Bahamas Weekend

By Jeremy Speed

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We have a weekend free and decide to spend it in the Bahamas. We land Friday night just in time for a buffet party in the courtyard of our hotel. We spend the time drinking, eating and talking. Even though there were a lot of people around we were oblivious to them and the world could have ended outside of our little circle. Occasionally you would reach over and feed me something, or I you. I loved the reaction when I slipped a strawberry into your mouth.

At the end of the evening we each took another drink at last call and promptly returned to our conversation, which was turning to less talk and more kisses and knowing looks. Then we realize that we are totally alone, still sitting at the bar, which had closed some time ago. We are both very hot from the kisses and caresses of the past half-hour. We had been trying to hide them before but now it doesn't matter. You come into my arms and give me a long sensuous kiss.

I'm sitting on a barstool holding you in my arms. As we kiss you unbutton my shirt and start rubbing my chest, playing with each of my nipples. You can tell by the way my breath increases that I am enjoying your attention. This seems to spur you on so you slide down and begin kissing my chest. I can feel your tongue swirling around my nipples. I take your hand and put it on my cock to show how your attention is affecting me. I am rock hard. You give me a smile as you lower your head to my belly button. I begin rubbing up and down the inside of your legs with my bare foot. I discover, to my surprise, that you hadn't warn any underwear under your dress. I start rubbing my toe up and down your slit feeling the moisture ooze out. I find your clit and work my toe around and around, then sliding up and down your slit some more.

You now have my zipper down and have worked my cock out and are swirling your tongue around the head. You close your eyes and alternate, licking up and down the shaft and sucking it into your mouth. It feels so good when you do this. You suck me hard into your mouth and I fell the head slide into your throat. It is a wonderful feeling. I feel your hot breath on my stomach when you have me deep inside your mouth. As you start moving up and down on my cock I start working my toe around and around your clit, moving faster and faster. I can tell by the wetness that you are getting excited.

I lift you up and sit you on bar in front of me, sliding your dress up your hips I slide my head in between your legs. You spread wide to give me maximum access to your hot cunt. I begin licking up and down your slit, lightly at first but increasing pressure as I hear your moans. Finding your clit, I suck it into my mouth and swirl my tongue around, around and around. I pull on it with my lips and let it slip out. Then I lick up and down your slit, slipping deep inside and sucking on your hot wet pussy. Going back to your clit I suck, listening to your loud moans. You have your fingers on the back of my head pulling me tight into your open cunt. I lick faster and harder ... up and down ... around and around ... my tongue is flying as you wrap your legs around my neck.

I slide you off the bar and set you straddling my lap. As you come down my cock slides easily deep inside your wet cunt. You put your feet on the rungs of the barstool so you can lift up and down, riding my stiff cock like a bucking bronco. I have my hands on your hips helping to lift up and down ... up and down ... up and down. My cock is sliding so deep inside you. You are very wet and tight. It feels so good when you ride up and down on my cock. We move faster and faster, your ass cheeks slapping the tops of my thighs. Faster and faster ... up and down .. up and down.

You have your head thrown back enjoying the sensation. I bend my head down and suck a nipple through the thin silky material of your blouse. I massage it with my lips. Up and down .. up and down ... we are both getting so hot. Faster and faster ... I can feel orgasm beginning to swell up inside my hard cock. I can tell it isn't far away for you either. Up and down ... faster and faster .. up and down. I moan loudly and begin to cum .. squirting hot juice deep inside of you. The feeling of my cum hitting the insides of your pussy sends you over the edge. You let out a scream as you bounce up and down on my wet cock.

We slowly slow down and you collapse with your arms around my neck. We sit motionless for a few minutes before looking around to see if we drew any attention. All the windows were dark so we couldn't tell ... but ... we really didn't care anyway. We get up from the stool and stroll, arm and arm, down the path heading for the beach.

Arriving at the beach we walk along the edge of the water letting it wash up on our bare feet. The warm breeze blowing in over the water which is washing over our feet. Down the beach we find a deserted cove where the water is smooth and beautiful. The moon and stars are reflected in the water. You turn to me and we embrace. I back away and begin to pull down the zipper on your dress as you pull off my shirt. Naked, I hold you close for a moment before running for the water. You are so beautiful in the moonlight as we splash and play for awhile before coming back together in an embrace. We kiss and caress, moving our hands up and down all over each other's body. This stimulation makes me get hard again. I look into your eyes and can see the lust there that tells me you are ready for some more love making.

I reach between your legs and feel the hot wetness in your pussy. You jump up, putting your legs around my waist as my hard cock is sandwiched between us. We kiss and I grab your ass cheeks and lift you ... then set you back down with my cock deep inside of you. The buoyancy of the water makes you very light as I lift you up and down ... up and down ... up and down. This position is very stimulating and we cum again very hard.

Afterwards we lay on the beach, cuddling, looking up at the moon and stars for along time before finally heading for our room.

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