The Star of the Show

By TJ & Lee Star

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The other night my husband and I were playing on the Internet and he showed me a story he had written called A Little Show. I almost killed him for publishing that on the net so everyone could see. So what, if no one really knows who it is, I still felt violated.

When I calmed down and started to think about it, I laughed to myself. It's not like our names and addresses were posted all over the world. I felt bad because I can be so obsessive and worrisome at times so I have to laugh at my self. Actually, the more I thought about it, I started to get a little excited by it. The idea of having thousands of people know I'm a slut is kind of a turn on.

I was never a goody ... goody person or a prude, but it has only been in the last six months or so that I started to let myself go sexually. Don't get me wrong, I've always liked sex ... a lot ... but, I was pretty run of the mill kind of stuff. The first time I said the word "cock" during sex it sounded so dirty. It felt so slutty I felt my face blush. I also, however, felt my juices start to flow. Since then you could say I've gotten addicted to upping the ante on outrageousness. If it breaks a taboo ... it's a turn on for me. Anyway, I thought I would turn the tables on my hubby and tell some of my own stories. I think he might be in for a bit of a shock ...

The idea of getting off in front of someone has been a fantasy of mine for along time. When I'm alone, masturbating, I often have this fantasy of being a nude dancer. I love the picture of me stripping to nothing but a g-string. Then letting a finger slide inside my bottoms .... fingering myself to orgasm while a room full of men pull out their cocks and jack off on me. I'd love to see a room full of hard cocks, stiff at attention, focused on me.

I'm starting to get hot just typing this.

I'm already stopping to touch myself and it's interfering with my typing, so, this may be a start and stop kind of story. See, I just got back from the gym and I still have on my Lycra Shorts and it is easy to slip a hand in!

If you read the story, you know that night in the parking lot I wanted my husband to see my wet pussy so bad. I wanted him to be turned on by seeing me hot and wet. I'd never been a real slut in front of him and I wanted his cock as hard as possible. I wanted his stiff prick, eventually to be in my mouth. But, before that I wanted to see him beg. See him panting ... flustered ... and so hot that he'd want to stroke his cock, especially if I told him to. I was so wet ... I wanted to get off in front of him.

When that guy throwing the football saw that I was in such a slut mindset I had to invite the them to watch. Four cocks got all turned on for me! Three as an audience and one filling my mouth ....

Oh, I'm getting really fucking wet now, sharing this. I'm in the den, alone ... typing and playing with myself. I'm going to get out of these shorts ... I'll be back in a minute .....

Ok, well, right now I'm at the keyboard. I have my aerobic shoes and socks on ... no shorts ... my tee shirt ... no sports bra. And, my pussy is dripping and my nipples are standing straight out.

So, let me continue .....

After that night in the parking lot all I could think about the next day was getting off ... big cocks ... tasting cum ... watching men stroke their hard pricks ... God, I wanted it.

I work as a finance officer for a large corporation, I have my MBA from a well-known eastern college and I know everyone at the office thinks I'm a prude. I wear grey and blue suits or long wool skirts and blazers. Lots of times my blond hair is up and I don't wear my contacts some days just so I can wear my glasses and look like more of a prude. Little dies the rest of the office know that, the week after the "little show", I was sneaking off to the restroom twice a day to finger fuck myself and rub my clit until I orgasm. By Thursday of that week I had brought a vibrator. It plugged into the lighter in my car and I sat in the company parking lot with my skirt hiked up. I had the dildo buried all the way up into my cunt. I was parked where I could have been caught and that just made my cunt all the wetter. I came three times! What a lunch I had licking my fingers after each time!

Right now I am playing in my shorts and my clit is so sensitive, when I typed the word "cunt", I felt a charge go right through my clit ...

That was the afternoon that I rented the X-rated video on the way home. Renting the video got me wet ... just looking around the adult section ... the hot women on the video covers ... the huge cocks ... the dirtiness of it all ... really turned me on!

The size of the cocks drove me wild. I don't mean that my husband is not good-sized and really wide, but these on the videos were unbelievable. When my hubby "caught" me when he came home, my cunt was so wet and I wanted to be fucked so bad I creamed down my leg.

His cock was so hard and I held him off, showing myself as a real slut, knowing that it was a real turn on. Watching him with his cock all greased up and shiny with me narrating the sex scenes was so arousing, I came and came repeatedly.

I'm getting pretty close now, actually ... you should see me ... all of you. I am slouched down in my chair ... my legs spread ... pulling my pink lips apart ... stroking my clit .... I love this! .... my cunt lips are really engorged ... shinny with my juice ... I hope some of you are joining me...! I hope you are stroking your cocks thinking of me!

What my husband doesn't know is, "The Little Show" that night in the car, wasn't my first show.

We had gone on vacation last year to this Mexican beach resort. It was like paradise. The palm trees ... warm water ... nice waves ... not a cloud in the sky ... just beautiful. It was off-season and easy to find stretches of deserted beaches. One afternoon, we were sun bathing and drinking Piņa Coladas. My hubby was bored so he went for a run down the beach. I had my Walkman on and I was listening to some Sanborn and was feeling great. I was really tan because I had gone to the tanning salon before vacation. I had this really nice bronze tan to go with my sun bleached blond hair. I was in great shape from working out and I had on this really cute yellow bikini, the kind with the straps that go way up your thighs. My sunglasses gave everything a surrealistic tint and I was loving life.

I'm not sure what it was, the drinks, the jazz, the sun, or the feeling of being alone on a deserted beach. I don't know ... but my mind drifted to sex. My imagination filled with cocks ... I love cocks ... big stiff cocks ... protruding veins ... nice round heads ... hairy balls. All I could picture was stroking ... kissing ... sucking ... tasting ... eating ... sweet cum! I wanted a cock in my mouth soooooo bad!

I poured the tanning oil on my left hand and let it slide down my flat tan belly, under my bikini bottoms and into my pussy. Because it was swimsuit season, I had shaved close, leaving just a little crop of my blonde pubic hairs. My hand slid right to my clit so easily. My clit stood right up as I stroked it. The jazz from my Walkman bounced in my head, the sun was on my body and my oily fingers playing in my pussy put me in nirvana.

I don't remember how long I lay there but I went from lightly stroking myself to using my right hand to pull my lips apart so that I could pump my cunt with two fingers ... then three. I felt the first wave of orgasms slowly build as I fucked myself deeper ... I felt my body shudder deeply as I came really hard.

Just like I am ... right ... now. You wouldn't believe how fucking wet I am while I write this ... I'm rubbing my clit so fast ... I'm on the fucking edge of cumming ... but, the typing keeps me from getting there completely ... I love putting off the orgasm for as long as possible!

I was on the beach and well on my way to another orgasm. My bikini bottoms pushed over to one side and my almost totally shaved cunt, now, was sopping, swollen, pink and glistening in the sun.

When I opened my eyes, I flew back to reality. There, not more than fifteen feet in front of me were three young men with their eyes transfixed on my cunt. I think they were those beach jewelry salesmen and, at first, I felt a wave of embarrassment ... the second wave was one of arousal!

With my shades on, I pretended I didn't see them, that I was oblivious to them. I went right stroking to my hungry cunt ... now I was so turned on my whole body was quivering in sexual excitement. I pushed the bikini further over to the side ... farther still ... and with both hands I pulled my pussy lips apart. I rolled my hips up off the blanket giving them the clearest, most direct, view of my wet cunt. I began a nice, slow, two-fingered fuck. I opened my eyes and through my sunglasses I could see two of them rubbing their hard-on through their white pants. The third guy had his cock out and was pumping away.

I couldn't control myself and let loose, rubbing my clit, thrusting my thighs as I felt wave after wave of orgasm rush through my body. As I orgasmed, I saw the Mexican boy, the one who was stroking his cock, shoot his load onto the sand. The others both had wet stains on their pants.

I kept my shades and my head phones on the whole time as if not to noticing them. I simply rolled over on my beach blanket and pretended to go to sleep. I was so turned on, I felt so brazen, and I could feel my body shake.

I've never told anyone, until now. I'm not going to say anything to him, either. I'll let him read about it in this little story.

I'm really turned on now! I'm rubbing my cunt and I can't put it off any longer. This orgasm has been building and building while I have been writing this little story. But, it's not a story ... It's true!

Well, right now, I need to cum. I'm putting my feet up on the desk. I'm sliding my dildo into my wet pussy. I'm thinking about the beach and the parking lot. I'm turning on the vibrating plastic cock. I'm frigging my clit. I'm going to cum in about ten seconds. I'm going to wait for you to cum with me. I'm going to scream because no one is here. I'm going to listen for your scream as you cum. I'm thinking of your hard cock deep in my throat. I'm dreaming go you, stroking your prick, reading my little story.

Now ... I'm cumming ........... Yessss ..........

Well ... Now ... I'm going to start over ... and over ...

Thanks for doing it with me ...

Thanks for reading my story ...

Hope you got off!

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