Who's That Stranger In The Mask

By Miss Divinity

Click Here and let me know if you like this story! Crystal walked over to the fireplace. She gazed at the pictures on the mantel of her family, her friends, the flowers she had placed there earlier and the scented candles. She took the matchbox from the mantel. Taking a match from inside, she struck it on the side of the box. The yellow flame appearing on the end of the match as she touched it to each of the candles. The flickering flame created a softness in the room while the scent added to the freshness. She opened the window halfway ... the summer breeze blew the curtains as it flowed into the old farmhouse. The brightness of the moon cast its glow through the window ... adding to her comfort.

Her thoughts wondered back to the water that was running in the tub. She slowly walked toward the bathroom, flipping the lights off as she entered ... her thoughts now on the hot bath she was about to take. The claw-footed tub was almost to full as she turned the water off. "Mmmmmmmmmmm ... ", she moaned as she inhaled the freshness of in the air. The fragrance of the bubble bath thrilled her senses. Taking the matchbox from the lavatory she lit each of the candles around the tub and turn out the lights. Only the flicker of the candles lights the room casting a soft glow.

She slipped off her shoes and undid the belt of her dress ... then unzipping it's back ... she let the garment fall to the floor exposing her body in a white slip. Grabbing the softness of the silk material in both hands she slipped it over her head ... then casting it aside. Her breasts were clad in a white lace bra that confined the firm mounds. Crystal took a deep breath as she unhooked the snap ... letting it fall to the floor in front of her. "Mmmmmmmm ... feels good to be out of that .. ", she mumbled to herself as she took her breasts into her hands ... gently massaging their softness. She hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her white shear panties ... pushing them down her body ... down her long sexy legs ... then lifting each leg ... leaving them next to the slip on the floor.

"Oh ... ", she moaned as the sudden breeze of wind came through the open door of the bathroom ... caressing her body. She lifted her leg ... slowly inserting her foot into the tub. "Mmmm", she moaned as the warmth of the water surrounded her foot. She entered the tub ... slowly lowering her sexy body into the warm bubbly water. The warmth ... the wetness ... caressing her skin made her feel emotional. "Mmmmmm ... that feels good", she said to her self as she lay back in the tub, the vanilla fragrance tickling her sensitive nose. She closed her eyes ... her thoughts drifted back to the night her lover had bathed her ... she took in a deep breath ... her thoughts going back ... back ... remembering his soft warm touch ... his gentle caresses ... the way his fingers moved the soap along her skin ... down her chest ... across her nipples ... making sure he didn't miss any spot on her breast.

His fingers had teased the hardness of her pointed nipples ... "Mmmmmmmmmm..", she moaned as her mind formed the image. The heat in her body becoming hotter with each moment ... with each passionate breath she took. Her hands were on her breast as she squeezed the two mounds together. The tightness added to her passion that fed the fire deep inside. "Oh yes ... ", she moaned ... her hand releasing the soft mounds ... hands sliding down her stomach ... teasing the short hairs which covered her wet pussy. Her feminine juices started to flow ... flooding her hot womanhood as she raised her leg. The warm bubbly water traveled down her leg as she rested it on the side of the tub. The picture of her lover was in her mind as she slowly slide her hands down her warm thighs ... then upward to her knee ... back down to her inner thigh ... over the soft curls.

It had been a long time since her lover had caressed her, the thought of his touch added to the raging fire inside her. She was no longer aware of the things around her ... just the thought of his hands on her body. Her hand slowly caressed her pubic mound ... teasing the fine curly hair that trailed down to her soft pussy lips. Crystal tilted her head toward the tub ... her legs slipped back into the warm water ... she bent her knees ... her hands became his ... they slide between her wet thighs ... exploring her womanhood. "Oh God ... Yes", she moaned as she touched the hard swollen clit that stood erect between her swollen pussy lips. She gasped for air ... rubbing the sensitive flesh ... slowly ... teasing its hardness ... sending a chill though her body.

She squirmed in the soapy water from the intense heat of her passion. Her breath became labored ... her heart pounding with excitement ... Crystal lifted her ass up out of the water as she slide her finger along the wet fold of her hot pussy. Her thumb rubbing her clit caused waves of pleasure to flow throughout her body ... "Oh God Yes ... ..mmmmmmmmmmmm ... ",she moaned as she slipped her finger deeper into her hot wetness.

Crystal thrusts her finger into her hot pussy and the suction of her cunt tugs ... as ... in the mist of her passion ... she began thrusting her finger harder ... deeper. Her thumb massaged her clit faster. The sensation sent wave after wave of pleasure throughout her body. The tingle in her breasts ... her nipples feeling numb from their hardness. She ground her pussy against her fingers. The heat in her body became unbearable as her juices flooded her sex. "Oh God ... Yes ... .Yes..!" , she shouted as she arched her body ... .the sudden rush of her orgasm sent bolts of shock waves throughout her body ... her body jerked ... the sudden orgasm subsided ... quickly ... as a passing thought ... her body becoming relaxed ... she lay in the tub ... taking in a deep breaths ... savoring the warmth ... experiencing her body.

Only the soft glow of the candles were in her mind as the bubbles slowly faded away. "Mmmmmmmmm ... I needed that. I feel so relaxed..", she spoke in a low voice at the thoughts of her lover slowly leaving.

The water becomes chilled causing her to open her eyes. "Its about time for me to get out..", she whispered as if someone else was in the room. She pulled the drain plug as she raised her body out of the water, stepping from the tub as the water ran down her body. Crystal grabbed the towel, drying herself as she blew out the candles, one by one. After drying her feet and legs she made her way to the bedroom. "Burrrrrrr", she said as her body shivered from the coolness.

Crystal headed straight for the bed and pulled back the cover. She slides her clean body between the sheets. "Ahahah", she sighed, feeling the freshness of the sheets as they clung to her body. The softness of the sheets made her skin feel like that of a baby. She closed her eyes, but, the sudden sound of a vehicle pulling up in the driveway made her open them again. She lay in bed ... looking into the darkness ... "Now who could that be ... maybe they will go away", she mumbled to herself. The sound of the front door being tried frightened her. With the feeling of uncertainty, she pulled the covers up to her neck, clinching the material in her fingers.

Crystal lays quiet ... her heart pounding with fear ... afraid to move. The sound of footsteps broke the silence as they crossed the hardwood floors in the living room ... making their way to the kitchen. "Who could be in my house ..", she thought to herself. The sound of the fridge opening ... the click of a glass ... a drink being poured ... made her search her mind for possibilities.

"Maybe he wants something to drink and eat ... and he will be on his way", she thought, thinking of an intruder. Her mind reeled with all kinds of answers and fears. The door to the fridge closed ... the footsteps become louder ... they made their way down the hallway ... toward the bedroom ... her bedroom. Her eyes strained in the darkness to see any image. She found the strong desire inside her to scream, to throw back the covers and run. Yet, there was something inside her ... preventing her from doing so. The footsteps stopped at the doorway ... outside her door ... then ... the door opened and the footsteps continued inside. "Please don't hurt me.." she whispered.

"I'm not here to hurt you ... Crystal ... I'm here to give you pleasure", said the soft male voice in the darkness as the footsteps came closer to the bed.

"Who are you ... ", she asked in a shaky voice as she felt the bed sag as he sat on the edge. The fragrance of his cologne filled the air and there was something about his smell that she remembered. There was something about his soft voice that sent chills of pleasure through her body. All this was strange since she didn't know who this man was ... but ... there was something stimulating about all of this.

The sudden burst of light from his lighter cut through the darkness of the room as the strange man leaned forward ... lighting the candle on the nightstand next to the bed. Crystal gazed up ... his dark curly hair was shoulder length ... he wore a black mask over his eyes ... only two small slits ... he wore no shirt ... his pants were black ... as were his shoes ... like the night. She watched him with only her eyes as he placed a small black bag on the nightstand next to the flickering candle. She pulled the cover up to her lips.

"Who are you ... ", she asked in commanding voice.

"I'm your Master ... I'm here to give you a night you will never forget", he said as she saw the grin on his lips.

"Who sent you ... " she asked, gazing at his muscular body ... admiring the dark hair that started high on his chest ... spreading outward ... curling ... then trailing down his muscular stomach ... disappearing into the waist of his pants. This man reminded her of a Greek God. The warmth inside her pussy gave her the indication she was attracted to him ... her body was betraying her.

"Don't worry about those things ... you will be taken care of", he said in a soft voice as he gazed into her eyes. He grabbed the cover that Crystal clutched in her hand ... pulled the cover from her ... exposed her naked body.

"Hey!!!", she protested as she used her hands to hide the soft mounds of her breast ... crossing her legs to hide her exposed pussy. She made no attempt to get up out of the bed ... she didn't scream ... call out ... flounder nor hit ... she just lay there unable to believe what was happening to her.

"You belong to me ... you are my slave..", he said in a gentle but convincing voice.

"Slave ... I'm no one's slave..", she said in an equally stern voice.

The stranger reached over to the black case, which he had placed on the nightstand. Opening it ... reaching inside ... he pulling out the shiny pair of handcuffs. "Believe me ... you will love it .. ", he whispered.

"What are those for!", asked Crystal ... her eyes widened at the sudden sight of the cuffs. The sudden fear had returned, her heart was pounding from the unknown.

The masked stranger took her by the wrist. "Hey what are you doing", she asked in a loud voice? Her naked body struggled to get free of his grasp as his grip felt like vices around her wrist ... Crystal was no match for his strength.

He pushed her wrists above her head ... shoving them against the old oak headboard. At the top of the headboard a notch was cut in the shape of a flower. He slipped one end of the cuffs through the notch ... locking one to her right wrist, then locking the other wrist with the second cuff. She struggles to free herself, but the wood could not give. "What are you going to do to me!", she shouted. The stranger leaned forward ... his masked face only inches from hers. He gazed into her eyes ... his baby blue eyes gave a calming feeling ... deep piercing eyes ... the warmth of his breath caressed her flesh ... it excited her.

With a grin on his lips he lowered his head, he pressed his warm lips hers. She struggled against his kiss, but something deep inside hungered for his touch ... his caress ... his kiss. He pressed his muscular chest against the softness of her breasts. Her erect nipples pressed into his flesh ... she fought the desire inside her ... the intensity grew ... there was no denying the attraction ... nor the fear ... nor the anticipation. The hunger in her body ignited the fire that fed her passion ... overcoming any hesitation.

The tall stranger got up and stood beside the bed. Crystal watched as he removed his black leather pants ... lowering them slowly ... revealing his massive cock in front of her eyes. The sight of his magnificent prick feed the passion in her body and started her juices to flowing. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm", she moaned, licking her lips as she felt the wetness between her thighs. She squeezed her thighs together increasing the pressure on her clit as her body squirmed on the bed. The cuffs held her hands securely as she fought the increased desire to touch her own body ... to caress her flesh ... to squeeze the soft mounds of her breast ... to pinch her sensitive erect nipples. The fire inside her took control of her body as the increasing desire to have his massive prick deep inside her cunt drove her passion.

The masked Stranger set on the side of her bed as his eyes surveyed her nude body. Her heart pounded in her breast with the excitement. There was something dangerously erotic about it all. He reached again into his black bag pulling out a silver chain. On each end of the chain were small clamps with small jagged teeth. "What is that ... .what ... what are you going to do with that..", she asked in a whimper ... obvious fear in her voice. Her eyes widened as he brought the chain close to her body.

"Oh ... my lady ... Your going to feel great pleasure from this", he whispered in a gentle voice as he leaned forward, his face only inches from hers. She gazed into his eyes and, through the slit in the mask, his soft eyes calmed her fears. She closed her eyes as he pressed his lips to hers in a passionate kiss as he sucked her warm moist tongue deep into his mouth. "Mmmmmmmmm ... .", he moaned as he took in her taste ... massaging her tongue with his lips. He gently nibbled her bottom lip as her tongue slipped from his mouth.

Sitting straight up ... he took the clamps of the chain in each hand ... her eyes were fixed ... the clamps shown in the candlelight ... fear deep inside her was the mixed emotion ... fear with excitement with anticipation with fear.

"Oh God!!!", she moaned as he attached the clamp to one sensitive nipple ... ... then the other felt the pinch. The sudden jolt of pain generated at her nipples spread throughout her body as the jagged teeth of the clamp bit into her flesh. Her body squirmed on the bed as she struggled against the cuffs.

"Please ... take them off!", she demanded only to feel the coldness of silence. It was to her surprise that the pain started to subside ... a new sensation ... a feeling she hadn't sensed before ... a warmth ... started at her nipples ... increasing the heat inside her body as her pussy became hot and wet. In the midst of it all ... she was amazed ... she felt pleasure.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ... ", he moaned as he leaned forward, his warm moist tongue teasing the tip of her nipples that protruded through the clamps.

"Oh yes ... Yes ... ", she yelled, unaware how loud she spoke. The fire in her body took control. Only pure lust could be seen in her eyes as she moved her body wildly on the bed. The masked stranger straddled her body ... taking his hard cock in his hand ... placing the head inches from her mouth ... shining in the candlelight ... pre-cum dripping. Her eyes were locked on the massive cock near her lips her. "I want to touch you", she cried.

"No ... ",he said in a firm voice ... "You can't touch the Master ... Now ... use the tip of your tongue ... lick the tip of my cock", he spoke in a kinder voice. She slide her tongue from between her lips ... the tip of her warm moist tongue teased the small hole ... tasting the cum ... at the end of his cock. She gazed into his masked face ... watching him close his eyes ... slowly parting his lips ... "Mmmmmmmmmmmm ... ", he moaned.

The smell of his cum stimulate her senses as she wanted him so badly ... she wanted him inside her mouth ... deep inside. "Please ... I want to suck your cock .. ", she panted.

"I will tell you when you can suck my cock ... lick the end of my cock until I tell you to different", he said in a firm voice ... leaving no doubt who was in charge.

"Yes ... Master..", she softly spoke ... sliding her tongue out ... licking the crown of his cock.

"Open your mouth", he demanded and she did quickly. The masked stranger leaned forward as the head of his cock slipped between her lips. He looked down as he watched her lips stretch around his cock ... filling her mouth with his hardness. She pulled on her hands to free them so she could guide him into her mouth but the strength of the cuffs were unforgiving. He pushed his cock deeper into her mouth ... her throat expanding to accept the depth of his shaft. The masked Stranger thrust his cock into the hot wetness of her mouth. She wanted to wrap her arms around his body ... to pull him deeper ... to have his all ... but ... she couldn't free her hands. Crystal's mind spun with excitement as she sucked hungrily on his throbbing cock.

"Oh ... yes ... Suck it ... slave ... Yes ... give your Master his pleasure", the stranger moaned in a passionate voice. He reached over into his bag and brought out an flesh colored ribbed vibrator and she vaguely heard the sound as he turned it on. Taking the toy in his hand, the tall lean mask stranger slide the vibrating cock along inside of her thigh as he continued to thrust his cock into her hot wet mouth. The touch of the vibrator sent jolts of electricity through her body as she spread her legs wide ... revealing her swelling pussy lips. The stranger touched the tip of the vibrating cock to her swollen clit and the sudden bolt of electricity throughout her body made her squirm with passion.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ... ", she passionately moaned as she dug her heels into the bed ... raising her ass off the sheets ... pushing the tip of the love machine harder against her clit. The sudden rush of her juices flowing her cunt lubricated her for its penetration.

The squirm of her body increased his passion and she could hear his labored breath as he continued to thrust his cock into her mouth. The sudden stiffening of his body surprised her. "Oh God ... yes ... .ahahahahahah!!", he shouted as his body convulsed as his climax sent a hot thick cream of cum shooting deep into her mouth. She tried to drink it down, but there was so much it leaked out around her lips ... running down her chin. The taste of his juice sent another wave of pleasure throughout her body as she knew her climax was next. The masked Stranger was experienced as he brought her to the edge of her orgasm without letting her cum. Again ... he brought her to the edge again. Her body was totally controlled by lust. Every movement in her body fed the fire that burnt inside her.

"Mmmmmmmmmm ... God ... ", she moaned in a labored breath as his cock slipped from her lips. "Please ... I need to cum ... please..", she moaned as her body squirmed under his touch.

"You cum when I tell you ... your Master will tell you", he said in a stern voice as he gazed into eyes. He leaned forward he kissed her cum stained lips ... sucking her tongue deep inside his mouth ... passionately sucking ... tasting his cum in her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm..", he moaned as they kissed. "I taste good inside your mouth. " he softly whispered as their lips parted.

He slide down her body as the ribbed vibrator caressed her pubic hair ... along the inside of her thighs. His lips traveled over her body, gently kissing her soft flesh ... his warm moist tongue teasing her body ... sliding his body lower ... his lips caressing the softness of her pubic hair ... he gently slide the vibrating cock to the opening of her dripping cunt.

"Please let me lose ... your driving me crazy ... I need to touch you..", she pleaded as her body squirmed to his touch.

"No", he ordered as he looked up her body, between her luscious rounded breast into her sexy eyes. "I will tell you ", he demanded.

Her heart pounded inside her chest with excitement ... her passion filled body squirmed ... moved ... as he pressed her against the sheets of the bed. Every fiber of her body hungered for him ... hungered for his kisses ... his caresses ... his stiff cock. The strong desire to have him deep inside her was overpowering as she wanted him to extinguish that fire inside her that tortured her body.

"Mmmmmmm ... slave ... you smell good..", he whispered ... his hot breath cooling her hot pussy. The tip of his tongue touched her clit ... her body squirmed ... he positioned the vibrator at the opening of her hot wet pussy. The moistness of her juices collected on his tongue as he slide the vibrating shaft into the softness of her yearning hole.

Crystal arched her body as her pussy gave way to the hardness of the vibrating cock. "Oh ... yes ... yes ... God yes..", she moaned as each touch of his hot wet tongue send jolt of electricity throughout her body. The masked stranger thrust the instrument faster ... deeper into her pussy while his tongue assaulted her clit. He continued to thrust the dildo into her cunt as he passionately nibbled on her clit ... harder he bit ... the clamps on her nipples squeezed ... his teeth were like little clamps ... pinching the end of her clit ... she gasped ... cried ... pain ... pleasure ... Fuck", she whispered as the sweat ran from her forehead.

The wave of her climax began to build as the pressure to cum mounted. Her juices flooding from her pussy as the pulsating wave took her over the top. "Oh God!!!!", she shouted to the top of her lungs ... she arched her body ... she shook ... clinched her toes ... grasped the headboard ... the sudden wave of her orgasm rocked through her. She struggled to breathe ... her heart pounded ... wildly ... in her chest. "Oh ... Yes ... yes..!!", she shouted with pleasure as the sudden release drenched her pussy ... soaking the vibrator with her cum. He pulled the vibrator from her sopping lips as he thrust his tongue deep inside her hole ... sucking her cum into his mouth ... his tongue licking inside of her ... "Oh ... Oh!!!", she shouted as she climaxed the second time, sending her body into another tremor.. The taste of her juices drove him crazy as he pressed its hardness of his swollen cock against her leg. Her climax fed his own passion as he knelt between her open thighs, using the head of his hard cock to part her lips. The mask man slide his stiff prick down the fold of her wetness ... teasing her lips ... teasing the head of his cock. Her juices collected on the crown of his cock as he positioned his stiff prick at the opening of her sopping wet cunt. The masked stranger thrust his massive shaft into the hot wetness of her womanhood as he cried aloud: "Oh ... God ... you're so tight ... so hot ... so wet ... " He pushed and shoved forward, sinking his cock deep into her.

The sudden thrust took her by surprise as her pussy opened to him ... taking his hardness deep inside. "Oh ... Master ... yes ... fuck me ... fuck me hard ... I want it ... I need it ... I'm yours", she shouted ... not caring if anyone heard. The hunger for him never subsided as she worked her pussy on his shaft. Waves of passion rocked her body as his throbbing cock sunk deeper ... her body squirmed under his ... her hands struggled to get free, but her hands could not slip from their confinement. She lifted her ass from the bed to meet each powerful thrust.

The stranger could no longer control the heat in his body. As his cock jerked wildly inside her the heat in his balls exploded ... his body stiffened ... he thrust deep inside her ... his hot cum spewed into her.

"Oh God ... .Ahahahahahahahah ... ", he yelled as he leaned forward onto her hot sweaty body ... pressing his lips to hers ... passionately kissing ... sucking her tongue ... "Mmmmmmmm ... ", he moaned as he sucked in her taste.

The sudden explosion of his climax, triggered her own orgasm as he spewed his hot cum deep inside her ... "Oh master!!!", she yelled as she welcomed his lips. Her body convulsed with each wave of her orgasm ... lost in the sudden release of her flooding pussy.

His body relaxed on hers as his deflating cock slipped from her cum soaked pussy. Their bodies soaking in each other's warmth and sweat, they savored the special moment they had experience. His lips part from hers ... looking into her eyes ... he whispers ... "Your a very passionate woman!" He reaches for the black back and removes the handcuff key. He reaches up setting her hands free. Crystal watched as he drops the keys and cuffs into the bag. He removed the breast clamps from her nipples, dropping them into his bag also.

"Mmmmmm ... Master ... can I touch you now ... ", she whispered as she massaged her tender nipples ... the slight soreness disappears.

"Yes..", he replied with a soft voice.

Crystal runs her hand up his hairy chest ... up his neck ... to his chin ... running her fingernail along his bottom lip. "You have very soft lips ... Your a very good kisser ... I love that in a man", she tells him softly as she gazes at his lips ... "Who are you ... ", she asked as she raised her hand to remove the mask. The stranger grabs her wrist before she could touch it.

"No ... I'm your Master ... I will remove the Mask in my time..", he said in a firm voice as he looked at her. "Yes master ... I will be obedient..", she replied with a smile on her lips..

He pulled her close to his body, the soft mounds of her breasts crush against his flesh. They passionately kiss, her hands on his muscular chest. She had never climaxed like that in her life. She had several lovers over the years, but none had rocked her body. She felt totally exhausted from the intense sex she had just experienced. This was a magnificent man that she had to get to know better. He was the only man that knew her better than she knew herself. She had never dreamt of such pleasure.

With a smile on her lips she whispers, "I've got to go to the bathroom." She raises up off the bed ... her bare feet on the floor ... she makes her way out of the room ... down the hall ... toward the bathroom. Her body tingles with satisfaction as she closes the door behind her. She turns on the light and looks into the mirror ... her hair is a mess ... her nipples were still red from the clamps ... she smiles ... stands on her tip toes ... looks into the mirror ... again ... her hands caress her skin ... she gazed at her body ...

"Mmmmmmmmm ... I think my breast are my best feature", she whispers to herself. She reaches for a wash rag as she turns on the faucet. Wetting the cloth she wipes her mouth ... wipes between her legs ... .removes their juices from her skin ... from her breasts. She drops the rag in the basket, she opens the door and heads back to the bedroom.

She walks into the room expecting to see him still on her bed ... "Where did he go", she asks out loud. She runs toward the living room turning on the light switches as she goes. He was no where in the house. A sudden fear strikes her ... she may never see him again. "Please ... I finally found someone that really excites me..", she says like there was someone else in the room. She walks to the front door, she turns the knob, but it was still locked. "Where did he come from? Oh God ... I hope I'm not going crazy", she softly asks herself as sadness overcomes her. She slowly walks back to the bedroom, turning off lights.

Crystal lays on the bed in the fetal position feeling very lonely ... hurt ... alone. Tears start to form in her eyes as she feel that she may have lost someone she had fallen in love with ... never to see him again. Through her tears she notices a piece of paper lying next to the candle on the night table. She reaches over, taking the piece of paper.

"Its a note ... ", she says to herself as she unfolds it. A smile comes over her lips as she reads the message ... "He's coming back..", she shouts ... breaking into laughter.

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