Wish Upon a Star

By Katherine for TJ & Lee Star

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Hello Lee & TJ:

I wish we were more like you!

I wanted to write and tell you about our experience!

The other day my husband and I were reading your stories and I got so hot I instructed him to go out and find someone to fuck.

I told him that if he didn't do as I said he wouldn't get any pussy for another month. I knew he would obey since he was really horny. He had been out of town for a month on business and he doesn't play around on his trips.

Well ... He got dressed to go out as I waited in the living room. The thought of him objectifying some little slutty girl on a moment's notice turns me on. So ... when he came out, all clean and dressed in a nice suit, I issued a challenge. I told him to go out, get some hot little slut, suck her cunt and have her suck his cock while he talked to me on the phone.

He did! He called a little Asian girl that he met once at a party. One that had mentioned that she once had a Bi-lover in college who had left her and she was needing it pretty bad. They had a few drinks and went back to her place. He told her that he was on a mission and explained that I had demanded that he go down on her, that she suck his rigid cock until he was ready to cum and then he was to call me. She loved it and I loved the thoughts.

Something about uncontrollable sexual need that makes me really hot and wet. We have never really discussed it in detail (saving that for the time when we are together and he can whisper their every adventure into my ear). Meanwhile I am rubbing my own slippery clit, imaging him roughly using her to get off while I wait for his phone call. I wondered if he would cum all over her tits, in her mouth or up her ass? "Hmmm", I thought as the phone rang. "Hello", I answered, putting the phone on speaker.

"Hello, Hun", he said, his voice echoing in the room as I slumped into the soft couch, spread my legs and started rubbing my cunt with my favorite purple double dong dildo. I want to be like you (Lee) and I know what you "What're you doing ... baby!", I asked into the speaker phone as I pushed the dildo head into my wet cunt while I play with my ass hole with the other end.

"I'm licking her cum off my lips as she sucks my cock. Just like you asked. She's really hot and I'm almost ready to cum."

"Put the phone down there so I can hear the slurping sound of your cock as his prick slips inside her mouth. Put the receiver near her ear so I can talk to her while she sucks you. " I listen to the speaker as the sounds fill the room sounding much like a drain emptying. "Do you like sucking my man's cock", I ask, hearing a muffled grunt or gag as she tries to talk. I'm sure his cock is buried in her throat so her words are unintelligible. I rotate the vibrator, grinding the studs against the wall of my wet cunt as the heavy breathing continues. I hear his moan and a loud cry as the girl gags while my man's cum gushes into her throat as she coughs and sputters. "Doesn't it taste good", I say into the speaker as I push dildo further into my wet ass hole, feeling the two heads through the thin separation of skin. I wish I were sucking your cunt right now", I say as the girl moans "yes", into the phone. "Next time", I say as my man speaks and his voice echo's through the living room.

"Are you happy now", he asks. "What are you doing?"

"I'm fucking myself in the ass and cunt. I'm wishing it was your hard cock in my tight ass and I want the girl's pussy in my mouth."

"Maybe next time", I hear him whisper into the phone. "Right now my tongue is on her thighs, licking her cum from her soft skin while I finger her deep in her ass. I'm going to fuck her in the ass before I'm through. Don't you wish you were here with us. You could lick my cum from her lips." "Oh ... yes", I answer, leaning back as I push the double monster deep into my two holes. "Oh ... yes ... maybe next time", I say as I hear a click and a steady tone coming from the speaker phone.

"Maybe next time", I breath softly.

I wanted to share this experience with you Lee & TJ. My husband and I are reading all your stories so we can learn more about you. I thought you just might want some feedback. In case you wanted to know ... you have some very special friends. Venetian night was fun. Did you go? Did you cum?

Love, K.

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