, the other couple left the pool and my wife and I gathered our things together and went back to our room. The air conditioner wasn't working properly, so I went back to the office to report it. The girl in the office wore an outlandish outfit and too much makeup, said she'd send someone to fix it.

When I returned to our room, I found my wife, Samantha, sitting seductively in the middle of the bed, naked and ready, sipping a glass of wine. Samantha, I call her Sam, is thirty-eight years old, has a beautiful face and hair, and her five-foot-seven figure is perfect. Her rather puritanical midwestern upbringing had colored her ideas about sex. For instance, she didn't like me to eat her pussy because she thought such a practice was " dirty and sinful". Although, later she admitted she'd really disliked it because she couldn't get off when I did eat her. She had sucked my prick only once in fourteen years. In the motel room, however, she startled me by saying she wanted my cock in her mouth.

I tore off my bathing suit and jump in bed. We tangled tongues in a long hot passionate kiss while I fondled her firm breasts and pinched her nipples. She eagerly took my cock into her mouth until it grew to big and fat for her.

While Sam squeezed my cock, I gently rolled and pinched her clit. I slipped one, than two fingers into her juicy cunt. She was hot and ready. Realizing there was no chance of her letting me eat her when she was at this stage, I asked her to get my cock-head good and wet with saliva. When she'd done this, I pushed her down gently on her back.

It is sometimes difficult to get my cock into her tight pussy, but now it slid in easily and I immediately became aware of just how hot she really was. Her dripping cunt was as hot as an oven. This was surely going to be an evening to remember. Little did I know how memorable it would truly be.

Sam locked her legs around me and began thrusting furiously with her hips. Before I had even really started, she experienced her first orgasm and screamed with pleasure. I settled into a steady pace of deep thrusting into her fiery depths, and she had four orgasms in the next five minutes. As usual, though, despite her enthusiasm, I was not getting close to a cumming. I do enjoy giving her so much pleasure, however, as we fucked in four different positions and wound up lying across the bed, with her on top of me, dangling her legs off the mattress.

That's when we noticed a woman standing in our doorway, the one from the motel office, still wearing her garish outfit. She must have been watching for quite awhile because she had a feverish look on her face. Sam dropped the second bombshell of the evening by saying, "Either come in and join us or leave. You're letting the hot air in."

The intruder came in, closed the door and stood watching us. I was amazed when Sam resumed the movements of her pelvis on my cock. She seemed really to enjoy having someone watch us. Enjoying it too, as I made long upward thrusts into her burning snatch.

Still standing at the door, the girl was rubbing her pussy through her clothes and squeezing her breasts. Her eyes were glued on us as I gave her a warm smile and a look that said, "Come on and join us." She responded immediately as she dropped her pants to the floor. Her shapely legs and slender hips came into view and I could see that she had no panties on and her dark pubic hair stood out boldly against her white skin. When she removed her sloppy top, she revealed even more breathtaking treasures, large firm breasts with dark brown areolas and hard nipples. As she removed the pins from her upswept hair, it cascaded over her shoulders. She was a prefect shape, about five feet five inches tall and maybe twenty years old. The only fault was her excessive makeup, but I detected fine bone structure. She stepped over to the bed, turned her back to my wife, straddled my head and lowered her hot pussy right down upon my face.

With a dreamy look on her face she said, "Hi ! I'm Debbie."

As I began lapping her cunt I mumbled " ... Hi Debbie!"

There was no hair around Debbie's cunt lips as there was on her well trimmed pubic mound. I dug into her cleft with my tongue, found her clit and suck and nibbled on it. She wiggled her bottom all over my face. I was in seventh heaven. For the first time I was fucking and eating pussy at the same time.

Sam had, in the mean while, placed her hands on Debbie's shoulders and, as Debbie rode off to never-never land, Sam pressed her breasts into her back as Debbie leaned back against her. Sam began to moan and grasp for breath, as she's wont to do in the throes of a really good orgasm. When her spasms stopped, she fell over on her side and curled up with her pussy shining wetly between her legs. Debbie kept grinding her cunt into my face until she had at least two more orgasm in quick succession, which caused her to moan and groan deep in her throat.

As she approached her third climax, she glanced around at Sam and said to me, "Your wife has a gorgeous pussy. Do you think she would let me suck it?"

Before I could answer, Sam sat up and said, "No way! Why don't you just fuck my husband and be content with that?"

Moving my soaked face away from Debbie's steaming snatch, I said, "Fine with me", and deftly rolled her over onto her back beside Sam and stabbed my raging hard cock into her hole. Debbie groaned again, threw her legs up over my shoulders and launched into a fast ride with me to paradise as Sam watched my stiff cock slip in and out of her hungry ass.

At first it was strange, lying there beside my wife, fucking another woman, but when Sam reached down and began caressing my balls, it was heaven. Debbie grunted ecstatically with every thrust I made and screamed out load during two more orgasms. Although she had the tightest cunt I'd ever been in, I was still no where near a climax. When I asked her to let me fuck her doggie-style, she said it was her favorite way. She excitedly got on her hands and knees and helped me insert my cock into her burning ass. She was so good that I was only vaguely aware of all the noise we were making and the fact that her head was banging against the head board, and the head board was striking against the wall, until a thumping arose from the other side of the wall and a load voice said,

"Can you hold it down over there? We can't concentrate on what we are doing!"

Sam, who was up on her knees now, caressing Debbie's shoulders and my balls, dropped the third bombshell by yelling back, "Well, why don't you join us and we'll all concentrate together?" I nearly swallowed my tongue but didn't miss a single stroke into Debbie's gorgeous ass. When there was no response, I returned my full attention to Debbie's pulsating ride and finally ... my impending climax.

Suddenly the door burst open and in came two people, the gorgeous woman I'd seen in the pool and her husband. I nearly fainted as they stepped over Debbie's strewn about clothes and the lady said, "Oh goody! It's the couple from the pool this afternoon. We will join you. And look what I've got for you girls." She reaches over and pulled open her husbands robe. There hung about ten inches of raw prick, still glisten with her juices. Debbie groaned with desire, my wife swallowed audibly and my cock slipped out of Debbie's ass just as I came, shooting my cream all over her back.

Tanya, the ladies name, squealed with delight and slipped out of her robe. Her beautiful body was now completely naked. She crawled onto the bed with me and Sam and Debbie and to clean my cock with her lips and licked any and all sperm with her beautiful mouth. Never one to refuse a lady, I watched her lick and suck my cock, which was slick with Debbie's juices as well as my sperm.

Debbie scrambled off the bed, meanwhile, and fell to her knees in front of her husband Bill, to worship his huge muscle. It had slowly gained enough hardness to stand out straight. It was a good ten inches long as I've said, and about three inches around . The head was purplish and massive. Debbie crammed as much of it as she could into her mouth and sucked feverishly.

Tanya, still doing an excellent job on me with her tongue, was amazed at how hard my cock was. Sam, who was kind of left out for a moment, crawled off to a corner of the bed without once looking away from Bill's giant prick. I knew she yearned to feel it between her legs but was frightened by its size.

Although I wasn't feeling much of Tanya's talented tongue and mouth, I enjoyed squeezing her luscious breasts and feeling her firm young body all up and down. She was twenty-five years old and had a flawless body. And she had a hairless pussy Yes, not a single hair on it, which explains how she could wear that skimpy bikini without any pubes showing.

I just had to get my lips on that slick cunt of hers, so I eased her mouth off my cock and rolled her over. She lay back and spread her legs wide as I put my head between her thighs and looked up the length of her glorious body. I saw a hungry look in her eyes that wasn't there before. She had the most beautiful pussy that I've ever seen. It was so smooth with soft blond cunt hair, trimmed short. Her labia stood out full and wet, gaping open before my eyes, with her juices running down.

I deeply inhaled her sweet aroma and filled my mouth with her cream as I licked and sucked every inch of her wet crotch. Every time I touched her hardened clit, her hips would buck and she would work her cunt tighter against my mouth. She soon came with a long scream that stooped everyone else's action, including Sam, who was actually fingering herself on the corner of the bed.

Debbie and Bill now joined us on the bed and he inserted his horse-cock into her greedy pussy. He grunted, she groaned, and after five minutes or so, she'd managed to get only about eight inches in. Watching this spectacle was more exciting and felt an overpowering need to fuck Tanya. I plunged my hot rod into her hot pussy and we proceeded to screw wildly.

Debbie lasted only ten minutes with Bill. With me, though, Tanya soared through climax after climax and almost passed out once from sheer pleasure. Nevertheless, due to my handicap, I was still not close to coming. Finally, Tanya whispered to me that her favorite way of fucking was doggie-style, taking it in the ass. She promised she would make me come if I fucked her from the rear, Happy to oblige, I eagerly got on my knees behind her. Tanya was so good in this position that, as she'd promised, I did cum. In fact, it only took about five minutes. She had three more orgasms herself as I rubbed her clit with my finger and drove in and out of her cunt with my unflagging cock.

Incredibly, Sam began helping, too, by caressing Tanya's back and shoulders and, once in a while, rather tentatively pinching her nipples. As my big climax came surging into my cock, I pulled out of Tanya. She twisted around to face me as I shot spurt after spurt of hot cream on her face, breasts and stomach. She rubbed it frantically all over her body and into her hot cunt.

Then came the piece de resistance. Bill wanted to fuck my wife. He stood there, waving his telephone pole in front of her face and said that she owed it to herself to try it. Sam admitted that she wanted it in her pussy but was afraid on its size. I told her not to worry, that I that she could handle it and we would all help her.

My reassurance, together with her burning desire, over came Sam's hesitancy. She spread out on the bed and we all gathered around to watch as Bill placed the immense head on his cock against her gaping cunt. I thought for a second that Bill's giant lance would never fit, but as he worked slowly and carefully, it gradually disappeared into Sam's sheath. I kept encouraging Sam to relax her pussy while Debbie and Tanya squeezed her breasts and massaged her body.

I was entranced by what I saw going on between my wife's legs. Her pussy was stretched at least twice as much as ever before. What happen next was paradoxical, moreover, because Sam climaxed a half a dozen times while Bill toiled over her. It was one of the most exciting and passionate experiences of my life ... and hers.

My heart raced and my senses reeled as I watched my wife shed all her sexual inhibitions in order to be fucked for the first time by another man. As Sam and Bill approached a mutual orgasm, I reached to finger her swollen clit. Her poor, stretched pussy seemed to be on fire as Bill's long ramrod pistoned in and out of her cunt. When they came together, Bill shot great gobs of hot cream all over her body.

When we'd regained our composure somewhat, Debbie, standing next to me, said she was amazed that my prick was still hard. She set about restoring it to full strength. I remarked to her what a great situation this was, three beautiful women, two clean shaven pussies, and my wife free on her inhibitions and Bill with his horse-cock. No sooner had I said that than Debbie jumped up and exclaimed, "Holy Shit! Why didn't I think of Jan and Sharon? They both love big cocks." She ran to call them.

During the brief lull in the action, we drank some wine, snacked and took showers. When things started rolling again, Debbie and Tanya drifted into a hot 69 on the floor and Bill started looking around for his next partner. Soon a cute little redhead came in. Seeing everybody else naked, she stripped for action as she was still saying hell. She had small breast and a great looking ass and said how excited she was to be at her first orgy since college. She kept her pale blue hose and garter belt on and they provided a lovely contrast to the dark red hair of her patch. She was twenty-five and about five-foot-three and built like a brick shit house.

I decided to make the newcomer feel welcome by leading her over to the bed and eating her cute little pussy. She tasted like ginger and she was the most active person I have ever feasted on. She twisted and bucked all over the bed before she came crashing, smashing climax that nearly broke my nose and neck. All the time she was coming, she kept shouting that she wanted a giant cock in her pussy, but the only one in the room was busy at the moment. Sam was masturbating Bill's giant shlong while he had three fingers furiously diving in and out of her cunt.

Wanting to be helpful, I told Jan that I would get her ready for the main attraction and propped her ass up high in the air with two pillows and plowed into her flaming tunnel with my own hard cock. Jan and I fuck furiously while Bill was getting hornier and hornier because Sam didn't succeed in bringing him off with her hand and could not get more than an inch of his massive cockhead into her mouth.

Finally, when Bill came over to us, I gave up my place in Jan's ass and he pokes his gigantic cock into her butt. She planted her feet against the headboard and pushed back against him, her eyes wide and her stomach actually bulging from the strain she was under, but she obviously loved every minute of it. The rest of us watched in fascination as Jan experienced a string of big O's, even though Bill couldn't get more than half of his cock inside her ass hole. When he finally came, we all saw her literally thrown back by each blast of his cannon. A flood of his cream poured out of her ass and soaked the pillows as Bill uncoupled from her.

As Tanya began eagerly cleaning Bill's cock with her voracious mouth, a load knock came at the door. Debbie, still naked, threw open the door and loudly invited the person who was standing there into the room. It was Sharon, whom Debbie helped undressed in a flash. Sharon was young and slim, with large breasts and a great ass. She was rich chocolate color with medium length, black, curly hair. Having never had a black woman before, I was very excited at the prospect of eating and fucking this ebony beauty. The mere anticipation brought my half-hard cock back to life instantly.

As I gorged myself on Sharon's delicious cunt. Debbie presented her pussy to Sharon as if they made it together many times before. As Tanya sucked on Bill's cock Debbie moved around so she could eat her sumptuous pussy. Before you could say "sock it to me," Bill was eating Sam; Sam was sucking me; I was eating Sharon; Sharon was eating Debbie; Debbie was eating Jan; Jan was eating Tanya; Tanya was sucking Bill tool. Finally, Sharon broke away from the daisy chain and said she wanted both Bill's cock and my cock at the same time.

Bill lay on his back on the bed and Sharon mounted his monster from above, with much noise and movement, but she could only take about eight inches. Now I positioned myself in front of her and began to work my much shorter tool into her mouth. It went in easily, and then the fun began. Everyone joined in, squeezing , kissing and caressing our every sensitive spot.

Sharon was going wild, fucking him and blowing me with ever increasing gusto. She'd done this before, undoubtedly, because she was so good at it. And was noisy and grunting, squealing, groaning even with a mouth full. She came five or six times, but even so, when she heard Bill announce that he was nearing orgasm, she increased her tempo even more.

I began to cum just as Bill went off in Sharon's cunt, sending her off on another trip to ecstasy. I jerked and jumped and pumped semen into Sharon's throat for what seemed at least two minutes. When I pulled out and flopped over on the bed, Sharon was lying motionless with her eyes closed. Bill was still in her, but not moving, starring dumbly at the ceiling. And my wife had a devilish grin on her face.

What an experience! Not for years had I come three times in less than four hours! And never before had Sam or I ever participated in a group orgy. It was magnificent.

Best of all, it wasn't quite over, for Tanya's magnificent mouth and slick pussy, restored me as the whole bunch of us labored on for another two hours. Sam fucked Bill again and it was great for her. Bill fucked Sharon and Jan as I managed to satisfy not only Debbie, but also Jan and Sharon once more before cumming.

Sam was as happy as a lark when it all over, and the other women said they had never before been serviced by two studs like Bill and me. We all agreed to get together next summer for a repeat performance. Debbie said she knows a Japanese gal and a Navajo princess who would love to join us.

I'm already taking vitamins and eating lots of oysters for next year.

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