Forced Fantasy (Part 2)

By Jeremy Speed

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It's been a year since I arranged the gang rape in your office. Our sex was never better for the first few months but then gradually the memories wore off as the pressures of work and life in general took over. I know that the fantasy is still there so decided that a repeat performance was needed.

Your office building is in a remote part of town and the parking lot is relatively secluded. Knowing your schedule for weeks ahead of time made it easy to plan a day that you would be the last to leave the office. On the appointed day, I waited in the dark parking lot until you came out. Wearing a black sweat suit and black mask, it was easy to come up behind you just as you opened the car door. I flashed a knife, told you not to make a sound and put my arm around your neck, pulling you back into me. The more you struggled, the tighter my grip got.

"Calm down bitch or I'm going to cut you", I said in my best growly voice. I could see fear in your face as you quit struggling. I pushed you into the driver's seat and after opening the rear door, sliding in behind you. Holding the knife to your throat, I told you to start the car.

"Where are we going", you asked, the fear evident in your voice.

Putting pressure on your throat I said, "Never mind, just drive".

I directed you around the side of the building and to the back of the parking lot, out of sight of anyone casually passing through. I pulled you roughly from the car and saw you eyes get wide as four black clad figures came out of the shadows, approaching the car. You started to struggle again but I pushed you back. Your hands were grabbed by the others and were pulled wide apart. Pushing you back against the car, I flashed the knife again and stood back and admired you. Your fear was so beautiful. I ran the point of the knife down the front of your body between you breasts, down your belly and in between your legs. You try to pull away but the strong hands holding you are too much.

Knowing that we had plenty of time, I wanted to make this last. Slowly I unbuttoned your blouse and opened it for all to see. You struggle and try to pull away as I caress your lacy bra covered breasts. Your nipples get hard as I squeeze and fondle them. Your breasts pop free as I unclasp your bra a let it slip off. For a moment I just stand and admire your tits, lightly brushing my finger around your nipple. This brings another struggle from you but the arms holding you are too strong. Bending over I suck a nipple into my mouth, twirling my tongue around and around, feeling the hard bud get stiffer and stiffer. Alternating back and forth, nipple to nipple, licking, sucking, nibbling, I can hear you moan as I look up at your face.

"You like this, don't you?" I growl as I violently shake your head as I laugh and begin licking your hard nipples. Lifting your skirt, I run my hands up you leg until I feel the warmth of your pussy. There is a wet spot forming under your cunt that gets larger as I rub the material between you pussy lips and over your clit. After a few moments of this, your panties are drenched with love juice. I slip a finger past the elastic on your leg and slip it into your wet, hot pussy. Alternately slipping my finger in and out, then rubbing your clit, I begin to feel you pushing against my hand. Your basic instinct is beginning to take over. When I start to pull my hand away you push your pussy forward. Unzipping your skirt, I let it fall to the ground. Taking the knife, I cut your panties, making sure you feel the cold blade against your skin. Pulling your legs wide apart I thrust my mouth into your pussy, licking from your clit to your ass hole. Settling at your clit, I swirl my tongue around and around, sucking it into my mouth ... nibbling ... sucking ... licking. After slipping a finger in your pussy to get it wet and slippery I slide it slowly in you ass. Pulling back I stand and look into your face.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you", I commanded. You shake your head. I grab your jaw and make you look at me. "Bitch ... tell me now", I shout. You hang your head and mumble something. "Louder slut ...I can't hear you. Say ... please fuck me!."

"I want you to fuck me", you say a little louder, your head hanging.

"Tell me you want everyone to fuck you!"

When you don't answer, I yell, "NOW bitch" in my most commanding voice.

After a pause you whisper, "I want everyone to fuck me."

I pull your blouse off and push you on your back on the hood of the car. Your hands are held firmly about your head and your legs spread wide for all of us to see your wet pussy. Rubbing my cock up and down your slit I ask, "What do you want me to do?"

Without hesitation you respond, "I want you to shove your cock in me ... NOW"

My cock slides in easily and I begin to pound in and out while squeezing your erect nipples. After a few moments, you begin to cum. Your contractions set me off and I send glob after glob of sperm deep into your cunt. I turn to the others and say, "The slut's all yours. Have a good time"

You are picked up and laid down on a blanket covering the damp ground. Immediately one huge guy pulls your legs up and rams his cock into your wet, just fucked pussy and begins to pump ... in and out ... in and out. He pulls you tight and you feel a finger slide in your ass. Another guy moves forward and slips his cock into your mouth as you reach out.

You're pushed forward and the finger is pulled out to be replaced by another cock. It's a very filling feeling to have two cocks fucking you while you suck the cock in your mouth and hands grab and play with your nipples. The two cocks get into a rhythm ... ramming in and out of your cunt and ass hole. All this attention has you cumming again ... hard. You scream in ecstasy as wave after orgasmic wave hits you. All your cum sets the guys off and they shoot globs of cum into your ass, cunt and mouth Everyone collapses for a moment but quickly one of the others gets impatient and starts pulling people away to get to you.

You're turned over and lifted onto your hands and knees. A huge cock slides easily into your wet pussy and begins to pound away. The guy slaps your ass as he pounds into your wet cunt while one of the first guys that fucked you sticks his cock in your face and tells you , "Clean this off, bitch. No teeth or you'll be sorry." Little did he know that by now you were enjoying things too much to make him mad. You suck his cock into your mouth and lick his stiff shaft until all traces of cum were gone.

The other guy pulls him away and says, "Me too." So you suck him clean, all the while being pounded from behind.

He pulls back and you hear a soft voice say, "Suck on this awhile" To your surprise a shaved pussy is stuck in your face. You've never licked another woman before, but had fantasized about it. Tentatively you lick up and down her wet slit. She grabs the back of your head and pulls you into her. "Harder bitch." You need no more encouragement, diving in and licking where you like to be licked and doing all the things you like to have done to you.

Soon the other lady begins to cum in your mouth and the guy fucking you starts to cum in your pussy. This sends you into another huge orgasm that almost blacks you out. You collapse on the grass to catch your breath as the cock slides out of your cunt.

All of a sudden things get quiet as you realize that you are alone, naked, well fucked, on the grass.

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