The Sultry Afternoon

By Leisha Shimmer

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The afternoon is fading into evening, streaks of red and gold play across the sky. The wind is warm and mild, surprising for so late in autumn. I stand in the deepening shadows of a large acacia tree, the scent of late roses wafting on the breeze.

You are laying on the grass, gazing into the pool that we so generously call a fishpond, the large gold comet lazily chases an ant that has tumbled into the water. You trail your forefinger in the water and watch the reflection of the sky rippling red in the concentric rings.

I stand still, unsure if you are aware of my presence. I gaze at you dreamily, the shape of your thigh so smooth below you jeans. The curve of your waist hinting at your femininity. Your hair glistens reddish, in the fading light, curving in around the nape of your neck.

As I watch you I listen to flock of birds, coming home to roost for the night. I hear the whirring, rushing sound of their beating wings and I can hear them squabble as they settle in the thick foliage of the Acacia trees. The sun has almost set, dogs are barking, I hear a car door slam and some distant voice. In a burst of noise, the Cicada's wake up now. There is something about this time of day that has them all exited. The infernal racket of their insect sounds drowns out all hint of any one else's existence.

I begin to walk towards you. I can see the pink soles of your feet, so tender and soft. I don't think you can hear me ... I kneel beside you, placing my hand on your calf. You roll onto your side, and look dreamily at me. You sigh and flop onto your back. I say nothing ... just look at you ... I look idly at your breasts. You are wearing a white Calico shirt, which is light and sheer. I can see a hint of dark pink through the thin material. The breeze picks up just enough to pick up the fabric of your shirt and show me the shape of your breasts. I stand now, looming over you, beckoning with my finger. I then turn and head into the house.

I pause as I enter the door, considering for a fleeting moment, the scant furnishings of the room. The simple divan couch, the ancient embroidered armchair with its crocheted throw over. The picture of the Arabian stallion on the wall and the huge porcelain cat in the corner. I can smell Jasmine, you've been simmering oils while I've been away. I inhale deeply and feel you brush up against me from behind. I feel your firm nipples as you rub them from side to side on my back.

I step aside as you stroll in through the door and head toward the divan. I turn, pushing the door shut behind me, flicking the latch. Turning back, I see you lounging on the divan reaching for the TV remote control. I reach it before you, shifting it out of your reach. You are about to squeal in annoyance, when I put my finger on your lips. You open your mouth slightly and gently bite the tip of my finger. I grin ... you grin back cheekily as I sit on the floor next to you. Relaxing my shoulders, I lay my head back, my long hair spilling over you. You rub my cheek with your soft fingers, your fingernails lightly scratching my ear. I reach down and grab your left foot, tickling the sole while you recoil slightly and giggle. I continue to play with your feet ... so sweet and clean. I trace my fingers along the shape of your calves, up between your thighs and to your waist. Gently, I undo the button of your jeans as you lay back, your hands behind your head, and your tits heaving.

One by one I undo the tiny crystal buttons on your shirt. I flick the light fabric to the side revealing a pair of the most exquisite breasts I have seen. I run my finger tips up over you taut, fit abdomen, and circle your left nipple with my fingertips. I kneel along side you, rubbing first my cheeks, then my lips across the firmness of your breasts. With my left hand on your right tit I gently roll your nipple between my thumb and forefinger as you gasp quietly.

I raise my mouth and suck your right nipple lightly ... releasing it ... then running the edge of my teeth across the red tip ... my long blond hair falling like silk over my back. I bite your nipple ... remembering your nails digging into my back as you writhed in ecstasy the other evening ... leaving tell tale lines of our pleasure.

Still, nibbling on your tit, I reach my hand down to your crotch. I rub your pussy from outside your jeans and I can feel the warmth of your sex through the aged denim. Your pelvis thrusts forward as you arch your back, then slowly undulates, receptive to the touch of my hand.

I nibble at your nipple, harder than before ... you gasp ... but you don't pull away. So I squeeze your other nipple, pulling and twisting at the same time ... you groan ... a long exhalation of pleasure. You push my face away, placing one leg on either side of my head as I stare in wonder at your perfect breasts.

I lean forward, attempting to reach your left breast with my mouth, but you pull away and grasp my chin in your hand. "No .. not yet", you whisper, looking me in the eye as then begin to massage my breasts through my shirt. I'm wearing a purple, floral blouse and I'm still wearing my work shoes ... semi stiletto heels ... black stockings and my black silk skirt.

You unbutton my shirt, struggling with buttons that are too big for the holes. You prevail and manage to undo my blouse, then you slide the soft silk off my shoulders and let it drop on the floor. You run your fingers over my upper arms feeling the ridges of my tattoos, remnants of a youth spent wildly.

I watch your face as you examine my black lacy bra, under-wired, to accentuate the shape of my large breasts. The clasp is in the front, which you easily release, giving my large pendulous breasts freedom. I feel the touch of your finger tips lightly moving over my shape, so lightly that the sensation is electric ... tingling ... titillating. I stand ... undo the button ... the zipper on my skirt ... tease the material over my wide hips ... revealing my black lace suspenders and knickers.

I reach down and pull you close. We are both standing as I lean over to pull down your jeans. I kiss you first on the neck, then your breast, and finally your stomach. You help with your jeans by sitting down so I can pull them over your feet, I glance at your knickers. They are white with tiny pink hearts and a red bow in the front. They are the high cut and make your legs look so much longer than they really are.

I kick off my shoes, and kneel between your legs, kissing each knee. You lean forward, brush my hair from my face and kiss me on the mouth. My lips part as I taste your tongue with mine. While we kiss we massage each other's breasts, our breathing shallows and we begin to pant. I kiss your neck roughly and move down to suck on your nipple. I nibble and suck both your nipples until you are gasping. Now ... I reach my hand down into your knickers, and feel the wetness of your cunt, which is hot and heaving. I part the pussy-lips and firmly rub your clit. Your quiver as you experience a bolt of ecstasy. I continue, sucking and rubbing as your legs spread wide, your pussy thrusting up and down in anticipation. You begin to rub your own nipples, leaving me free to concentrate only where you want me. You have slid down on the divan, your legs still either side of me, but your back is now horizontal.

I grasp the sides of your knickers to pull them off and you lift your butt to allow them freedom. You lift both your knees and I glimpse at your pink cunt, which is where I am aiming. I see the heart shaped patch of dark, well trimmed, pubic hair, which frames the sweetness of your femininity. My heart is pounding like a drum, the adrenaline rushes through my veins. I can't stop myself.

My finger finds the inside of your vagina ... wet .... hot ... tingling soft. My thumb rubs the outer lips of your cunt ... still firmly playing with your clit. Now ... I lean forward and part the lips if your pussy with my fingers. My tongue finds your cunt ... your sweet musty flavor drives me insane. I suck at your clitoris ... chewing lightly ... my fingers probing deep inside your hole.

My tongue searches the mouth of your womb. "Ah ... found it ... ", I whisper as I flick my fingertips back and forward. You thrust your pelvis ... harder ... faster ... as I probe ... harder ... faster. I use three fingers now ... trying to satisfy your needs. You groan ... grunt ... pant ... crying out, " ... deeper ... deeper ... please!"

I reach under the divan and pull out the box we keep. I open it ... fumble ... I feel around and my fingers alighting on what I need. A long ... thick ... black dildo. You don't need to lubrication as you are dripping wet from my tongue. I rub your clit once ... hard ... I plunge the dildo into the depths of your cunt. Now ... I tongue your clit while plunging the dildo in and out of your pussy. You groan ... moan ... unable to control yourself. Your pelvis thrusts in unison with the plunging of the dildo. "Oh ... oh ... oh", you scream as I plunge the black cock harder. You scream, "Oh ... my God ... oh ... my God!" Now .... you pant, " ... stop ... stop ... enough!"

I let go of the dildo, leaving it in your cunt as I lean forward and gently suck your clit and outer pussy lips. Now, I slowly begin to slide the dildo in and out again. You moan, "ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, mmm", as I slide the dildo from inside your pussy ... drop it on the floor ... lean over to suck the cum from your dripping vagina as I give your pussy one final rub.

You are purring like a cat. You are so contented as you lay still, just staring at me with a sweet smile on your face. Now, you roll round on the couch ... you reach for my long blond hair ... you grab with your hands ... you pull me toward you ... you kiss me lightly on the mouth ... you look into my eyes. You smile brilliantly, your teeth flashing white as I sink onto the floor. I kick your jeans out of the way while I turn and prop my back up against the divan.

You reach for the remote ... click ... you turn on the TV.

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